Sonic movie – movie 2021

After the scandal with a flurry of critical reviews in the direction of the appearance of the hero of the film “sonic movie”, the premiere had to be postponed to 2021. Viewers were outraged that the character turned too realistic. A special protest was the human teeth, with which a beloved character turned into a double of the boy-monkeys from “Jumanji”.

Sonic movie – movie 2021

A crowd favorite

Blue sonic the hedgehog was greatly welcomed by the society. After his appearance, held in 1991, ultrafast anthropomorphic character enjoys a steadily growing interest. This encourages creators to actively work on promotion of the image in cartoons and video games, and network users continue to invent new jokes and memy.

Blue color is in trend when you consider the time that the characters of such colour are always popular. For example, the inhabitants of Pandora – na’vi, from the cult of the project “Avatar” or charismatic Genie from “Aladdin”. “Sonic movie” will appear in 2021 and will head towards new adventures. Hollywood sent a tireless hedgehog in the real world, leaving as a partner of James Marsden. This hero already had to deal with a talkative CGI animals in the film called “unstoppable”. As a police officer Tom VAZ, he will have to save the world in the company of Sonic.

Jim Carrey? Would be cool

The role of the main negative character got Jim Carrey. He will have to portray the mad scientist Dr. Robotnik, who dreams of conquering the world. You can use the superpowers of superfast hedgehog.

Sonic movie – movie 2021

The project is of great interest, so the adventures of characters are vivid and exciting.

  • in order to obtain a new character for Sega, the authors had to do the painstaking work. Initially it was about creating a character who would be able to make a real splash.
  • Sonic was the result of the connection of the head of Felix the Cat and the body of Mickey mouse. Viewers are accustomed to this way, so try to make the legs more muscular hedgehog did not cause approval. Famous sneakers in which flaunts sonic, lent in the video of Jackson, but the white-red colour comes from the clothes of Santa Claus. The amazing thing – this explosive mix has forced many people to love a talkative guy and make his idol.
  • Since 1993, the game character is a full participant in the Macy’s day Parade, which is held every year in thanksgiving. In addition to Sonic in the procession takes part Pikachu.
  • The first adventure took place under the name “Project Niclaus”, but since it was too long, had to choose the shorter option.
  • In the Director’s chair is Jeff Fowler, the script was developed by Patrick Casey and Josh Miller, and as a producer stands Neal H. Moritz.

First feature film

The original release date of the project “sonic movie” was scheduled for 25 November 2020, but it had to be postponed for 2021. The exact number will be known closer to the end of the work. The reason was the dissatisfaction of a huge number of potential viewers, the appearance of the character. Given the time that most of these projects ended in failure, it is necessary to take into account the smallest details.

Sonic movie – movie 2021

Heroes video game, which enjoyed fantastic success, consistently fail after adaptation. That doesn’t happen with Sonic, you need to release on the screens of the perfect creation. The painting has a very high rating expectations – 95%. This is due to the fact that the project attracted the attention of several generations. Those who know him from the nineties, not against to continue communication, especially during this time appeared on the screens a lot of cartoons with a super fast hedgehog in the lead role.

State V.

Paintings that combine animated characters and real heroes, enjoyed great success. The popular game “Sonic the Hedgehog” became the basis for writing a scenario in which a blue anthropomorphic hedgehog oppose the state. His representatives were on the hunt for Sonic. He has to fight with the dastardly Dr. Eggman or Eggs, whose main objective is the conquest of the world. Will the villain make the hero to fulfill their wishes?

The famous hedgehog will be the voice of Ben Schwartz, who voiced characters in the popular project “All the way”, “American family”, “the Abode of lies.” His opponent in the film Jim Carrey doesn’t need any introduction and is willing to work hard for the glory.

The creators of the project “sonic movie” I decided not to use the cast, which does voice-overs for almost ten years. The authors rely on well-known actors, whose participation will attract additional attention to the project.

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