Structure essays on social science 2021

Exams for social studies promises to be one of the most popular exams in 2021, and this means that graduates need to find out more about what will be the test in the new year, what should be the structure of the essay (task number) and also what to pay the person taking pictures during the preparation.

Learn more about what the Universities in USA require the presence of the certificate in social studies, as well as what will be the rules of the exam in the new season, read the article “Exams in social studies in 2021”.

Structure essays on social science 2021

In this article, we will discuss in detail the questions concerning the essay writing.

Task number 29

We will remind that in Kim in the company 29 jobs – 20 with a short answer, and 8 with a detailed essay (mini-essay with elements of arguments on a given topic).

In the demo version 2021 proposed this formulation of the task:

Structure essays on social science 2021

Please note, as social science knowledge on which to rely, revealing the chosen topic, it is recommended to use:

  • the real events of public life;
  • literary and historical examples;
  • situation from movies and theatrical productions;
  • personal experience.

The task itself belongs to the category alternative. This means that the examinee has the right to choose. In this particular case, the right choice of topics for mini-essays. In the task proposed 5 statements, one for each thematic block:

  • philosophy;
  • economy;
  • sociology;
  • political science;
  • law.

Structure essays on social science 2021

In specifications recommended for writing mini-compositions 30-45 minutes of the 235 allocated for the execution of all 29 jobs Exams in social studies. But, teachers are recommended to increase the time on essay writing and focus approximately 60-90 minutes. So on the test part will be slightly less than 3 hours, which is more than enough.

Another tip Tutors – start with mini-essays. The first 60 minutes, the brain works as efficiently as possible, and the essay will be easier to write than after 3 hours in a stuffy classroom.

Evaluation essay

Correctly completed 29th mission to get 6 points, which is 9% of maximum initial score (in 2021 it is 65).

The second part of the examination papers in social studies by experts, so it is very important to write legibly.

FIPI has established such criteria for checking the essay:

Disclosure of meaning of the utterance

Theoretical content (explanation of key concepts)

The theoretical content (the consistency of the arguments and conclusions)

The quality and relevance of given facts (examples)

Please note that assignment No. 29 as a whole will be put up zeroes if not disclosed the meaning of the utterance, and according to the criterion K-3 will automatically put “0” if there is no explanation of key terms and zero points are assessed the second criterion K-2.

Also pay attention to the recommended amount of text – about 150-450 words. Ideally, your essay volume should be close to 350 words, when the average size of capital letters is approx 2-3 sheet.

Those who are worried about the literacy of the essay, I want to reassure and spelling errors do not affect the grade for an essay in social studies. With the exception of the mistakes made in the writing of terms and concepts.

The results of the validation tasks of the 2nd part, you can appeal. Of course, if you are sure they are right and ready to defend their opinion before the expert Commission on consideration of appeals.

How to write an essay

As the topics that will be offered to the examinee to take the Exam in 2021 and are not disclosed in advance, at the stage of preparation you can focus on the most important directions identified for each of the 5 blocks.

Structure essays on social science 2021Structure essays on social science 2021Structure essays on social science 2021Structure essays on social science 2021Structure essays on social science 2021Structure essays on social science 2021


So now you know what should and what should not to write essay Exams in society. Now let’s take a closer look at how to collect the necessary composition of the harvested blocks. These blocks are called clichés and help when writing essays on social science to correctly build the text with the requirements dictated by the structure and criteria of assessment Exam 2021.

We offer to your attention a selection of the major clichés that will be useful when writing essays on virtually any topic:

More about how to write a mini-essay on Exams 2021 in social studies, see the lesson online tutor:

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