Science day in the USA in 2021

Science day in the USA in 2021 will mark not only in research institutes, centers and laboratories, but also in higher education. The work of scientists plays an important role in the development of individual industries and of all mankind. Among USAн many world-famous mathematicians, physicists, and other scientists, so for many people, this festival is an important event of the year.

Science day in the USA in 2021 will mark the 8 February. The celebration date is fixed, and therefore does not change from year to year. In 2021, the festival falls on Saturday, but a public holiday it doesn’t count. Rest will only staff those centers and businesses that don’t work on Saturdays.

Science day in the USA in 2021

How did

Russian science has given the world many great names – Lomonosov, Mendeleev, Landau, Pavlov, Queens. Scientists have been revered at all times. Their achievements and the results of a long research had significant value. No wonder even created a holiday for people who work in this field.

Officially, the holiday was “born” in 1999, after the signing of a special Decree by President Boris Yeltsin. This event occurred on 7 June. Date chosen by chance – it is timed to the anniversary of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS). Now the RAS is the center of basic research in different Sciences, from the Humanities to engineering. With the Academy was in the XVIII by the order of Peter the First. After the Soviet collapse, the wounds were recreated. Now in its units is about 45 thousand scientists.

During the Soviet Union, the holiday is celebrated on the third Sunday of April. The date was timed to “Draft plan of scientific and technical works”, written by Vladimir Lenin from 18 to 25 April. This document defines the direction of the development of Soviet science. By the way, older scholars and is now celebrated on the third Sunday of the spring months.

Science day in the USA in 2021

The tradition of celebrating

With the Day of Russian science traditionally will congratulate doctors and candidates of Sciences, researchers, professors and academicians. Related to the holiday are also graduate students, researchers and other people who are somehow connected with this industry. Congratulations and officials from the Ministry of science and education, and also teachers of higher educational establishments which prepare future scientists.

The holiday can be considered young, but during its existence has formed a certain tradition. On this day:

  • conduct seminars and conferences, which talk about the latest discoveries;
  • organize round tables to discuss the future and prospects of development of separate scientific directions;
  • among the students arrange competitions and quizzes;
  • organize meetings with well-known personalities, researchers, discoverers;
  • broadcast a documentary program about new or important inventions.

This day is usually organize events in which employees are given awards and diplomas for achievements, provide grants for new research. Local authorities often organize concert, which is the end of the official part. Research centers often organize open doors day. All the traditions are aimed at attracting public attention to scientific progress, new inventions and achievements, as well as promoting the work of research staff.

Science day in the USA in 2021

International science day

The professional holiday of scientists in different countries celebrate on different dates. Few days approved and at the international level, i.e. they apply to all employees of the scientific sphere, regardless of nationality and place of residence.

World science day

Note its European and other countries on November 10. Celebrate world science day in 2002. The holiday was approved by UNESCO after the participants of the scientific conference, which gathered scholars from different parts of the world, the idea of creation.

To strengthen the interaction of the public with science for the solution of important tasks on this day, lectures and seminars in schools and educational institutions. The museums hold special exhibitions, for scholars and organises conferences on different subjects.

Day Darwin

This is another science Day, which takes place at the international level. Has a fixed date celebration on 12 February, which is dedicated to the day of the birth of Charles Darwin. This festival successfully combines a reverence of the achievements of the great scientist and the popularization of science, particularly among young people. In USA it is not popular, while in Novosibirsk it is unofficially celebrated every year. In celebration of the campus arrange conferences and other events.

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