Silver skates movie 2021

At the end of December 2018 at the Studio “trite” work has begun on the film “Silver skates”, which premiered announced on February 13, 2021. Critics call it a painting-a debut, because it will be the first film directed by Michael Lokshin and actors Fyodor Fedotov and Sony Priss. In addition to “trite” for a project there are three major company: “Central partnership”, group of companies GPM KIT and “Kinoslovo”. This feature-length film promises to be very interesting, especially because the shooting took place parallel to the other “ice” the painting “Ice-2”, and the difference in release date between these two strips in one day.

Silver skates movie 2021

The plot

The action takes place in 1899 on Christmas eve. On the eve of the new century, on the streets and buzzing with pre-holiday bustle, there are two young soul – the son of a lamplighter Matthew, which is inherited from the father got a silver-plated skates, and a girl from an aristocratic family Alice, dreaming about science. It would seem that everyone has their own destiny and nothing to do with the opposite of his world, but in the future Matthew and Alice rush together.

With this story the film will undoubtedly be a success, because in this tape are merged together from three genres: drama, history and adventure. The Director not only chose the era of the late 19th century, because at that time in important events in the life of the USA, who with great interest to study the contemporaries. There will not be an idealized picture, the film will show three different and the city in celebration, the life of the capital elite and everyday tavern-the criminal world. Dream, love, car chases, adventure and somewhat of a detective turn of events in this movie will be all at once.


In February 2020, there was news that Peter in a real winter started the shooting of the film “Silver skates.” The scale of cinema, this picture should be taken in the shortest time: to may will film all the footage, and in January 2021 will finish the job completely. To preserve the original atmosphere of the Northern capital, at the time of filming even plan to block traffic on the embankment.

Silver skates movie 2021

Residents of St. Petersburg was at first surprised to see how community services workers clear snow from the ice on the Sink near the Winter groove, and when it still covered wooden boards and the next there’s agents of the studios, it became clear that the canal will go down in the history of cinema.

Not done this film without computer graphics, which instructed the CGF visual effects Studio. She’s already showed his skills in projects “first Time”, “Crew”, “Viking”.


The main roles went to first-timers. Matthew will play Fedor Fedotov, Alice – Sonja Priss. The actors had to go real athletic training to learn to stand on skates. Despite the relatively light plot, the film will involve doubles (professional skaters) and stuntmen.

Among the actors there are eminent personalities. Roles in the film went to Alexei Guskov, Yuri Kolokol’nikov, Severii Anusauskaite, Kirill Zaitsev, Yuri Borisov, Alexander Revenko. In secret until the list of European actors.

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