Symbol 2021 crochet your own hands

Fans of the toys from yarn will want to associate a cute Rat character 2021 crochet. Especially good these rodents, if you make them in the technique of amigurumi. Funny gift, that keeps the warmth of human hands have the way in the new year, delighting adults and children.

Knitted toy you can dress up in appropriate costume, to put on the frame to add accessories of other materials. In short, full scope for creative imagination. The main thing to choose the right scheme to a bull or a mouse turned out just as originally intended by the artist.

Interior toy in the frame

Absolutely charming rat will want to keep in the house for a year, and forever, can be linked from a warm, cozy mohair. Fluffy yarn makes the animal simultaneously dreamlike and naturalistic, causing a pleasant tactile sensation. the bull is made in the spirit of good illustrations of Dutch artist Marjolein Bastin.

  • hook size 3mm;
  • 50g Angora yarn grey 500 m/100g;
  • mohair or wool yarn pink color to the legs;
  • black floss to embroider the nose;
  • fishing line for whiskers;
  • wire, D 1 – 1.5 mm;
  • filler;
  • large beads or eyes for toys.

Start the manufacture of the bull with the lower legs.


For toy chosen technique of knitting in a spiral, with columns at the front and rear wall of the loop. Greatly simplifies the process, especially for novice knitters, the special token that marks the beginning of a circular row. They help not to miss the moment when we need to move to a new column. There is one loop before the marker. It is important to monitor the symmetry of the future of a rodent and, if the marker moves, in time to dobesilate columns.

Yarn to have a high content of mohair, that the bull turned out fluffy. Use thread in two additions. Be sure to include holes for wire frame, which will not only allow the animal to stand without support, but also will serve as a basis under the paws and tail.

Symbol 2021 crochet your own hands


The lower part of the product prepared, it’s time to move on to creating a frame and gasket. Cut a fragment of wire – about 20 cm (it can be a little more for the stock), and extend it in the hole for the upper legs. It is important that both ends are thus located at the same distance from the center of the body. Bend the wire on both sides, leaving a length of 5 – 7cm and re-threading in the same hole, just from the outside inwards.

Symbol 2021 crochet your own hands

Withdrawn through the ring amigurumi, which is in the base of each thigh. Do the same as with the upper legs: bend length 7 – 8 cm, you enter back into the hole and put the ends in the space for the tail.

Symbol 2021 crochet your own hands

Wire rod or twisted between them, or simply pressed to each other with pliers. Tight stuffed torso holofayber. This type of filler is better than the usual many handy sintepon, as consumed in smaller quantities and, because of small structure that better fills the hard to reach corners.

Dokazyvaet the upper part of the head according to the following scheme:

Symbol 2021 crochet your own hands

As you add rows, do not forget to increase the amount of filler, so that it is evenly distributed in the body.


The nose of the animal embroider floss. Another important point is that "implantation" of the mustache of black fishing line. The algorithm is as follows:

  • bend "the mustache" half and hook gently extend between the loops of the faces in the appropriate place;
  • in a loop start end of a fishing line;
  • tighten and hide the mount.

Symbol 2021 crochet your own hands Symbol 2021 crochet your own hands Symbol 2021 crochet your own hands

Beads-eyes sewn symmetrically on each side of the head. Contractible passing the thread through to form the recess.

Tie them separately and sew to the head of a bull.

2 row: 6, instr = 12 p;

3rd row: 12 SC = 12 p.

The muzzle and ears slightly tonyrueb pink pastel or blush – bull "come to life" and pohorosheet.

Paws and tail

Smooth legs-drumsticks look rustic. It is desirable to select rat hands and feet. For this loop, which ends fabric, first layer of wrapped wool yarn, giving thickening. And then completely "pass" each of the legs with yarn, you can even twice, if the thickness of the layer seems too small.

Symbol 2021 crochet your own hands

The need to make a tail thicker at the base using the same technique as for legs. At the end of the work give the source of pride of every bull a beautiful curve. Below the curl is smooth and clear, the wire is better molded around any suitable object diameter, e.g. the cardboard sleeve.

It remains to comb toy, tie her a cute winter scarf and sew the delicate lace skirt, because one day, cold and humid heat. In short, to dress up according to your taste, then put in a prominent place. Let crochet the bull Symbol 2021 crochet your own hands


If the previous master class is designed for experienced quilters, such colored babies can easily create a even beginners. Mouse is better to take acrylic yarn – it has several advantages:

  • keeps the shape in a workpiece;
  • pleasant to the touch;
  • does not stretch after washing;
  • presented in a variety of colors;
  • for beginners, unlike cotton or wool.

All of the above applies only to high quality acrylic.

You’ll need:

  • acrylic yarn 3 different colors;
  • hook No. 4;
  • white embroidery floss for the nose;
  • beads of eyes;
  • filler: polyester, holofayber.

Wool to take undesirable – it rolls down in the wash, and deform the toy, but also has the ability to roll through the big holes if you knit fairly loose.

The creation of toys-amigurumi always starts the same way with the ring. The scheme of its creation is given below:

Symbol 2021 crochet your own hands

  1. When the addition focuses the border between the segments and is always the last column.
  2. Creating an asymmetric, resembling the wings of the mill wedges, curved in one direction, by adding first the loops.
  3. The absence of a visible boundary between the wedges. Is achieved by shifting the gain in the ranks.

The choice of a particular method depends on the design concept of the toy.

Crochet symbol 2021 – Mouse or bull hook in this case it is better to stay in the third embodiment.

Symbol 2021 crochet your own hands

The tail and ears are made separately and sewn to finished product. Nose and whiskers embroidered in white floss, the eyes are doing from the beads. A simple mouse will be a great souvenir for the new year holidays. She will be delighted even those who are not very supportive to different kind of rodents.

bull amigurumi baby gift

The kids love the toys made from yarn in a special Japanese technique. Pretty create so called "friends" with them. Therefore, if you associate the symbol 2021 crochet and put "under the tree" the child – an explosion of positive emotions will be provided.

Symbol 2021 crochet your own hands

  • yarn 3 colors: light gray, pink, white and black;
  • hook No. 2 (our bull is not very big);
  • any filler.

If you want, you can try other combinations, based on the preferences of the recipient is a small or adult, for which is a man-made gift. In addition to the classic set to crochet, you will also need needle, thread to match the body of the animal and some interesting accessories, such as skirt and a bow if you plan to do "girl" or the funny pants and hat for boys.

Features crochet amigurumi – like spiral without closing the rows, assume the use of markers. This is a small vivid detail-tags that you can buy or make yourself from scrap materials. Without them it is easy to lose, resulting in numerous alterations.

SC – column without nakida;

Knit rat start with the same ring – the characteristic differences of each toy amigurumi. Details are described in the attached chart.

Symbol 2021 crochet your own hands

The toy consists of several parts. The main – body and head are stuffed and sealed first. You can make them not exactly, but at a slight angle. It would seem that the toy tilted his head and studied the others.

Ears, nose, tail, and legs are knitted separately and then sewn to the base. Stitches should be inconspicuous as possible. The ears consist of two parts: the outer base shade, a larger diameter and the inner is pink, smaller size. After a circle, pull it to add volume, and leave the thread. Its detail will be attached to the head of the toy.

The inside of the ear it is to turn the reverse side to give texture.

Nose stuffed with holofayber so that the tip was sticking up provocatively. The upper legs are left with no filler – they are quite large. The same goes for the tail, and to give it rigidity (otherwise the toy will ill to sit up, pulling back) can be inserted inside the wire. The lower legs are stuffed just the foot.

Slightly changing the scheme, you can crochet and these characters 2021:

Symbol 2021 crochet your own handsSymbol 2021 crochet your own hands

Practical tips

The tiny amigurumi cause an irresistible urge to immediately take up the yarn and get though a couple of these lovely creations. But, as in all fields of Japanese art or craft, there are secrets. Why do some masters with disappointment lay tools aside and lose the desire to dive further into the magical world of amigurumi?

  1. Too thick the hook. The discrepancy between numbers of the tool and yarn leads to the fact that binding turns loose, and the piece is shapeless. Experienced masters advise, after seeing the recommendation on the label to take a hook a size smaller.
  2. Right – left, where’s the party? Quite often craftswomen confuse the front with the wrong side and not to play with texture. Simple carelessness turns untidy appearance knitted dolls and hard work in their alteration.
  3. Tangled in yarn is polyester. This common filler often "peeking" out through the gaps in the ranks. Moreover, it is intertwined with the thread, not wanting to "hide" back. To cope with the obstinate material will help trick – the trunk is not filled to the end, leaving gaps between the knitted walls and polyester batting inside. And only after working through a small hole to add the missing filler.
  4. "Shifty" eyes. Beginners like to decorate dolls with these masterpieces from Chinese manufacturers, thinking that moving pupils give a realistic. In fact, such elements look cheap and make exquisite hand made into kitsch.
  5. Ineffective savings. Once again, the filler. Invisible to a foreign eye it is, nevertheless, very important for the aesthetic appearance amigurumi. Trying to save money on good quality material, master find analogs in their own bins – junk pieces of fabric, scraps of yarn, foam and so on. As a result of improper packing, the product become "ruts" and bulges in the most inappropriate places. And sometimes, some stood, settle, blurring clumsy lump. Do not spare money on quality holofayber or synthetic, if you want, looking at your own work, to experience only positive emotions.

How to associate the rat with his own hands: video

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