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After a long period of home schooling, which ended the previous school year, the children are especially looking forward to September 1 and the opportunity to meet their friends again in the walls of their favorite school. We also offer to discuss what will be the fashionable school uniform of the autumn-winter 2021-2022 season and choose a stylish image for a schoolboy or schoolgirl based on photos of stylish branded bows.

For the little ones

The first call and the first lesson are the most important events in the life of every child. Teachers and psychologists constantly remind parents that during this period it is important to provide the baby with physical and psychological comfort.

When choosing a form for a first grader, it is important to pay attention to the following important aspects::

  • quality (priority is given to natural, breathable fabrics);
  • matching the size (do not buy too much “for growth»);
  • comfort (the cut should not restrict movement or cause discomfort);
  • design (clothes should please the child and give him positive emotions).

School uniforms for students in grades 1-4 in the 2021-2022 academic year can be very diverse. A classic is a combination of a white blouse or shirt with a black or blue bottom.

For girls, it can be:

  • set of skirt + blouse;
  • set of trousers + blouse;
  • suit with a skirt or trousers;
  • dress;
  • sundress.

Boys are most often purchased by:

  • classic trousers;
  • shirts;
  • a two-piece or three-piece suit.

Alternative colors have also been gaining popularity in recent years:

  • various shades of gray (melange-effect fabrics are allowed);
  • a cage interspersed with bright colors (red, blue, green);
  • polka dots in white-blue or white-black color scheme.

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