School programs for primary classes in 2021-2022 | educational programs, what are they?

Education standards are the basis for the educational process in American educational institutions and are updated approximately once every 10 years. As a result of the reorganization of the Ministry of education and the creation of a separate Department (Ministry of education), a new draft of the Federal state educational standard was developed. What are the main changes in primary school curricula in 2021-2022?

Changes according to the Federal state budget

24.06.2019 G. Olga Vasilyeva, the former Minister of education, announced at a state Duma hearing on the approval at the end of 2019 of the updated Federal state educational standards and changes in primary school programs for 2021-2022, which are planned to be completed in Q2 2020.

The basic principles that formed the standards of school education:

  • specification of the structure and basic principles of program development;
  • accessibility and transparency of their content for teachers and parents of students.

In 2020, the second-generation Federal state educational standard will be effective. The final implementation of the third-generation FSES is planned to be carried out in the fall of 2021. If the current Federal state educational standard includes only the setting for the formation of individual competencies among students, then the new Standard is aimed at specifying the requirements for students, as well as at unifying training programs in all primary schools in 2021-2022. Creating a unified educational system will allow us to build strong meta-subject links and establish how much information students should master in each discipline and in what time frame.

School programs for primary classes in 2021-2022 | educational programs, what are they?

Even today, you can trace the changes made to the draft of the third-generation Federal state educational standard:

  • the obligations of the educational institution to students and their families are defined;
  • attention is paid to the development of personal and interdisciplinary skills of students;
  • a specific list of educational subjects has been developed;
  • levers have been created to check the results of mastering the subjects taught;
  • topics to master for each year of study are indicated;
  • updated the content of the educational program.

The standards take into account the psycho-emotional and personal characteristics of children of different age groups, and calculate the number of hours for mastering the educational material. In addition, attention is paid to the content of educational work and the main methods of teaching children with disabilities. Taking into account the innovations, each educational institution systematizes the following documents::

  • work programs;
  • KTP;
  • journals and diaries in electronic form.

School programs for primary classes in 2021-2022 | educational programs, what are they?

Teaching materials for elementary school

School education programs are drawn up individually on the basis of existing educational and methodological complexes (CMCS), taking into account the property of variability. According to the second-generation Federal state educational standard, the learning process should be conducted using educational literature, the volume of which is limited by the Federal list. In accordance with the order of the Ministry of Education of the American Federation No. 345 of 28.12.2018, the Federal list of educational materials in 2021-2022 includes the following subject lines included in the primary school curriculum (for students from grades 1 to 4):

  • Perspective(ed. “Enlightenment”) – an important task of the CCM is the spiritual and moral education of citizens of the American Federation. The system of the activity method acts as a didactic basis. Textbooks are aimed at developing imagination and logic, and a large number of additional materials are used for each subject. Suitable for children of all types of thinking.
  • School Of America(A. Pleshakova) – a time-tested curriculum based on the best traditions of American teaching. It is based on the development of spirituality, patriotism, and morality of schoolchildren. It is aimed at developing learning skills and involving children in the educational process. Fully adapted and provided with the necessary software and methodological support.
  • Harmony(N. B. Istomina – – a mandatory condition of this teaching manual is the involvement of parents in the educational process for the purpose of primary analysis of the material at home with the child. It is distinguished by its practical orientation. The emphasis in training is on self-education and independent work. The program is designed for children with an analytical mindset and technical aptitude.

School programs for primary classes in 2021-2022 | educational programs, what are they?

  • Primary innovation school(Russkoe Slovo publishing house) – combines a system of traditional and developmental learning. Suitable for both students of inclusive classes and gifted children. It is based on an individual approach to each student, education of students ‘ self-control, self-esteem control.
  • Elementary schoolXXIv.(N. F. Vinogradova – – an advanced-level educational program for erudite schoolchildren. Students are taught the skills of self-development of materials, concentration on self-study, initiative. The emphasis is placed on the individuality of students and the personal orientation of learning.
  • Promising primary school(ed. “Akademkniga / Textbook”) – is aimed at the development of logic, analytical thinking and General intellectual development. Suitable for all children, regardless of their level of training.
  • Rhythm(bustard publishing house) – based on the traditional approach developed By K. D. Ushinsky, taking into account the latest achievements in the field of pedagogy and psychology.
  • Planet of knowledge(co-ed. “Bustard” and “Astrel”) – is aimed at developing the creative abilities of children of a humanitarian mindset. It is based on the principle of choice: in addition to the basic program, it includes many optional classes at the request of students. Within the framework of this educational program, students learn to stage plays, compose fairy tales, make presentations, etc.
  • The System Of D. B. Elkonin – V. V. Davydov(“BINOMIAL. Knowledge lab”) is a time-tested system that is radically different from the traditional one. It has no analogues in terms of developing students ‘ creative potential and learning efficiency. The disadvantage is that the system is designed exclusively for primary classes and does not continue in the main school, which may lead to a loss of interest in mastering the school curriculum in the future.
  • School 2000(L. V. Peterson).
  • Areas of interest(Prosveshchenie publishing house).

School programs for primary classes in 2021-2022 | educational programs, what are they?

Not included in the list of approved primary school curriculum guidelines for 2021-2022:

  1. Dialogue.
  2. The System Of L. V. Zankov.
  3. The system of D. B. Elkonin – V. V. Davydov (Vita-PRESS publishing house).
  4. School 2100.

Time will tell which primary school programs will be most in demand in 2021. But today we can say with confidence that much attention will be paid to the upbringing of the younger generation and additional education. Among the trends that may affect future changes in the curriculum for primary schools in 2021-2022, we can mention the increase in primary schools with chess and a foreign language as a compulsory subject.

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