Spirits day in 2021: what date, date

The traditions of Orthodox holidays often echo pagan beliefs. Especially signs and legends that contribute to the well-being and happiness of the family. That is why there is an interest in the exact date of the holidays that have been revered since ancient times. So, a special day on which the third hypostasis of the one God — Spirits is glorified will be celebrated on June 21 in 2021.

History of occurrence

The origins of the holiday — events that take place in biblical times, are described in the New Testament. On the fiftieth day after their master ascended to heaven in the flesh, the Holy apostles were in Jerusalem in the upper room of Zion – the room where the last secret Passover meal of Christ and his followers was held.

Suddenly, the incredible thing happened. When there was a complete calm, there was a multi-voiced hum, resembling strong gusts of wind. This noise filled the room where the apostles were staying. Flames, bright but not scalding, split and descended on everyone present. The apostles gave themselves up to the full control of the Holy spirit, who descended upon them, and began to speak in different languages and dialects. The Jews who were celebrating Shavuot, the feast of the giving of the Torah, heard strange words and were amazed.

The apostles, who were able to speak in different languages, were able to preach new commandments and carry the word of God around the world. Thus, the prediction of Jesus, who promised that after his ascension, the Holy Spirit, eternally proceeding from God the Father, would descend upon the apostles, was fulfilled. The descent from heaven of an invisible, omnipotent divine being testified in reality to the triplicity of the One God.

Spirits day in 2021: what date, date

When is it celebrated

Spirits day in 2021 falls on June 21 according to the Julian calendar. The Day of the Holy spirit is celebrated in the Orthodox tradition on the day following Trinity-one of the twelve important religious holidays. Holy Trinity is also called Pentecost, because it is celebrated on the 50th day after Easter Sunday.

The dates of these holidays change annually due to the fact that they are counted from Easter. And Easter-the Bright Resurrection of Christ is celebrated on the first Sunday after the spring full moon.

In 2021, the date of Easter Sunday is may 2. So, Trinity in 50 days — on Sunday, June 20. And Spirits day in 2021 is on Monday, June 21.

In fact, Trinity and Dukhov day are dedicated to one important event for adherents of the Orthodox tradition. But the Church, in opposition to the current in Christianity, which rejects the idea of the “Trinity of God” that is too much for the mind of an ordinary mortal, decided to establish a separate holiday — Spirits ‘ day. A holiday that pays tribute to the greatness of the life-Giving Spirit, who is consubstantial with God the Father and the Son of God.

Spirits day in 2021: what date, date

The celebration of the Orthodox

The Orthodox Church will celebrate Dukhov day in 2021 on Monday, June 21, which is a working day in America. Therefore, the divine service that magnifies the Holy Spirit will begin the night before. Vespers begins with the hymn of prayer “o heavenly King”, calling on the Holy spirit to assist in a good deed and deliver from vices.

The morning service directly on Spirits ‘ day repeats the matinee Of the day of veneration of the Holy Trinity. Except for the most solemn part of the festive Matins, called polyeleos.

Slavic traditions

America has long been an exclusively agricultural country. Therefore, all the signs and traditions were most often associated with the fact that the land-nurse gave a plentiful harvest.

  • The very day when the Holy Spirit descends upon the earth was considered The earth’s birthday. On this Monday, you can not perform any agricultural work: plow, harrow, sow, plant.
  • Early in the morning, before the sun rises, Mother Earth can show pious people the place where the treasures are buried. After asking for help from God, treasure hunters put their ear to the ground and ” listened to the treasures.”
  • The fertile land-nurse was always represented in the image of a woman-mother. Therefore, the time when the Holy Spirit spreads over the fields was considered babsky-the holiday of married women, commonly called women. Mothers of families went to the fields, ate their own meals and treated the birthday girl.
  • The day when the sacred fire descends from the sky, freeing from vices, evil thoughts and giving extraordinary power, is considered the best for making medicinal herbal preparations.
  • And the water in open reservoirs becomes sanctified by the presence of divine power. You need to wash your face with water from a well or spring to wash away your sins. It is customary to leave a coin or a memorial meal at the reservoir.

Spirits ‘ day completes a series of important twelve-day holidays in 2021, during which all the strength and time must be devoted to prayer and charity. Only after the celebration can you start working in full force in the fields and vegetable gardens.

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