St. Petersburg state University tuition fees in 2021-2022

Saint Petersburg State University is the oldest and one of the largest Universities in the country, where studying is prestigious not only for American students, but also for citizens of a number of foreign countries. The cost of studying at St. Petersburg state University in 2021-2022 depends on the form, direction of the educational program and the faculty where the student will be enrolled.

Cost of training in key areas

In 2020/21, St. Petersburg state University is open for admission to 3 secondary education programs, 119 bachelor’s and specialty programs, 210 master’s and 50 postgraduate programs. The cost of training increased by 8% -19%. The price increase is traditional and directly related to the growth of inflation in the country. At the same time, the educational institution does not have the practice of conducting indexation for already paid periods, regardless of the economic situation.

St. Petersburg state University tuition fees in 2021-2022

Bachelors and specialists

The table shows the cost of key areas, the number of budget places and the passing score for each program.

Direction/specialtyA passing scoreThe budget placesTuition fee per year
Astronomy85.320243600 rubles.
Business Informatics87.315270800 rubles.
Oriental and African studies8965343900 rubles.
Geography7050242500 rubles.
Graphic design72.85304600
Journalismfrom 89.335from 145,600 rubles.
Real estate cadastre71.310317,000 rubles.
Conflict89.310213300 rubles.
Mathematics and computer science40281,000 rubles.
International relations92.370314,800 rubles.
Management87.770446700 rubles.
Political science8740213300 rubles.
Programming and information technology88.345212,000 rubles.
Advertising and public relations88.720304600 rubles.
Liberal arts and Sciences92.740308500 rubles.
Tourism86.217208700 rubles.
Human resources management84.710267400 rubles.
Economy8665259,500 rubles.
Electromagnetic and acoustic processes79.710281400 rubles.
Law schoolfrom 82.370216600 rubles.

Master’s degree program

The master’s degree program at St. Petersburg state University is also represented in a variety of areas. Key programs:

St. Petersburg state University tuition fees in 2021-2022

Direction/specialtyThe budget placesTuition fee per year
Business intelligence and big data (in English))10457500 rubles.
Biology90264,000 rubles.
Geology55400 p. 277
Civil and family law6315,800 rubles.
Journalism40242500 rubles.
Business information Analytics14259,500 rubles.
Arts and Humanities12236900 rubles.
Corporate Finance (in English))25457500 rubles.
Linguistics33248200 rubles.
Mathematical support and administration of information systems45259,500 rubles.
International relations60302100 rubles.
Management and development of urban agglomerations10457500 rubles.
Tax law6315,800 rubles.
Political science40249700 rubles.
Sociology65242500 rubles.
Game theory and operations research10260500 rubles.
Physics80247400 rubles.
Finance and credit30400 p. 277
Law school12315,800 rubles.

Postgraduate study

The key areas of postgraduate study are as follows::

St. Petersburg state University tuition fees in 2021-2022

Direction/specialtyThe budget placesTuition fee per year
Biodiversity7203800 rubles.
Geography20196600 rubles.
Cell and molecular biology11203800 rubles.
Mathematical Cybernetics24203800 rubles.
Medical Sciences16196600 rubles.
Political science15191400 rubles.
Psychology20173700 rubles.
Systems analysis, computer science and management28203800 rubles.
Fundamental medicine1213300 rubles.
Economy6480000 rubles.
Law school14228800 rubles.
The languages of the countries of Asia and Africa2400 p. 191

Algorithm of admission to a contractual form of study

The order of admission includes several stages:

  1. Create an account on the Admissions Committee’s website.
  2. Filling out an application for admission to one or more faculties.
  3. Upload the application along with the package of papers to your personal account.
  4. Passing the competitive selection process.
  5. Waiting for results – the date of publication of the list of applicants who have passed the selection process and are enrolled as students can be found at the Admissions office.
  6. Signing a contract and preparing a package of documents required for enrollment.
  • application for admission to the selected program;
  • application form for the passage of the competition;
  • a copy of the applicant’s passport or other identity document;
  • medical conclusion about the absence of contraindications;
  • certificate confirming the absence of HIV and AIDS;
  • education document with attachments;
  • 4 photos, 3×4 cm in size.

St. Petersburg state University tuition fees in 2021-2022

Deadlines for submitting documents:

  • bachelors and specialists: June 20 – July 7 – for students with additional test; June 20 – July 26 – for students-state employees at the end of the exam, June 20 – August 10 for students on a paid basis only at the end of the exam;
  • master’s degree – March 2-23 days after the publication of the results of the unified state exam in full-time, March 2-September 11 for correspondence form;
  • postgraduate study – March 2-23rd day after the announcement of the results of the unified state exam.

Admission benefits

On the institution’s website: there is a list of categories of citizens who are subject to benefits upon admission. Main groups:

  • winners or prize-winners of Olympiads in specialized subjects;
  • orphans, disabled children or representatives of large families;
  • military personnel who were injured in the course of their service.

To receive benefits, you must provide an appropriate package of papers confirming this right. The list of documents is also available on the University’s website.

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