Suicide squad 2-the movie of 2021: actors, release date

In 2021, the eleventh film of the DC Extended universe, suicide Squad 2, will be released on the big screens. The first film adaptation of the comics in 2016 was met with mixed reviews: on the one hand, there were a lot of complaints from film critics, on the other – box office receipts of more than $ 700 million (with a budget of $ 175 million) and the Oscar (2017) for best makeup and hairstyles. This time the Studio Warner Bros. I decided not to make a sequel, but a kind of restart of the story about a team of supervillains with fantastic talents and clinical madness, uniting to save the world. According to the creators, the audience can count on a dynamic and unusual movie.

Who will direct the film

Suicide Squad 2 was originally going to be directed by David Eyre, but he chose to work on Sirens of Gotham city. He was later replaced by Gavin O’connor, who also had to leave due to creative differences with Warner Bros. As a result, the Director’s chair in January 2019 was taken by James Gunn, who directed the super-popular “Guardians of the galaxy” from the rival Marvel cinematic universe. He was also invited to write the script a few months earlier. In the process, he was inspired by the eponymous comics of the 80s. in the end, the screenwriter decided to reveal the story of new characters and not get attached to the storyline of the 2016 picture. John Ostrander, the direct author of the comics, helped Gunn come up with the movie plot.

In the working title of the 2021 film, the number 2 is missing, which only confirms the lack of connection with the previous film adaptation. According to rumors, it will be given an adult R rating, but overall the atmosphere will be more comedic than in the 2016 version. Filming for suicide Squad 2 began in Atlanta in September 2019. After three months at Pinewood Atlanta Studio, filming is planned for a month in Panama. The film’s release date is scheduled for August 4, 2021.

Suicide squad 2-the movie of 2021: actors, release date

The cast

In the 2021 film “suicide Squad 2”, you can see well-known actors from the first part and several new characters.:

  • Viola Davis as government agent Amanda Waller, the organizer of the suicide Squad.
  • Joel Kinnaman as the leader of Rick Flag’s Squad.
  • Margot Robbie – Harley Quinn, a former psychiatrist and criminal with an ever-changing obsession
  • Jai Courtney – a thief with a weapon in the form of boomerang, George “digger” Harkness (Captain Boomerang).
  • David Dastmalchian – the polka-Dot Man, who has a unique costume with colorful polka dots, each of which can turn into fireballs.
  • Daniel Melchior – a rat Catcher who came up with a way to control rats and use them for robberies. In the original comic, this character was a male Otis Flannegan, but the screenwriter decided to embody the pied Piper in a girl’s image.
  • Steve Agee-the owner of huge jaws and incredible strength of the Shark King.

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