Saint Petersburg metro map in 2021: new stations, layout, expansion

St. Petersburg is the cultural capital of our country and the second most important city after New-York. Every year, new residential complexes and industrial zones appear here, which expands the boundaries of the municipality. Along with the growth of St. Petersburg, its transport system is also increasing, so in 2021 the city’s metro map will undergo some changes.

Expansion stages

Back in 2011, a state program was developed for St. Petersburg to expand the local transport system, which provides for an increase in the length of metro lines by 139.4 km. It is planned to allocate 145.785 billion rubles for the development of metro infrastructure, of which 12.1 billion rubles are allocated from the Federal budget.

The expansion is carried out in 3 stages:

  • 1st from 2017 to 2020
  • 2nd from 2022 to 2028
  • 3rd from 2028

Upon completion of the planned amount of work, 45 new stations will be launched. Many of them are already on the St. Petersburg metro map 2021.Most of the objects are being built to connect the Central districts of The city with its remote areas. The second half is being put into operation so that citizens can get to the nearest settlements of the Leningrad region as quickly as possible.

The metro map with the changes looks like this:

Saint Petersburg metro map in 2021: new stations, layout, expansion


The main difference between the St. Petersburg metro and the New-York metro is in more complex geological conditions, which forces builders to use innovative and often complex technological solutions. For example, in the construction of the station “Novorostovskaya”, which is the hub on Lakhtinsky-right-Bank branch, I had to make a mound on the area that is now called the Neva Bay. Despite a number of difficulties that arose during the construction of the station near the coastline, the facility successfully passed the test and today operates in standard mode.

The red line

The extension of the busiest branch line has been discussed for a long time, so today we can say with confidence that in the next few years the “Red line” will become longer. Planning is already underway and all documents for the expansion should be ready by may 20, 2021.

A new plot will be allocated for construction. The branch will run along the Avenue that Veterans from the St. Tanker Khrustitskogo street to avant-garde. This means that residential complexes in Sosnovaya Polyana district will be closer to the metro. After the launch of the station, the Red branch line will end at Marshal Zhukov Ave. And between it and “veterans Avenue” will build a point “Alexandrino”.

Ring line

By June 10, 2021, the planning of the area for the construction of the section of the Ring line from the station “Bolshoy Prospekt-2” to “Lesnaya-2” should be completed. The facility itself is planned to be built by 2028-2030.

Saint Petersburg metro map in 2021: new stations, layout, expansion

Brown line

“South-West “will complement the” Brown ” branch. Here you will transfer to the red, blue and purple lines. The project implementation dates have been repeatedly postponed, but by the end of 2021, the object should appear on the St. Petersburg metro map. The exit from the subway will be organized near the corner of Marshal Kazakov and Marshal Zhukov Ave. The need to open the facility is due to the fact that in this area there is a large section of industrial zone, and to the South and West – a residential area up to the Gulf of Finland. In recent years, there are regularly new neighborhoods that do not have enough exits. “Yugo-Zapadnaya “will partially solve this problem.

In addition, by the beginning of 2022, the first stage of commissioning of the “Brown” branch will be completed with the opening of the Putilovskaya station. The entrance to the subway is located on Vasya Alekseeva street. The facility will be a transfer point from Kirovsky Zavod ,so there will be no problems with transport accessibility. The next project on this line is the Bronevaya metro station.

Orange line

Work on “Lakhtinsky-right-Bank” line is already underway. A new metro station in St. Petersburg will not appear here in 2021, but most of the work on the construction of the Mining Institute point on Vasilyevsky island will be completed. In addition, “Pravoberezhnaya” will be extended to the station “Kudrovo” in the Leningrad region. About 60 thousand people live in this locality, so the expansion of the subway in this direction is quite justified. The Pravoberezhnoye electric depot will be located behind Ladoga railway station. Currently, pre-project development of this section is being carried out.

Saint Petersburg metro map in 2021: new stations, layout, expansion

The complexity of the construction

The construction of the St. Petersburg subway is accompanied by serious problems, so the initial deadlines for opening new stations are usually not met. There are several reasons:

  • The lack of funding.
  • Unscrupulous contractors. Due to conflicts with construction companies, several sites were not opened in a timely manner.
  • Geological features of the area. Putting branches and sections into operation is seriously hindered by the proximity of ground water.

Construction of some metro facilities in residential areas of the city, which were planned to open in 2018, is still underway today. The deadline was postponed due to the 2018 football emergency, as then all forces were thrown at the opening of the subway on Krestovsky island in the immediate vicinity of the Gazprom Arena.

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