Scholarship for students in 2020-2021 year

The stipend is a cash allowance for students, which is aimed at keeping talented young people in the process of obtaining secondary and higher education. In the 2020-2021 school year the size of payments will depend on government funding that is announced in the budget act and the Board’s decision in educational institutions. The order on appointment of scholarships for the current academic year, usually published in Universities in the fall. However, it is already known the minimum payments across the country, and ways to obtain them.

The main criteria for a scholarship

A monetary reward, primarily designed for students demonstrating good results in the learning process. Also, it is young people who belong to certain social groups and in need of financial assistance. The usual stipend may be paid if the following basic conditions:

  • the student is trained on the budget;
  • he has no academic debts;
  • he had no “satisfactory”grades.

The last two criteria are evaluated twice a year during the session. The number of budget places in Universities are limited, and for some specialties not provided at all. For admission to the budget, the applicant must pass the competition, the terms of which will differ depending on the educational institution and the specialty. Usually, competition involves high score in Exams, successful passing of introductory tests, and additional accomplishments (participation in competitions, writing scientific papers, etc.).

Scholarship for students in 2020-2021 year

Types of scholarships

There are several basic types of financial assistance to students. They will differ by the following parameters:

  • category of the student;
  • the size of payments;
  • the type of financing.


The state allowance granted to full-time students of the budgetary form of training. It involves successful passing of entrance examinations, and in the further absence of the student academic debts and marks “satisfactory” and below (including “fail”).

Funds are awarded to all first-year students the first semester, which occupy the low places.

The procedure of calculation of financial assistance regulated by the government of the Russian Federation on the basis of the planned budget. The administration of educational institutions reserves the right to independently configure the size of payments depending on their financial policies and possibilities. At the state level has the minimum payment below which the student is awarded the scholarship. In the 2020-2021 academic year, it is:

  • 539 rubles for educational institutions that provide vocational education;
  • 1484 rubles – for Universities.

According to the decision of the University the amount of financial aid may be increased for significant achievements in studies. Increased scholarship may be granted to high achievers, the conferences, the authors of research papers and articles, activists, sporting achievement or success in work.

Scholarship for students in 2020-2021 year


Social financial assistance is aimed at supporting certain categories of population in need of public subsidies. A social program designed for the education of vulnerable groups of society, who for certain reasons are unable to pay for their own training. Such persons include:

Scholarship for students in 2020-2021 year

Social benefits can also be set by each institution independently, and cannot be lower than adopted at the state level norms:

  • 809 rubles – for educational institutions that provide vocational education;
  • 2227 rubles – for Universities.

Social Fund the educational organization will differ depending on the funding and set parameters that determine number of students full-time Department on a budgetary basis. By decision of the Council of the University the student can be assigned the highest payouts on the basis of his personal achievements.

Social scholarship will continue to be paid regardless of the academic achievements of the student.

The government and the Presidential

An additional motivation for the students are scholarships of the Government and the President of the Russian Federation. In 2020-2021 school year, their size will be:

  • 2530 rubles – scholarship of the President of the Russian Federation;
  • 1656 roubles grant from the Russian Government.

Scholarship for students in 2020-2021 year

These payments are assigned on a competitive basis. Applicants must meet certain criteria, which are evaluated by a special Commission of the educational institution. The student may be eligible for additional financial incentives if it necessarily shows high academic achievement and has for the entire period of study at “excellent” and “good” (with “excellent” should be at least 75% of the total number of marks).

Also, it must have one or more of the following achievements:

  • the winner or winners of the relevant international or national academic competitions and contests;
  • the author of the patent, inventions or discoveries;
  • author of scientific articles in international and Russian scientific editions;
  • the winner of the award or prize for performance of scientific work;
  • a grant for carrying out research;
  • active participant in conferences and seminars;
  • active participant in community movements.

Different types of scholarships

In addition to basic material benefits students can expect the following types of grants:

  • financial assistance for higher education for certain persons appointed by the municipal authorities or local authorities;
  • financial support for the period of training provided by companies or commercial entities that are interested in providing education to its employees or other specified persons;
  • scholarship to the students of the preparatory courses in Federal Universities.

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