Subaru Legacy 2021

The company Subaru presented a new Legacy 2021 and today we offer to evaluate the first photo elegant sedan 7th generation, and also to know what are the specifications and price of the product on the European market.

The history of the model

History of Subaru Legacy dates back to 1987, when rolled off the first car in sedan and wagon. For more than 30-year history, the company has released 6 generations of the model that attracted the attention of such undeniable advantages as:

  • stylish, classic design;
  • excellent quality of materials;
  • excellent technical characteristics;
  • the optimal set of options;
  • affordable price.

Subaru Legacy 2021 Subaru Legacy 2021
Subaru Legacy 2021 Subaru Legacy 2021
Subaru Legacy 2021 Subaru Legacy 2021

In recent years, the interest in sedans Subaru’s brand has declined significantly in all markets. So, in Russia for all 2018 sold a total of 219 vehicles model Legacy. Partially this situation is associated with the increase in interest in SUV class, in part by calling on the market of new low-cost brands willing to offer a potential buyer the most modern options at affordable prices. The closest competitors model include: Honda Accord, Ford Mondeo, Toyota Camry. And if you consider the auto a little more expensive, you: Hyundai Sonata, Kia Optima and Mazda6.

Subaru Legacy 2021 Subaru Legacy 2021 Subaru Legacy 2021
Subaru Legacy 2021 Subaru Legacy 2021 Subaru Legacy 2021

To rectify the situation should the new model is the 7th generation, introduced in February 2020 in Chicago, which should appear in showrooms closer to the beginning of 2021.


Externally Subaru Legacy models 2021 not received significant updates. Easy face-lift brought to the exterior a fresh look, although the car retained the classic body design and recognizable features of its predecessor.

Subaru Legacy 2021

Of updates worth noting:

  • the updated design of the front bumper;
  • new mirrors;
  • adaptive led optics.

Subaru Legacy 2021

Nevertheless, Subaru Legacy 7th generation, which will be released in 2021, will have some significant differences from its predecessor. First and foremost is the new modular platform of the SGP, through the application of which has been achieved:

  • increase body stiffness by 70%;
  • the lowering of center of gravity;
  • improved handling;
  • reduce cabin noise by 3 DB;
  • change the dimensions of the car.

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