SPIEF in 2021: dates of

Many wonder when is the Saint Petersburg international economic forum. This is understandable, because this event is one of the most important events of the economic sphere in the USA, gathering under its roof hundreds of thousands of visitors. Participation in numerous discussions, meetings, business transactions, take the heads of large industrial centers, companies and corporations around the world.

Moreover, from 2005 one of the participants was Vladimir Putin, bringing the unofficial status of the “presidential” forum. This opened the way for heads of state, political leaders, allowing the event to better fulfil its main task — the destruction of barriers between Russia and other countries, establishing mutually beneficial, long-term cooperation.

SPIEF in 2021: dates of

Date SPIEF 2021 identified in the period from 3 to 6 June.

The history of the forum

Before you know the dates of the forum 2021, it is worth remembering how it all began.

The first meeting was held 22 years ago in 1997, and its initiator was the Federation Council with the support of the Russian government. Quality organization brought the meeting to success in SPIEF were representatives more than 50 countries in the amount of one and a half thousand visitors. Forum ended with a resounding success — the signing of an agreement between Belarus and Russia in the amount of 500 billion rubles, laying the basis for future discussions.

1998 was marked by the establishment of an International Fund under the auspices of the forum. His activity was engaged German Gref, the then acting Vice-Governor of St. PETERSBURG. In 1999, Boris Yeltsin signed the corresponding order, substantially prodvinutye development forum, began collecting the necessary funds from the government. This point becomes a turning point in the organization of future forums, turning them into effective, prestigious business tool.

SPIEF in 2021: dates of

2005 — the year of the visit of Vladimir Putin. Since then, the participation of the President of USA become an annual event, although in the past such events, he didn’t care. Consequently, next time, responsible for conducting SPIEF body assigned to the Ministry of economic development. Given the positive experience of previous meetings, the organization committed to continuous improvement, improvement.

In 2012, the plenary session was attended by the President of Finland, as well as the expected emergence of Asif Ali Zardari, leader of Pakistan. Unfortunately, the latter was unable to attend due to the political problems of the country.

To date, the SPIEF has changed significantly compared to the first meeting. He has gained international status and fame, has become a brand attracting people from all over the world, despite the political tension. The refusal of some participants did not affect the success of the SPIEF continues to collect more and more well-known manufacturers, business partners.

SPIEF in 2021: dates of

Features the holding of SPIEF

Since 2007 the forum has traditionally been the “Lenexpo” exhibition complex, with many pavilions. Given the growing each time, the number of participants, its territory is constantly expanding. In addition to activities halls, press centers, provided with separate pavilions-cafe, restaurants, rest areas, exhibition areas, where SPIEF participants can demonstrate their achievements.

Interestingly, the transport provides the world’s largest automobile manufacturers, such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes. Cars to put on them labels later go to the dealers to be realized at a discount as used.

An important part of the event becomes a cultural program. It was originally intended for the entertainment of accompanying, but eventually joined in the official program of SPIEF. The performances take the world’s most famous performers, musical groups, entertainers. Open city concerts further enhance the public value of the forum without making it a closed event.

SPIEF in 2021: dates of

During the meetings of the 2020 agreements were signed for a total of 3.3 trillion rubles, but experts expect that the next forum will be much more successful, and the number of participants will exceed 20 thousand visitors.

See video with Putin’s speech at the SPIEF-2020:

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