Skoda Rapid 2021

New Skoda Rapid expected 2021 will not be much different from the previous generation. In fact, it’s the same rapid, but in an updated body that have received some technical improvements.


The next generation of the Skoda rapid looks like a Skoda model Scala. Perhaps this similarity is characteristic only for Russian localized version until the manufacturer has shown such a modification.Front of Skoda Rapid 2021 fully updated, got a unification with new models of Skoda Octavia and Skala. Slightly sloped to the center lights in all trim levels will be equipped with LEDs. The grille has the shape characteristic of modern cars Skoda.

Feed received visually highlighted ribs. It gave the car some speed, and angularity. Led taillights, made in a new, modern style. Quite narrow and memorable. Visually reminiscent of the products of Korean car to the road behind the car was identified as the Skoda, on the trunk you can see the large inscription “Skoda”.

The wheels are cast, typical for the corporate design of Skoda. But the new generation will be available in size 15 and 16 inch. Wheel size is 14 inches, for Skoda rapid 2021 will not be installed.

Family drivers will have to taste a large Luggage compartment. “Firecracker” of the trunk is raised with the rear window, it is a liftback, which provides capacity. There are compartments for small items, mesh. The spare wheel is housed in a compartment under the boot floor, where you can place tools.

Skoda Rapid 2021 Skoda Rapid 2021


If the body is kept in common with the previous generation, the interior was completely renewed. Visually the interior is similar to Scala, probably the designers did not bother with the development of unique species.

In the starting configuration it is proposed the installation of a wheel with two spokes. Optional sport steering wheel with three spokes. You can also select two media system.

  • Swing. It has a screen size of 6.5 inches.
  • Bolero. Screen with a diagonal of 8 inches.

Mandatory option is a pair of connectors USB S. They are located on the front panel. This allows you to use removable media, connect the smartphone. It is also possible the expensive models will be the connectors and for rear seats. The instrument panel is normal, in Russia versions with electronic tidy would not ship.

All equipment will have air conditioning, which was previously only available as additional options.

Finish plastic and fabric. In this case, plastic is quite hard, which is typical for a budget car. Likely to be used a standard gray-black color scheme. For variety, you can buy a car with mood lighting.

Skoda Rapid 2021

On the wheel there are buttons with additional options:

  • radar cruise control;
  • heated steering wheel;
  • the multimedia control.

Adjustable steering wheel is made in two planes, up and down and back and forth. Makes it much easier to fit the car under him.

Original and ingenious solution was the placement of the button of engine start on the steering column. In fact it was located on the site of the lock cylinder. Why was this decision made and not made a button on the dashboard is unknown.

The engineers kept the important advantage of the Skoda rapid is a spacious rear row. Problems with the deployment will not experience even tall people.


The engine and transmission, their technical characteristics are considered to be major. At the moment announced on the following units.

  • The 1.6 liter engine, capable of developing power 90 BHP It will be supplemented 5MKPP.
  • Boosted version of the engine 1.6 liters, capable of achieving power 110 HP Can be equipped with 5MKPP or 5АКПП.
  • Top option is a turbocharged engine of 1.4 liters, which is 125 HP, This engine is paired with a five-speed automated manual.

  • Skoda Rapid 2021

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