St. Patrick’s day in 2021 | what date, parade in New-York

The Catholic celebration in honor of the patron Saint of Ireland is a national holiday, but it is celebrated all over the world. An amazing atmosphere of friendliness, freedom, and cultural traditions of the country unites the participants. St. Patrick’s day in 2021, as before, will be celebrated on March 17. The religious date symbolizes the adoption of Christianity, is associated with the day of the death of the Saint who converted thousands of Irish people and founded many churches.

History of the holiday

Saint Patrick, according to historians, was born into a wealthy British family. At the age of 16, the child was abducted and sold into slavery. So the future Catholic Saint ended up in Ireland. Like all slaves, Patrick tended his sheep and prayed for his return home. Six years later, he decided to run away. The day before, in a dream, a stranger came to him, who told him how to return to his homeland. Patrick managed to get on a ship leaving for his native shores.

After his return, Patrick’s labors, prayers, and training with St. Herman led him to the rank of deacon, later Bishop. The second appearance of the angel was associated with the voices of the Irish, calling him to return to the island. The dream prompted Patrick to set out on a journey with the Good news of salvation in Christ. Thanks to the preacher, 600 churches were opened in Ireland. The Saint’s life path ended on March 17, 461 (presumably). According to legend, untamed bulls were harnessed to the cart with the Saint’s body in order to bury them where they would stop. Presumably, this place is located in Downpatrick.

St. Patrick's day in 2021 | what date, parade in New-York

The Catholic Church in the early 17th century proclaimed the date of commemoration as St. Patrick’s Day. The religious holiday went beyond the borders of ecclesiastical Ireland and became a celebration of the country’s cultural heritage. The date is widely celebrated by parishioners of Protestant churches of the American Orthodox Church (falls on March 30). Historically, Irish people who emigrated to America celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on a larger scale than at home. The holiday has become popular in Canada, Argentina, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. For more than 20 years, the traditions of Irish culture are reflected at the annual festival in New-York, which attracts participants from all over America.

The attributes of the holiday

Emerald Shamrock, Irish ale, costume parade-essential attributes of the modern holiday did not always exist.

Initially, the main color of the celebration was light blue. Gradually, as the religious basis of St. Patrick’s Day was reunited with the Irish independence movement, the emerald hue or color of the Shamrock (clover petal) began to dominate.

Since the 18th century, the date of the holiday seems to be painted with the juicy greens of spring. Illuminated water fountains, the walls of buildings, street decorations, in Chicago the river is dyed emerald color. People wear green clothes, even food in restaurants is served in appropriate shades. The Diaspora of the Irish in America, the brewed green beer. In the homeland of the holiday, it did not take root, it appears in the menu of restaurants exclusively for tourists. An unofficial attribute of the holiday was Guinness beer, the consumption of which on St. Patrick’s Day breaks records. Enhances the effect of a leaf of clover thrown into a glass, which, according to legend, brings good luck.

St. Patrick's day in 2021 | what date, parade in New-York

Shamrock-the main symbol of the celebration. According to legend, the preacher used it to tell pagans about the Holy Trinity. Wearing a bunch of clover on March 17 as a garment decoration on the right side of the chest has become popular. And someone just draws a plant on the cheek or makes a temporary tattoo.


In 2021, public parades, festivals, mass events with fun and treats will traditionally be held. As they say, every guest can become an Irishman on St. Patrick’s Day, if they want. “Friends” are recognized by a green suit, a Shamrock pinned or painted on the face, and a festive mood.

Catholic pilgrims still observe several ancient traditions. They gather at the Holy mount CRO-Patrick, where the Holy preacher fasted for 40 days and prayed. Here, according to legend, he miraculously managed to drive away the snakes that attacked him.

Followers of Christianity make a pilgrimage to a cave in the middle of a lake in County Donegal. Pilgrims believe that repentance with prayers in this place helps to release sins.

Over time, the appearance of the hero of Celtic myths, the leprechaun wizard, who fulfills wishes, entertains with jokes and funny stories, has become traditional in companies. A stocky man with a red beard is an indispensable participant in friendly gatherings over a glass of beer.

St. Patrick's day in 2021 | what date, parade in New-York

Celebration in America

Since 1992, St. Patrick’s day celebrations have been held in America as days of Irish culture. A harbinger of these events was the opening of an Irish trading house in New-York on Arbat, whose employees initiated the first parade according to all the rules. The spirit of the holiday, a bright show captivated all the guests of the event. The costumed March 17 parade in New-York has become an annual event. Dancers from different cities of the country gather for master classes. Old Irish songs are played. Participants in national Celtic costumes show Scottish and Irish dances. The country’s history and distinctive culture fascinate you with its rich past and vivid present. Details and schedule of St. Patrick’s Day in New-York can be found on the official

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