St. Patrick’s day in 2021

Traditional Irish holiday has become famous all over the world. One Sunday in March will turn green and will give all to understand that it was St. Patrick’s Day. The long history of the holiday has many traditions. USA is no exception, in 2021 it is expected the parade and St. Patrick’s . Over 15 thousands of compatriots waiting for this day to be part of the Grand Irish festivals.

About the holiday

The annual St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on the same date — March 17. In 2021, nothing will change, and this rule is again observed. Muscovites and residents of other Russian cities will pay tribute to the man who lived in IV-V century.

St. Patrick's day in 2021

Details not well preserved, but reliable sources left. One of them is the autobiographical “Confessions”, which historians have found credible evidence. Even after hundreds of years, Christians around the world remember the deeds and merits of St. Patrick. He was born in that part of the island of great Britain, which was under the rule of the ancient Romans. Then it was Mevin of Sukkot. When he was 16, pirates kidnapped him and sold him into slavery. So he turned in Ireland where he lived for another 6 years. As a prisoner, the young man converted to Christianity, which became his salvation in captivity. He prayed for freedom and returning home, and after a few years he was able to return home.

Soon, however, he again decided to return to Ireland, as he saw a vision. In it the Lord spoke to him, so he tried to draw the wayward inhabitants of Ireland to Christianity. Missionary, inspired by dreams, fell in love with the Irish, and monotheism was quickly accepted. We also know that writing came to Ireland through St. Patrick.

St. Patrick's day in 2021

March 17 — not a random date on the calendar. On this day the Saint went away to another world. Because every year on this day people honor the actions of this man that he did during his life.

Symbols of the holiday are:

  • green gamma;
  • Shamrock;
  • leprechauns;
  • beer and whiskey.

St. Patrick's day in 2021

As noted

Known fact that on the island there is absolutely no snakes. What Patrick is the man who expelled them from Ireland. Tourists and pilgrims climb the mountain to visit the place where the Saint performed his act. One of the main traditions on St. Patrick’s Day is the wearing of Shamrock on their clothes. It is also considered a Christian symbol. The Shamrock is often dried and put on the bottom of the glass, which is then filled with traditional Irish drink whiskey.

On 17 March in Ireland and other countries hold parades with national music and dancing. Many Irish people transform into national heroes and fairy tale characters. The celebrations usually do not stop as much as 5 days. At that time everywhere there was the sound of bagpipes. Competitions, concerts and fireworks. Many famous buildings and architectural objects are highlighted in bright green color, symbolizing the occasion. Sometimes even small ponds turn green.

St. Patrick's day in 2021

Interesting fact. In the early 20th century, the Irish authorities banned the March 17 open house. This law they were trying to protect the Irish from alcohol abuse. Only in 70-e years, this law was repealed.

How to celebrate in

In 2021 there will also be celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day. Parade participants will remember the traditions of Ireland, will drink the national drink and sing Irish songs. A rich program in different pubs and restaurants will include Celtic music, movies, and plays. Children can also be involved in the festive event, dressed up in fairy tale characters like dwarves and elves.

From year to year, the St. Patrick’s Day is gaining more and more fans. USAне ready to have fun, be inspired by new impressions and to learn the traditions of others. Details about the events can be found immediately before 17 March.

The parade on St. Patrick’s Day at : video

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