Subjects in the 5th grade in 2021-2022: the list

The 2021-2022 academic year is ahead, and we invite all parents whose restless children will be studying in the 5th grade from September 1 to find out what mandatory subjects the Federal curriculum for primary schools provides, as well as what disciplines included in the list may actually be absent from the student’s schedule.

The school’s curriculum

Before the start of studies (usually in August) , all educational institutions in America approve their curricula. When drawing up this document, the management of a school, gymnasium or Lyceum uses the following documents as a basis::

  1. Federal law No. 273 of 29.12.12 “on education in the American Federation”.
  2. Federal state educational standard approved on 17.12.10 by order No. 1897 and order on amendments No. 1577 of 31.12.15.
  3. Federal basic curriculum recommended by the Ministry of education and science.
  4. List of recommended textbooks (order No. 253 of 31.04.14).
  5. SanPiN with additions and changes.

As part of the implementation of the principles of a differentiated approach and variability of training in a modular system, educational institutions have the right to redistribute the academic load, taking into account the specifics of the school and the availability of specialists of the necessary profile.

At the same time, it is mandatory to observe the following basic ratios::

Thus, 20% of the academic time allocated to the national-regional and personal school components is hours that can be allocated by the decision of the administration for in-depth study of specialized subjects, as well as languages and cultures of national minorities.

For schools operating under the 5-day system, the maximum workload for a 5th grader should not exceed 1015 hours, of which 840 hours are Federal subjects, and 175 are additional subjects. For schools with a 6-day working week and a maximum load of 1120 hours, the distribution is 840/280 hours, respectively.

Please note! The Federal component remains unchanged, but the number of hours allocated to the regional and school components increases with a 6-day period.

List of items

In the basic curriculum compiled by the Ministry of Education, in the 5th grade in 2021-2022, students will study the following subjects::

1st foreign language

Art (ART + Music)

Technologies (labor training)

Native language and literature*

2nd foreign language*

* not in all schools

Of course, a particular fifth-grader may have slightly more subjects on the list, because the list can be expanded depending on the school profile, regional affiliation, and the desire of parents.

These items include:

  • civics studies;
  • social studies;
  • natural science;
  • local history;
  • ecology;
  • ethics and fundamentals of religious cultures;
  • ODKNR;
  • additional training courses.

Second foreign language

A painful issue for many parents was the introduction of a second foreign language in the 5th grade. So, specialized educational institutions with a philological profile and schools with teachers of the corresponding profile are introducing a second foreign language today. If the main language (taught from primary school) is English, then the second language can be:

  • German;
  • Spanish;
  • French;
  • Chinese.

Unfortunately, not all schools in America today are ready to learn two foreign languages. The main problem that regional Directors are talking about is the lack of teachers. The only way out for such schools is to use extra hours for better English language learning.

Possible innovations

In 2020, they plan to approve new school standards, which will clearly state what exactly children should learn in a particular subject in a particular class. Specification became necessary in connection with the completion of the reform of the system of quality control of knowledge of graduates of the 9th and 11th grades.

The Ministry of Education announces the following possible innovations::

  • solving applied problems developed using the innovative PISA methodology;
  • the design of robots in the classroom technology;
  • learning programming in a basic school;
  • drastic changes in the VLOOKUP system and schedule;
  • a ban on the use of gadgets by students in the classroom.

Also in 2020, new standards for school uniforms should come into force, which will affect not so much the design of students ‘ clothing as the composition of fabrics. In other words, the government plans to ban the production of school uniforms from low-quality synthetic materials, because the child spends a lot of time in it, which can have a very negative impact on health.

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