Scenario for the new 2021 year of the Bull | new year’s day

Celebrating the New year just sitting at the table with food is boring not only for children, but also for adults. Do not turn the holiday into a dull meal, if you can celebrate it in an interesting and fun way, especially since it is not difficult to do so. To make the New year 2021 memorable for a long time, you can mark it in a special way, using a scenario that you need to think through in advance. It won’t take much time, but the memories of how the coming year of the Bull was celebrated will remain in the piggy Bank of memories for a long time.

The singing cow

Karaoke is fun that has been enjoyed by millions of people around the world, because it’s fun and fun. The scenario of the coming year of the Bull can be invented using this invention.

A Cow becomes the host. You can buy A cow mask, a headband with horns, and if there is no time to prepare at all, then they are limited to an inflated balloon attached to the stomach, which will be an udder.

The cow:Muuu! Hello, guests! Today we have gathered to celebrate the year of the Bull with you. But he doesn’t like to go where it’s boring. So that he does not avoid our house, we will have real fun! How do you like to have fun?

Guests:Dance! Sing!

The cow:That’s right, we will sing karaoke together! What songs are sung for the New year?

Guests:New year’s resolutions!

The cow:And the one who will sing the best, the Bull will give an unusual gift.

You can choose a variety of songs: about the New year, about animals, just your favorite songs. It’s fun to sing into improvised microphones. These microphones can be spoons, napkins, plastic bottles – anything.

Scenario for the new 2021 year of the Bull | new year's day

A gift from the Bull to the best performer can be a glass of milk, which he will drink right on the holiday. But it is better to make sure that all participants are winners at once. They can be given candy, cookies, etc.

12 months

This scenario is ideal for a family holiday. The idea is feasible simply and easily. A moderator is selected, who will direct what is happening.

Moderator: Today we see off the past year and celebrate the year of the Bull. Do you think 2020 has flown by quickly?

Leader:Do you remember it well?

All:Yes! Of course!

Leader:Then let’s check it out. Everyone should pull a leaf out of the box and see who they will have to show now.

(For this purpose, sheets should be prepared in advance, where one family member will be written. After everyone has taken out their sheets and decided on new roles, you can continue to explain everything that is happening).

Leader:Now we will relive the past year to remind ourselves of how it went. I’ll take turns naming the months, and you can show me how your character spent them.

(After the months are called, everyone should show what happened to their character. Children can give clues such as, “dad’s been really cold this month” or “mom is very sick, lying, taking drugs, and then recovering”, “James didn’t want to go to school and often sleep in every morning,” etc. Funny when portrayed like summer all together going to the sea, rode in a car or train, bathed, etc.)

To make the entertainment last for a long time, you can show the seasons in blocks that will alternate with a feast, dance, and other entertainment. Children during the holiday in this scenario are very fond of remembering how they were punished by their parents for their tricks, and happily punish those who play the role of dad or mom in response.

The last month in the scenario is December, and it can be combined with the chiming clock. I must say that now the fabulous time of memories has caught up with the present, so then everyone turns into himself and boldly enters the New year.

Scenario for the new 2021 year of the Bull | new year's day

Quizzes and contests

Any scenario can be supplemented with quizzes and contests that will not let all participants in the celebration of the new year of the Bull get bored. If the company has both adults and children, then the quizzes can be divided for these two age categories.

Questions for children can be as follows::

  • How many months are there in winter? (three)
  • Where does Santa Claus live? (at the Bottom Ustyug)
  • What is the name of the brother of Santa Claus, who lives in Lapland (Santa Claus)
  • Who is the most beautiful person dressed up for the New year? (Christmas tree)
  • What does Santa Claus drive? (on a sleigh) And what will he drive in the year of the Bull?

Senior guests must respond to speed. For adults, questions can be as follows::

  • In which country is Santa Claus called Joulupukki? (Finland)
  • What was yesterday, will be tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, etc.? (today)
  • Does the symbol of the coming year of the Bull have an udder? (no, only cows have udders)
  • What was the very first sculpture that each of us made as a child? (the snowman)
  • A projectile that everyone used as a child to hit the enemy after a snowfall? (snowballs)

Scenario for the new 2021 year of the Bull | new year's day

All participants can be divided into two teams, and the team that gave the most correct questions comes out the winner. Of course, it is good to prepare small prizes that are awarded to everyone after the quiz.

Video farm

This is a universal scenario that will delight representatives of different ages, and at the same time leave wonderful memories not only in the memory, but also on video. The main character of the script is a Bull. He invites a famous blogger to his farm to shoot a stunning story from the life of animals. Then the roles are distributed among all participants of the fun. Everyone can choose any animal at their own discretion, or you can pull blanks.

In order to shoot everything on the phone, usually attract the most modest person who does not want to talk. This way, they’ll stay right in the middle of the action, but they won’t need to do anything other than shoot a video.

Blogger:As you know, the year of the Bull is coming. I decided (decided) that it was a good time to visit the farm where the Bull and other animals live, to interview them and see how they feel here.

The first one we met was a wild Boar. Can I ask you a few questions:

  • How are you doing on the farm?
  • What do you do in your free time?
  • What did you dream of becoming when you were a pig?
  • Do you like lard?
  • What is your relationship with the Bull?

Here you need to show imagination. Each “animal” can be asked provocative questions, sometimes they can be intertwined with the real life of the person who plays this character.

Scenario for the new 2021 year of the Bull | new year's day

The scenario can be supplemented with a musical moment: ask all participants to sing a song “in the language” of each animal. It is better if it is some famous new year’s song, for example, “a Christmas tree was born in the forest”. A pig can grunt it, a rooster can crow it, a cow can low it, etc.

The main thing to remember is that if something suddenly went wrong, you can always improvise and rejoice with the participants of the holiday. After all, the main thing for the New year is not to scrupulously adhere to the script, but to make it interesting and fun for everyone.

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