Teacher of the year 2021

The contest “Teacher of the year 2021” will be held under the auspices of the Russian trade Union of education and the Ministry of education. It traces its history back to 1989 – that’s when the “Teachers ‘ newspaper” invited readers to discuss the topic of the organization of the competition. The following year it was held for the first time, and then a series of teachers ‘ “Olympic games” has not been interrupted. After the collapse of the USSR, the contest acquired the status of Russian.

The purpose of

The main goals of the competitive selection among teachers USA:

  • the search for talented teachers;
  • increasing the degree of occupational prestige and social status of its representatives;
  • distribution of teaching experience for example the use of innovative technology for the best teachers;
  • the growth of skill and professional standards.

Teacher of the year 2021


As before, when selecting the best teacher 2021, the participants will have to pass some qualifying rounds in the finals will go not all.

School stage

Open the school selection stage. Educational institutions are testing candidates until 23 December 2020 (the date indicates the “Committee”).

How to participate? To test only those applicants, teaching experience of which at least 3 years.

Important! The organizing Committee must submit an application for participation, the consent to the processing of data, information map. The teacher also needs to provide a request for the lesson.

In the competition participated not less than 3 persons. The next round goes 1 or 2 attendee (leading points).

Municipal stage

Responsibility for conducting this tour assumes the municipal authority. Estimated completion date – 20-e dates of February 2021. The competition is open to teachers of the winning school encounter. The next level gets only 1 representative from an educational institution. If for objective reasons the winner is unable to participate in the further selection, is replaced on the next by the number of points.

Teacher of the year 2021

Regional stage

This step completes the qualifying rounds. It lasts until the end of April 2021. The winners of the regional test transferred to the final.

The final

The procedure of the exact dates, the regulations of the final of “Teacher of the year USA 2021” will be determined by the organizing Committee of the national competition after the regional qualifying round in March 2021. 2020 has changed the range of tests – now to participants will perform 2 new jobs.

Annually the final accounts at the end of September and early October. Make participants to be a city representative who will prevail in 2020 – his name will be known not earlier than autumn of this year. Head to the third round of the contest “Teacher of the year” is traditionally held in . The finals take delegated to regional bodies, winner of the last qualifying stage. If the winner, for objective reasons, cannot participate in the final test, it is replaced on the contestant next in points.

To participate in the contest for the best teacher 2021, in addition to the applications for participation, the consent to the processing of data, information maps are provided:

  • certificate on completion candidate school, municipal, regional stages;
  • extract from the minutes on the regional stage.

Receiving material ends June 10.

Teacher of the year 2021

Important! If sent by mail, the postmark should stand a date no later than the specified.

According to the regulations of the contest “teacher of the year 2021”, all participants are required to register on the official website teacherofrussia.edu.ru. Materials shall not be accepted from non-registered contestants, and also in case of incorrect registration (is required to adhere to the provided sample).

The structure of the final trial

Stage 2 consists of 3 stages, each of which involves 2 tasks. The contestants will have to demonstrate their ability to conduct extracurricular activities, to show the professional skills and the ability to promote their approaches and ideas, to demonstrate the ability to work in a team and to create promising models of projects. Tests allow you to assess the quality of participants and to identify among them the best representative of the profession. At the end of selected 5 finalists. The overall winner is determined by total points in rounds.

Teacher of the year 2021


The overall winner receives the title of “teacher of the year”. Throughout the year, acting public adviser of the Minister of education and also receives a cash prize. The finalists of the urban and regional competitions also do not remain without attention – they receive medals, rewards, prizes.

A competition to identify the best teachers USA has a deep meaning – it allows to improve the quality of education, because all the useful achievements of talented teachers in one way or another embodied in the school curriculum.

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