Star mind — movie 2021

Representatives of the national cinema recently learned how to create a picture that rivals, and sometimes even surpassing the work of his Hollywood colleagues. Fantastic film with elements of Thriller “Star mind” will be released on the big screens in 2021 should not be an exception. Besides, he should once again remind that the neglect of nature and its resources sooner or later will threaten the very existence of the planet and life on it.

What is known about the film

“Starry mind” is a project of the film company KINODANZ. For a long time he appeared under the name “Project Gemini” – the title of the installation, who must save mankind from impending doom. As the title suggests, the plot has changed several times. First called the period from April to August 2020, but in the end we chose the final version – March 5, 2021.

Star mind — movie 2021

On a picture worked:

  • Director: Vyacheslav Linevskiy (the operator of the film (“the Balkan frontier” mini-series “Run!”, series “Retribution,” etc.).
  • The producers of the picture: Viktor Denisyuk, Eugene Melentyev. “Starry mind” will be their 4th joint project.
  • Cinematography: Sergei Dashuk (“Kitchen”, “Kitchen in Paris”).
  • Script writing: Dmitry Zhigalov (“Beyond reality”), Vyacheslav Lisovsky.
  • Installation: Andrey Anaykin (“Balkan frontier”, “Birthday!”).

“Starry mind” will premiere full-length film from Vyacheslav Lisnevsky as a Director. To this picture, his directorial experience is limited to an 8-minute short film “Muhammad”, released in 2016, about the Syrian boy whose parents were sent to Germany. But his track record as an operator is more than 32 movies.

According to the filmmakers, the inspiration for the work was the film Christopher Nolan “interstellar”. Vyacheslav Linevskiy all calls painting a kind of Russian response to the American blockbuster. In addition, the process was repeated visits to Star city and consultations with the astronauts to make as realistic as possible to tell about developments in space, to convey the atmosphere of a spaceship while avoiding inconsistencies.

Star mind — movie 2021

The filmmakers promise many special effects and the use of cutting-edge computer technology. Special depth and volume of the frame must provide camera AlexaMini with anamorphic optics. About a third of the painting “Starry mind” will be recreated using computer graphics. A prototype for cities of the future will be complex, “city”, where “Doris” new futuristic details. A place that is best suited for landscapes of the new planet, the creators felt Charyn canyon in Kazakhstan.

The cast

The actors involved in the film “Starry mind” and the names of their characters in the script also known:

  • Egor Koreshkov (“Titanic”, “the Thaw”) – Dr. Stephen Ross, who owns the idea to move the house for people outside of the Earth.
  • Alena Konstantinova (“the Chronicles of paranoid,” “Christmas Tree 2”) – Emily Novak, a colleague of Dr. Ross.
  • Katherine Spitz (“swallow’s nest”, “the Crew”) – journalist Jane Rutkowski.
  • Nikita Volkov (“Tenderness”, “COP war 7”) – journalist Vadim Ladin.
  • Alexander Kuznetsov (“Primorsky Boulevard”, “the wood-Grouse. Continued”) – Senator Reigert.
  • Michael Bashkatov (“Kitchen”, “heads and tails”) – Nicholas Stoller.

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