Skoda Octavia 2021

The world premiere of the new Skoda Octavia, which we will see in showrooms in early 2021, 11.11.19 took place in Prague (Czech Republic). Enchanting updated liftback and station wagon was timed to the 60th anniversary since the release of the first car of this without exaggeration of the iconic.

As much detail as possible when reviewing the photos camouflaged car, held the road test on the roads of Germany, experts have predicted significant changes in exterior and dimensions of the car. Is this true, and what will surprise a new Octavia 4th generation?

Skoda Octavia 2021

The history of the model

The first Octavia rolled off the Assembly line in 1959. It was a 2-door sedan with polutemnoy construction, independent suspension and petrol powertrains 1.1 or 1.2 liters, which can develop a power of 40 and 45 HP respectively.

The first model was introduced on the world market until 1964.

Skoda Octavia 2021

After the sedan, the company has introduced the station wagon with the prefix Combi. Which were produced until 1971.

But first, Octavia is more of a backstory, because officially generation is considered since the release of the 1996 model year.

So, the first generation model, introduced in 1996, is already radically different from its predecessor. It was a car created on the platform of the Volkswagen Golf, available in two variations: liftback and wagon. In the engine range appeared diesel powertrains, and as an alternative mechanics – innovative at the time automatic transmission. The model range also included all-wheel drive version.

Skoda Octavia 2021

The second generation entered the market in 2004. It was a model designed on the base model Golf 5 in the motor scheme, which was presented petrol and diesel engines with power from 75 to 160 HP was also improved by RS version, which was supposed gasoline powertrain at 200 HP or a 170-horsepower diesel. In 2008, the market was restyled model of the 3rd generation.

Skoda Octavia 2021

The third generation, which can be considered the predecessor of the new Skoda Octavia, which we’ll see in showrooms already in 2021, introduced only 6 years ago (in 2013). The low-cost configuration of the hatchback Octavia Active in USA is approximately 1 120 000 rubles, and the cost of the “charged version” approaching 1 580 000.

Skoda Octavia 2021

Soon the market will be a new Skoda Octavia 2021, which as well as model of the 3rd generation will be presented in the body of the wagon and liftbek.


During the official premiere of the experts, members of the press and admirers of cars of Skoda had the opportunity to see what will be the liftback and wagon models Octavia in 2021.

Skoda Octavia 2021

Models 2021 obvious these changes:

  • the increase in dimensions of the body that needs to push some cars from compact models with Scala;
  • a return to the classic format of head optics (apparently separate modular lights installed on the cars of the 3rd generation, did not meet expectations);
  • led headlights (the expensive models);
  • the updated design of the radiator grille;
  • some modify the front bumper;
  • increased wheel rims (max 19 inch, but in base 16);
  • divided into two blocks tail lights.


Although Octavia and previously belonged to a big and spacious cars, sedan model 2021 has become even more, adding 19 mm in length and 15 mm in width, which further brings the car to the prestigious European D class.

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