Seeing winter in 2021

In 2021 winter is traditionally enjoyed on Shrove Tuesday. In this folk-Christian celebration preserved many of the pagan customs and rituals. A rich program in most cities is carried out at the weekend, while entertainment events are often organized throughout the 7 days.

Seeing winter in 2021

The origin of the holiday

Mardi Gras is a special celebration before lent, which lasts a week (Monday to Sunday). Its main tradition is the cooking and eating of pancakes with different fillings. A week before the very strict and long fasting people not only eat the Goodies, but also organize festivities.

Leaving this tradition in ancient times. It is believed that when paganism Eastern Slavs feast for several days, during which they sang, danced, played games and performed various ceremonies to bid farewell to winter and encourage the arrival of spring. Walking usually before the spring equinox. Some historians argue that it had met the New year, which came with the awakening of the earth after its winter slumber.

After the adoption of Christianity in pagan rituals to eradicate it proved difficult. For this reason, many of the holidays intertwined religious and pagan traditions. A striking example is the Carnival. People throughout the week preparing for a strict fast, and perform pagan rituals (e.g., burning man), to drive away the winter, to protect yourself and family from harm, to bring the house happiness and well-being.

Seeing winter in 2021

Since the day of the equinox usually falls in lent, to accompany the winter steel before, although the basic essence of the holiday has not changed.

The date for the celebration

Although the national celebration is quite popular, few people knows exactly what the numbers will be Seeing winter in 2021. This is due to the fact that every year the date changes because it is tied to lent and Easter.

Important! In 2021 Farewell to winter will take place from 24 February to 1 March.

Calculate the date of the celebration and you can own, if you know when will be Easter. Bright holiday preceded by lent, which lasts 7 weeks, and before the post say goodbye to the cold weather.

Traditions and customs

As Farewell to winter and Carnival are the same, in the celebration of the intertwined traditions of both holidays. Throughout the week Housewives definitely bake pancakes with different fillings:

In many towns hold fairs where you can taste pancakes with any toppings and conduct a competition for the preparation of this traditional cuisine. For the holiday table hostess serves cakes, snacks and other treats.

Seeing winter in 2021

Seeing the Russian winter in 2021 will celebrate in small villages and large cities. Traditionally will conduct the following activities:

  • contests of Handicrafts, competitions on eating of pancakes;
  • sports and folk games;
  • the burning of effigies or Moraine;
  • concerts featuring local stars etc.

Now preserved a long tradition to have noisy festivities. It is believed that the only way to get rid of a cold winter. Previously it was strictly forbidden to sit at home on Shrove Tuesday. You have to have fun with other people on the street. You’d be mad at someone, hold a grudge, because it could attract misfortune and misfortune to the house.

How to celebrate in different cities of the USA

In 2021 at the Farewell to winter will be traditionally held festival “Moscow Maslenitsa”. Events will be held at ENEA, in Gorky Park, on Tverskoy Boulevard, Manezhnaya square, Revolution square and other venues across the city.

Holiday program includes:

  • pancake theatrical presentation;
  • traditional fun and games;
  • riding the Sun across the city;
  • the burning of straw effigies, etc.

Seeing winter in 2021

Not less intense there will pass week is to see Off the winter will be massive festivities that will take place in city parks and houses of culture. The following activities are planned:

  • fire show;
  • performance of the folk groups;
  • fair masters;
  • fun on the vintage rides, etc.

Bright is a holiday in Yaroslavl, Veliky Novgorod and in Nizhny Novgorod, Suzdal and other Russian cities. Having been on it, it is possible to get acquainted with ancient Russian customs. Each city has its own traditions. For example, in Nizhny Novgorod annually host a fair at which are the products of beekeepers, farmers and craftsmen. In Suzdal spend ganders and other old fun, and in Yaroslavl the audience always entertained Scaramouche and circus performers.

Sometimes people are looking for information on what day winter will be in Syktyvkar or other Northern cities in 2021. And although cold in the North last longer, the date coincides with the celebration in the southern and Central regions.

See video about the history of carnival and forget about winter:

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