Songs alterations to the New 2021

To create a festive mood and give vivid emotions to the guests of the festival will help original Christmas songs-rework about Santa Claus and the snow maiden, snow winter, Christmas tree, gifts and of course, the Rat (symbol of the coming year), which should pick up on the New 2021.

Funny comic covers of popular tunes can be:

  • bright room for Christmas office party;
  • an original gift for guests on New Year;
  • interesting idea for a Christmas karaoke and singing competitions.

Songs alterations to the New 2021

We offer you a beautiful and fun songs of the alterations, the texts of which you can save to your computer (like a picture) and to use in planning a variety of activities for friends, family or colleagues on New Year 2021.

To the tune of “Suddenly as in a fairy tale the door creaked”

Bright, dynamic and simple to perform the song decorate the Christmas holiday, because the new text is beautiful and wishes, and the reference symbols of the passing of the New 2020 and 2021.

Songs alterations to the New 2021

Also, we offer you to download a minus one for this song rework to the tune of “Suddenly as in a fairy tale the door creaked”, which will be ideal in 2021 year of the ox.

To the tune of “birthday” (crocodile Gena)

Unusual “adult” interpretation of the familiar childhood song is a great idea to create cheerful mood.

The motive of this melody is familiar to everyone, but because you can offer to sing Christmas songs alterations a whole team, calling for good luck for the coming 2021. To do this, simply print the text for guests, or to send an image through Skype, Viber, or Please other messenger, so everyone can read the words just from the screen of your gadget.

Songs alterations to the New 2021

As the voice, you can use the minus or karaoke disc with the desired melody.

To the tune of “Five minutes”

With many generations of melody from the movie … is inextricably linked with new year holidays. Already when the first chords of a familiar song the guests to create a special mood and right mindset for the New 2021 and the words rework “in a new way” will give everyone a smile and vivid emotions.

Songs alterations to the New 2021

If someone in the company knows how to play musical instruments, you can make the presentation even more spectacular, since the notes to Kaoru (and guitar chords) is quite simple. If this is not possible, use the following file backing tracks.

To the tune of “Spinning spinning blue ball”

Fun filled with a positive song about the Christmas Rat with warm wishes.

Songs alterations to the New 2021

For the performance you’ll need minus (music without words). You can download by clicking on the link, and listen to, just running in the window of player.

To the tune of “What is autumn?”

Another great idea for the New 2021 year of the ox for the company in which I love to sing songs alterations to the guitar. Chords works “What is autumn” familiar to most guitar players, and the motive on everyone’s lips, making the product one of the most popular authors of Christmas covers.

Songs alterations to the New 2021

If guitarists in our company, use high quality “minus” or the corresponding track from a karaoke disc.

To the tune of “If I were a Sultan”

Driving comic song from the favourite of the Patriotic film “Caucasian captive” just lift your guests ‘ mood and make them rise from the table. New lyrics rework suitable for “adult” meal, where the New 2021 will be met, pouring at the “one hundred grams”.

Songs alterations to the New 2021

As an accompaniment we offer to take the “minus” with a modern treatment.

To the tune of “Belle” from Notre Dame de Paris

This song will sound amazing and will impress guests with its sound. Of course, if the contractor has the appropriate vocal abilities.

Songs alterations to the New 2021

To get the desired effect will help a beautiful minus handling with a deep quality sound.

To the tune of “If it had not been winter”

An interesting interpretation of Jolly children’s song books from the cartoon “Prostokvashino” for adults. Would be the best option for a charismatic performer with a good sense of humor who can have fun and clearly beat the captions.

Songs alterations to the New 2021

To find music for this cover a snap. We offer you one of the many available options of backing tracks.


Thinking through the script for the New 2021 you can also invent your own original songs-rework, for example, a song on behalf of Santa Claus, snow Maiden, the new symbol of the bull or the leaving of a Pig.

If you have interesting ideas funny Christmas songs and offer to share them in the comments.

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