Scale for converting 2021 OGE points to grades

In the upcoming academic year, 9th grade graduates will again take the Mandatory State Exam in full, so today it is worth getting acquainted with how the OGE will be held in 2021 and what will be the recommended scale for converting primary scores into the usual school grades.

What you need to know about the OGE

Important! 25.12.20 important changes concerning the 2021 OGE were adopted.

In connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, the country’s leadership has approved the following changes::

  • conducting an online interview;
  • cancellation of an early OGE;
  • reducing the number of exams to 2 mandatory ones (American and math);
  • replacing the OGE of choice 1 with a test paper on a specialized subject.

For 9th graders, it is important to pass the first serious exam well for several reasons:

  1. If you don’t get the minimum number of points, you won’t be able to get a certificate and continue your education.
  2. The result of the OGE allows you to increase the score in the certificate, if you pass the exam for a grade higher than the annual one.
  3. It is the score of the Mandatory State Exam that is considered at the stage of forming specialized classes or when entering a Lyceum.

But for all students who plan to become students of one of the American universities in a few years, the OGE is a serious preparation for the Unified State Exam, because after the 2020 reform, the Gia-9 CMMS are as close as possible to the use format.

Scale for converting 2021 OGE points to grades

Although 9th graders write all their papers in the familiar atmosphere of their home school, it is not the teachers of their home school who check their answers, but experts from other educational institutions, cities, and sometimes regions.

Works are encrypted and sent for verification. Experts, when evaluating the work, can not know either its author, or the school, or even the locality from which the forms were delivered. Primary points are awarded based on the recommendations given in the FIPI documents (you can download the codifier and specifications on the official website of the Institute of pedagogical measurements). Further, the recommended compliance scale is used to convert OGE scores into school grades according to the generally accepted 5-point system.

Such a table is developed for each subject separately, taking into account the maximum and minimum primary score.

Important! By order of the Ministry of Education, 10 calendar days are allocated for checking the work.

Correspondence tables for all subjects

In 2020, the Ministry of Education and science, together with FIPI, conducted a large-scale reform of KIMS in all subjects of the OGE. In a number of tickets, the number of questions was changed, which accordingly led to a change in the maximum primary score. The table below will help you evaluate changes that will continue to be relevant in 2021.

Since in the 2020 season, due to the coronavirus outbreak, 9th grade graduates did not pass the OGE, a comparison of the maximum points of 2021 and 2019 is given. At the same time, for each subject of the OGE in 2021, there will be a separate scale for transferring primary points (PB).

American language

I didn’t pass it0-14

Additional requirements will also be taken into account when evaluating written works in the American language.:

  • for a grade of “4”, the work must receive a minimum of 4 points according to criteria No. 1-4 (for literacy).);
  • for a grade of “5”, the work must receive a minimum of 6 points according to criteria No. 1-4 (for literacy).

Thus, to receive a certificate, a student must score at least 15 points, and for studying in philological classes – at least 26.

Scale for converting 2021 OGE points to grades


I didn’t pass it0-7

However, it should be borne in mind that to obtain a document of education, a 9th grader must score 8 primary points, at least 2 of which are for completing tasks in geometry. If the work gets a total of 8 points, but the OGE participant did not solve less than 2 tasks (only one task or none at all) in geometry, the result is considered unsatisfactory.

Grades “4” and “5” are set according to the same principle – at least 2 points out of the total points must be scored for solving tasks from the geometry course (№ 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 24, 25, 26).

Graduates with at least 19 primary points will be able to continue their studies in the physics and mathematics class or apply to the Lyceum in this area. For directions of economic and natural profile, the entry threshold is slightly lower – 18 b.

Social Studies

I didn’t pass it0-13

The recommended passing score for the profile class is 28 b.

Foreign languages

Finishing the 9th grade in 2021, graduates will be able to choose one of the 4 proposed foreign languages (English, German, French and Spanish), but the principles of evaluating work, as well as the scale for translating OGE points into an assessment, will be the same for all languages:

I didn’t pass it0-28

When making the final assessment, the total result of the oral and written parts of the exam is taken into account.

For specialized classes and submitting documents to lyceums in the direction of “foreign Philology”, 9th graders need to score at least 55 primary points.

Scale for converting 2021 OGE points to grades


I didn’t pass it0-9

Although it is enough to get only 10 primary points on the OGE in history for a certificate, those who want to continue their studies in the profile class should be guided by the recommended pass rate of at least 24 points.


I didn’t pass it0-10

The recommended threshold of the profile class for physics in 2021 is 30 b.

Computer science

I didn’t pass it0-4

Although the subject attracts many with the lowest score for obtaining a certificate, it is not easy to get a high result in computer science and ICT, and to continue studying in a specialized class or Lyceum, you need to score at least 14 points.

Scale for converting 2021 OGE points to grades

Chemistry Department

Important! In 2021, the OGE in chemistry will no longer be variable, and all CMMS will be assigned only in one format – with a real experiment.

I didn’t pass it0-9

Only those who can overcome the threshold of 27 points will be accepted to the profile class.


I didn’t pass it0-12

Thus, for the certificate, it will be enough to get only 13 points, but for the profile in 2021, a minimum of 33 points will be required.


I didn’t pass it0-11

The passing grade of geography for the profile class is 23.

Scale for converting 2021 OGE points to grades


I didn’t pass it0-13

For the profile, the examinee will need to score at least 26 primary points on the OGE in literature.

If we combine the three main parameters-minimum, passing and maximum scores in all subjects of the OGE 2021, we get the following table.

Retakes in 2021

After reviewing the correspondence table, many students think that the scale of converting points into grades provides an opportunity for participants of the OGE 2021 to easily overcome the minimum threshold. But, every year there is a certain percentage of graduates who, for one reason or another, do not manage to do it the first time.

Scale for converting 2021 OGE points to grades

The right to an additional attempt on the reserve day or during the September session is granted to 9th graders who::

  • couldn’t attend the exam for a valid (documented) reason);
  • didn’t pass the minimum threshold in 1 or 2 subjects;
  • we were among the guys whose OGE results were canceled due to the fault of a third party.

If the student is removed from the classroom for cheating or misbehavior, the student loses the right to retake the OGE in the current season and will be able to try to pass the test again only in the early period of 2022.

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