Student day in 2021

Traditionally student Day in 2021 will celebrate students not only universities, but also colleges, vocational colleges. It is a celebration of youth, fun and joy. Although often at the end of January fall exams, in almost all cities carry out various activities for the students.

The date for the celebration

When will the student Day in 2021, you know, all students of vocational and higher educational institutions, because the date for the celebration has not changed for centuries.

Important! In 2021, the Day of a student in USA will be celebrated on January 25.

And although it is included in the list of professional holidays, public holiday is not. But in 2021, students will be able to fun the whole day, as January 25 falls on Saturday.

Student day in 2021

By the way, the international student festival on November 17. It is dedicated to the tragic events that occurred in Czechoslovakia in 1989, when protests by students and teachers were dispersed and participants were sent to concentration camps. During the crackdown, one student was shot. Later killed several people. In USA all entertainment events conducted on 25 January, in November, commemorating the victims of the Protestants.

In some countries there are holidays for students. For example, in the U.S. in February at Harvard suit costume carnival, and in Finland, the celebration is carried out on 1 may.

The history of

Mark the holiday with the students on Tatiana’s day, although not everyone knows that it is chance or coincidence. To find the answer to this question should go back to the time of occurrence of the holiday. It was originally dedicated to the opening of the Moscow state University. This event occurred in 1755, on 25 January. The decree on its opening was signed by Empress Elizabeth after a personal appeal by Ivan Shuvalov.

The day was chosen because it is an important event was dedicated to the mother Shuvalov. Her name was Tatiana. In the Christian world celebrates on 25 January, Tatiana Day. He was devoted to the Roman Martyr, who was executed the year of 226. Since then Saint Tatiana is considered the patroness of all students. In her honor, the University was even built chapel.

In the Russian Empire, 25 (January 12 old style), staged noisy celebrations. Often students drank too much. The police never arrested them, and helped to get home. Sometimes on the clothes, wrote the address. With the advent of Soviet power the celebration stopped to observe. It was revived only in 1995, when the Moscow University was built a Church in honor of St. Tatiana. In 2005, the USA President signed a decree approving the occasion.

Student day in 2021


Over the years the festival has formed a certain tradition. The celebration always starts with an official part. Put her in every school. Students organize a concert and be awarded with diplomas, commendations, and honorary leaves. Be sure to note those who have achieved success in studies, sports or social activity. Sometimes encouraged with cash prizes or other material gifts.

Many universities arrange:

  • receptions;
  • discos;
  • sports;
  • intellectual quiz;
  • competitions on various topics etc.

Important! In the “professional” holiday for students often opened the doors of theatres, exhibition halls, cinemas, night clubs. So the entrance was free, it is enough to show the student. In some cases, the place needs to be booked in advance due to limited quantity.

As noted in

  • “Tsaritsino”;
  • Sports Palace;
  • ENEA;
  • Cathedral of saints Peter and Paul;
  • Gorky Park;
  • The writers house;
  • museums and exhibition centers.

Entertainment for every taste. Honors and art lovers can visit the free exhibition, workshops and other cultural events. For free to participate in the city quests and games, go tubing or ice skating. Looking for fun can go to discos and other entertainment events.

Student day in 2021

How to celebrate in other cities

If the student’s Day was celebrated only in the capital, over time, the festival expanded its borders. In other cities, formed a certain tradition:

  1. In Vladivostok, all of the Champions recorded in a Big book of student records.
  2. In Volgograd, having a contest of creative works, but participate in it only Tatiana.
  3. In Belgorod arrange a ball in Royal style.

In all cities, the students call for help free. To do this, in the open window or on the balcony need to shout: “Freebie, come!”. Thus it is necessary to swing the test book. If someone from passers-by would shout “come!”, certainly luck will smile on the exams.

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