Salaries in 2021: who will raise

The state Duma in the final adopted budget for 2021. So now it became known to whom, how much and in what time frame will increase the salary. Gain expects all employed USAн, but the percentage of indexation, as always, is different from the scope.

Guaranteed right

According to the Russian legislation, namely, article 134 of the Labor code, every employee has the right to timely payment for labour, and for the annual indexation of this payment. The increase, according to the letter of the law, it must cover the growth of prices for goods and services. For the calculation of annual allowances is accepted by the inflation rate set in the second quarter of last year.

This rule applies not only to employees of the budget sphere, but any commercial organization. Unfortunately, the law does not oblige private companies to increase the allowance by an amount exactly officially announced inflation. The benchmark for indexing can be selected the amount of increase of the subsistence minimum of the working population. Some organizations, on the recommendations of the Ministry of labor and the constitutional court, using the official consumer price index. At the request of the company’s management can focus on the local index, the CPI or the average for the country as a whole. Thus, in the commercial sphere, the decision about who and how to raise wages in 2021 take the heads of certain enterprises.

Salaries in 2021: who will raise

The last word for the President

Separate regulations and decrees, the President may amend the order of indexation of wages. Most often this applies to public sector employees or law enforcement agencies. So, in may 2012, President Vladimir Putin issued a number of decrees, the essence of which is to increase public sector wages by the amount in excess of annual inflation. In particular, this measure was extended to staff health, culture and education.

In their decrees Vladimir Putin set the Government the task to increase the salary of doctors to 200% of the level of regional wage or higher. Similarly, the President proposed to raise the earnings of teachers in higher education institutions. For teachers, cultural workers, nurses and other medical staff, by presidential decree, the income should be increased to 100% of the amount of the average salary in the region where the employee lives and works.

To achieve such goals, on the idea of Vladimir Putin, had in six years, increasing salaries more rapidly than inflation. According to Rosstat salaries of state employees, came under the action of Putin’s decrees, reached the target only in a few regions. In other regions the earnings is not up to the goals in at least one category from the list of state employees.

According to the Russian statistics service, inflation for the second quarter of 2020 amounted to 3%. This means that this value will be the benchmark for wage increases in 2021.

What to expect in 2021

From 1 January 2021 a salary increase is awaiting category of state employees that fall under the may decrees of the President. For workers education, health, social protection, culture and tourism, the accountant part of money allowances will rise by 5.8%. For the rest of the public sector, the increase will be only 3%. At the same time, indexation will apply only to the basic payments that make up a small part of the salary. Incentives and bonuses will remain the same.

Salaries in 2021: who will raise

Regional government according to the wishes and possibilities can additionally above the government-set values to index the income of the population. For example, in the Lipetsk region authorities decided in 2021 to increase the salaries of Junior teachers and assistants twice: from 1 January to 10% and from 1 July a further 10%. In addition, from 1 January 2021 in the region will increase the income of pedagogical workers of establishments of public health is 7.5%. For these purposes from the regional budget has allocated about 100 million rubles Authorities of the Samara region also shared their plans for 2021. The salaries of inhabitants of Samara, working in the budget sphere, will increase by 4.3%. But it will affect only the list of positions mentioned in the may decrees of the President.

The increase of money allowances in 2021 and expects law enforcement officers. Salaries of servicemen and persons equated to them, will be increased by 3%. Recalculation will be performed from October 1, 2021. Indexation would only apply to the accountant of the financial remuneration of the defenders of the Fatherland, which is about 50% of the salary. Recall that in 2020, the indexation of incomes of military was carried out from 1 October to 4.3%.

In addition, from 1 January 2021 will increase the minimum wage to 850 rubles and will amount to RUB 12 130 According to article 133 of the labour code the minimum wage is set everywhere in Russia, but in separate subjects of the Russian Federation may apply an increased size of the minimal salary. Accordingly, from 1 January 2021 will increase the subsistence minimum working age population to 12130 RUB This amount will not only be a lower limit monthly wage, but also the basis for the calculation of allowances on sick leave, allowances and maternity leave and payment of social insurance.

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