Saturday in 2021

In Orthodoxy there are certain days of remembrance of the deceased parents and relatives. They often fall on a Saturday – hence the name — Saturday. In 2021 there will be 7 of these Saturday, as in previous years. There are still a few dates on other days, or celebrated on the folk tradition, so in fact memorial day more.

Saturday change every year, because it is tied to Easter and other religious holidays with movable dates. In 2021-m Saturday are celebrated in these dates:

  • 22 February;
  • 14, 21, 28 Mar;
  • 28 APR;
  • 6 Jun;
  • 7 Nov.

Saturday in 2021

February 22 — Universal carnival

Universal meat-fare Saturday falls during the week before Great lent, the eve of carnival. In the churches the services are held the memory of all deceased Christians. On this day people remember and pray for all the deceased, baptized in the Orthodox Church, not only for relatives.

March days of remembrance

In March 2021 will be 3 Saturday:

  • 14th — on the second;
  • 21st — the third;
  • 28th — in the fourth week of lent.

In the churches the service is conducted, during which are the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom. Special dates during lent was not accidental – the Charter of the Church is prohibited during this period to mark the 3rd, 9th and 40th days after death. Family and friends remember deceased only mentioned Saturday.

April 28 – Radonitsa

In April 2021 Saturday falls on a Tuesday. Radonitsa – a special day in Christianity, the ninth after Easter. In the day of rejoicing in all the churches and temples are memorial services for the first time after the Great Easter lent committed service. People EN masse visit cemeteries, lay flowers to the dead.

In folk tradition the day of rejoicing is sometimes called the red hill and mark Sunday, Monday or Tuesday – depends on the region.

Saturday in 2021

June 6 – Trinity

Trinity – the second Ecumenical Saturday after Carnival. It falls on the eve of the Trinity: churches hold memorial services, during which priests and parishioners pray for all souls.

The custom went from the Apostle Peter addressed the Jews saying: “God raised Him up, having loosed the pains of death.” Church fathers say that the day before the Holy Trinity, the Lord accepts all the prayers even of sinners, being in hell, suicide.

So the trio decided to visit the graves of the deceased and to pray for them in temples.

November 7 — Demetrius

Demetrius Saturday falls on the eve of the commemoration day of St. Demetrius of Thessalonica, established on 8 November. Initially, it was introduced by Dmitry Donskoy in memory of Orthodox soldiers killed on the Kulikovo field. Gradually it became a memorial date for all the victims and the dead. In Demetrius Saturday, people visit the graves of relatives, to serve as a memorial service and Liturgy, to commemorate the deceased.

From Dimitrov of the Sabbath has another meaning: that day certainly remember all who gave their lives for their faith.

Remembrance of the Church

Parishioners are requested to write notes of remembrance and transfer to them the names of the deceased. For Friday and Saturday memorial Liturgy notes written separately. You must write full names, baptismal, large and legible handwriting. As donations parishioners bring to the temple products, donate money.

Other days of remembrance

There are other commonly accepted date, when we remember and pray for those who are no longer in this world. In 2021 this:

  • May 9. Traditionally on victory Day to commemorate the soldiers, officers and civilians who died during the great Patriotic war. May 9, the temples are the service of petitions “on Vojtech and warriors…” and after that the thanksgiving service for the gift of victory.
  • June 4.Semik or seventh Thursday after Easter. On this day we commemorate utopistics and suicide. Semik is not listed in the Church calendar, as the Orthodox Church commemorates the people who voluntarily departed from life. A tradition among the people. On this day, relatives come to visit the tombs and temples to pray for the forgiveness of the souls of suicides.
  • September 11.The beheading of St. John the Baptist. On this day, remember, commemorate and pray for the soldiers. Tradition has gone since the days of Catherine the great – Empress entered it in 1769, in the midst of the Russo-Turkish war.
  • 10 Oct.The Saturday before the Cover. In the calendar of the Orthodox Church it does not appear, but the people in this day to visit cemeteries of loved ones.
  • 15 Nov. This Sunday afternoon the faithful prayers of those killed in car accidents. In the Orthodox calendar, this date of commemoration (3rd Sunday of November) appeared in 2017. Service for the dead are performed only in cathedrals.

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