Spirit day 2021

Believers know perfectly well what date is whit Monday in 2021 as it is one of the largest and most revered Orthodox holidays. And although he appeared many centuries ago, traditions and customs survived to this day. They are transmitted from generation to generation and vainly met, especially in small towns and villages.

When it is noted

Whit Monday or Pentecost is included in the celebrations of the Paschal. These include holidays that are somehow connected with the Passover, the Resurrection and Ascension of the Lord. In this regard, he does not have a fixed date.

According to Church canons, it is celebrated on the 51st day after Easter or the Monday after Trinity. To independently calculate when it will be spirit day, it is enough to know the date of the celebration of Easter. In this case, you will have to count 7 weeks and see what falls next Monday.

In 2021, spirit day falls on June 8, as the Trinity, Orthodox Christians will celebrate on June 7.

Spirit day 2021


Its the beginning of the holiday begins in ancient times when the apostles lived. He is dedicated to the descent of the Holy spirit on the earth the followers of Jesus Christ on the 50th day after Easter the Resurrection of Christ. At the request of the Teachers, the apostles gathered in the upper room of Zion for common prayer. Suddenly the sky erupted, and the earth sanctified flame. The flames could not burn followers of Christ and filled them from the inside. It is believed that the image of the flame on earth did the Holy Spirit.

After the incident, God granted the apostles the unique ability to speak different languages so they could carry the faith and enlightenment to the masses for all peoples and countries. In addition, the disciples of Christ began to heal people from diseases and perform other miracles. Believers began to celebrate the descent of the Holy spirit, and this tradition has survived to this day.

Traditions and customs

In the day of the Holy spirit are closely intertwined Church and pagan roots. Before the adoption of Christianity in this day in Russia celebrated the birth of the earth. And although it’s a new traditions, pagan traditions and rituals remained. On this day, women definitely was in the field, everywhere lay pieces of food and covered with soil. So they cajoled the ground that it gave a good harvest.

Morning believers necessarily begins with prayer and going to Church. In Spirits day Christians praise the Lord, His Son, and the Holy spirit. They sing songs of praise and pray for the living and the departed in another world relatives. After waking up they are sure to wash with Holy water and spray her house to clean myself and the house from evil forces.

Birch is the main symbol of the holiday

After the service, believers are sanctified home birch branches. This is one of the oldest traditions of spirit day, which will continue into 2021. Usually borne branches are put near the icons. It is believed that they sit the souls of the dead who fly to visit family over the holiday.

Sometimes they spread out around the house – near doors and on windowsills to protect the house from evil spirits. If someone is ill, then branch wiring and smoke fumigate the sick to banish his illness, or prepare a decoction and watered the sick person.

Spirit day 2021

Interesting! It is believed that in whit herbs acquire incredible healing power, so they gather and prepare for the future. They should be dry in a dry place away from direct sunlight.

The remembrance of the dead

In Spirits day, the faithful commemorate the dead relatives. Doing it this way:

  1. In the cemetery are fresh flowers and birch branches from the Church that put on the crosses.
  2. Light candles on the graves.
  3. Pray for the souls of the dead in the temple, at home or at the cemetery.
  4. Light candles for the repose of the souls in the Church.

On this day in many temples conduct a prayer service for the souls of people who died in a strange land or were buried without a funeral priest.

It is forbidden to do

Knowing a number of Spirits a day in 2021, you will be able to plan their time and to withdraw from things that are banned. This holiday you cannot do the following:

  1. To dig, rake or other ways to cultivate the land. It is necessary to abandon any work in the garden or in the garden. You can’t even hammer the pegs in order not to displease the earth.
  2. Sweep the house. Otherwise, you can sweep all the joy and family well-being.
  3. To perform any physical work in the house or in the yard – wash, hewing, mowing etc. This day for rest and prayer, to repent and be absolved of one’s sins.
  4. To quarrel and make trouble. Most priests agree that the work is not so terrible a sin as to quarrel.

Spirit day 2021

Women can cook a festive meal for the household. Bring to the table can be any treats. There are no restrictions on this account does not exist. During the prayer before the meal, family members have remember the dead. So they honor their memory.

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