Social science essay structure 2021 / unified state exam, cliche

As part of the unified state exam 2021, you plan to take the social studies exam.we will tell you what to pay attention to during preparation, what should be the correct essay structure, and also suggest cliches that can be used when writing a mini – essay.

What will be the unified state exam in social studies in 2021?

Social studies is the most popular elective subject. Last year, despite all the difficulties of the exam campaign, 48% of examinees took social studies (this is about 375,000 people).

In 2021, drastic changes in the structure of the unified state exam for the company are not expected. A major reform of the system of quality control knowledge is complete and that all Kimy meet GEF, the Ministry of education takes a course on the stability requirements for graduates 11-x classes, which should enable future students to better prepare for exams and demonstrate better results.

Social science essay structure 2021 / unified state exam, cliche

At the society exam in 2021, examinees will be offered to complete 29 tasks in 3 hours and 55 minutes, of which: :

  • 20 – with a short answer;
  • 9 – with expanded content (including task # 29-essay).

Naturally, many graduates are most worried about the last 29th task, in which they need to write a mini-essay, formulating the ideas of the topic raised by the author of the statement.

Essay – assignment No. 29

There are no plans to change the content and wording of task No. 29 in 2021.

Social science essay structure 2021 / unified state exam, cliche

Task # 29 is variable in nature.

Examinees will be offered a choice of 5 statements, each of which is within one of the thematic blocks included in the discipline ” social studies»:

  • philosophy;
  • economy;
  • sociology;
  • psychology;
  • right.

In the demo version, the following statements were presented::

Social science essay structure 2021 / unified state exam, cliche

In the 1st version of the CMA of the early unified state exam in 2020, graduates were offered a choice of the following 5 statements::

Social science essay structure 2021 / unified state exam, cliche

At the same time, for graduates of 2021 who pass the unified state exam in social studies, the following requirements for task No. 29 will be relevant::

  • length – 300-400 words (but not less than 150);
  • availability of the main idea statement;
  • use of terms and concepts relevant to the chosen topic and problem;
  • attraction of various (non-uniform) examples from the life of society, the history of peoples, literary works or personal experience.

Criteria for evaluating mini-essays

For the correct completion of the 29th task, a graduate can receive 6 primary points (the maximum primary score for the entire work is 64).

Social science essay structure 2021 / unified state exam, cliche

The essay will be evaluated by 2 independent experts according to the criteria table developed by FIPI:

It is also important to remember that even if the structure of your social studies essay for the unified state exam 2021 is correct, but the text is less than 150 words, experts will not check it and will set 0 for task # 29. Also, those who do not reveal the topic of the statement will get a zero result, so you should choose from the 5 suggested options the topic that you fully understand.

To understand exactly how the reviewers will evaluate you and what they will pay attention to first, read the recommendations for subject commissions, which are available on the official FIPI website.

Structure of the essay

Before you start writing training essays in social studies, you need to understand in detail and understand what the structure of the mini-essay should be in 2021. Experts recommend sticking to this plan:

  1. Quote (with an indication of the author).
  2. Statement of the main problem that the author of the quote is talking about.
  3. Meaning of the statement (maximum full disclosure).
  4. Your attitude to the problem (agree or disagree with the author).
  5. Argument + example + mini-output for each argument (there can be 2 or more of them).
  6. General final conclusion.

Social science essay structure 2021 / unified state exam, cliche

So you should end up with 5 paragraphs:

  1. introduction;
  2. theoretical reasoning;
  3. the actual argumentation (example 1);
  4. the actual argumentation (example 2);
  5. conclusion.

But what about the relevance, many will ask? For several years, teachers have emphasized to graduates that at the beginning of the essay it is necessary to describe the relevance of the problem. Today, this item is not included in the structure of essays on social studies, because, according to experts, all the topics offered to graduates for the unified state exam in 2021 are a priori relevant. Of course, if you want, you can briefly indicate the relevance, but this paragraph will not add points to you (also, the absence of this block will not reduce the result).

You should also remember a few cliches in advance that will be relevant for forming a logical transition from block to block.


Cliches are short universal phrases that can be used to easily form the correct structure of an essay on the unified state exam in social studies. In 2021, you can adopt such cliches:

As an alternative to a set of cliches, some students consider essay templates. For example, here is a universal template for an essay in social studies, offered online for the unified state exam in 2021.

Social science essay structure 2021 / unified state exam, cliche

However, it is important to remember that there are no 100% universal templates, because phrases can be different depending on the topic, your position, and the examples given.

Important! It is absolutely impossible to hope for ready-made essays, because from year to year statements and topics change, which means that you risk getting 0 points for an essay. Most often, experts regard such works as not revealing the topic.

Useful tips

In the course of training, you should listen to such useful advice from experienced teachers:

  • you need to spend 30 to 40 minutes completing task # 29 (practice keeping within this time frame);
  • there is no maximum word threshold for an essay, but it is best not to write too much;
  • the main thing is not to get away from the main problem by delving into philosophical reflections;
  • useful cliches are best remembered (there are not so many of them);
  • as examples, it is best to cite historical facts and real events that have affected society (personal experience should be used as a last resort);
  • think carefully about the choice of examples (do not involve facts that can be interpreted ambiguously);
  • before the exam, identify two directions for the essay, it will beg training.

Most graduates choose topics related to Economics and sociology to write essays on the unified state exam in social studies, and 2021 is likely to be no exception. Law and political science – for those who are interested in the relevant field. Graduates consider philosophy to be the most difficult direction in society due to the complexity and depth of the problems involved.

For more information about what other tasks will be presented in KIMS and what the exam format will be in 2021, see the article on the unified state exam in social studies.

We also suggest that you read the recommendations of online Tutors for completing task No. 29 on society.

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