Sabantui in 2021

From what we associate Sabantuy 2021? With a warm Sunny day, with fun music and songs, with funny – in the eyes of modern man – folk tradition, now experiencing a rebirth. But before Sabantui is the day when everything around is permeated with sincere joy and gladness.

Sabantuy 2021

Every year, the event is celebrated in a new day. In large cities the celebration is traditionally held on the weekend in the second or third Sunday of July. The exact schedule of Sabantui becomes known in the spring, a few months before the main events.

A permanent, fixed date of this event no. The reason – in a long, long history of the holiday, not retaining the reference to any particular day.

Sabantui in 2021

A bit of history

To understand why the celebration has no fixed date, will have to dip into history. The word “Sabantuy” — derived from two ancient Turkic words “Saban” means “plough” and “Thue” or “TUI” (alternatively- “that”) which means “holiday”. Literally, it turns out, the “celebration of the plow”, that is, a solemn celebration of the beginning “of the plough” ploughing. Once Sabantuy celebrated in early spring as soon as the snow melts and the ground warms up for the start of agricultural work. Over the centuries of its existence, the festival underwent some changes, and now it marks the end of planting season.

To say exactly when, in what century did this holiday, today historians can’t. However, agree that its roots should be sought in the times when the Turkic peoples practiced is not Islam, and Tengrism, as in the traditional customs of the Sabantuy there is clearly a deification of the forces of nature and worship them. Thus, some researchers are inclined to see in the event the symbolic celebration of the wedding of Earth and Plow the Mother and Father, men and women.

Originally there were three options for carrying in different regions of Tatarstan and Bashkortostan. But in our time all kinds of harmoniously merged, and today, the customs of celebrating almost uniform in both Nations.

Sabantui in our time

Today this holiday is celebrated in stages – starting with small hamlets and villages, then by districts, major cities, and only then in the celebration included Kazan, followed . The triumph from afar, as though approaching the capital, leaving residents time to prepare a decent meeting.

In the villages the event consists of two parts – the collection of gifts, when young men before the horses go round the whole village and collect gifts-the offerings for the feast, and of independence – of festivities. Originally, the word “Maidan” is called the place where will pass competitions on the occasion, more area, specially prepared for General fun. Today it refers to all the festivities.

Sabantui in 2021

In major cities, including Kazan, Ufa, Maidan – the main venue, the center of the celebration, here begins and ends the celebration.

Sabantui in

A distinctive feature of the feast – his fickle date. The schedule of Sabantui in 2021 will appear in the early spring of 2021, usually in the second half of March on the official websites of the organizers published an announcement, what day will be celebrated Sabantuy in 2021 . A little later you receive the detailed program of the event; your room is prepared and the Tatar and Bashkir Diaspora.


For several years, the main celebration takes place in the Kolomenskoye Park – not so long ago the event moved there from the Izmailovsky Park. The start will be given at 13.00 – this time begins the official part. The event will visit the representatives of the Governments of both republics, representatives of the municipality , diplomatic persons of other States, primarily Turkic, political and public figures, clerics, businessmen-sponsors. Solemn speeches, greetings, competitions from the organizers and sponsors, awards, music, even the official part won’t seem boring.

Sabantui in 2021

And then starts the main – concerts, competitions, performances, competitions, exhibitions, fairs – in short, everything that the media usually represent the word “festivities”.

  • Food: plov, the national cakes. In 2018, the site was first demonstrated, and then eaten by the world’s largest chak-chak.
  • Competition: here and catching fish with his hands, and pillow fights, and climbing poles, and much more.
  • Exhibitions: national dress and crafts, embroidered with beads and silver embroidery, Handicrafts made of wood, clay, leather. And the Government of the Republic of Bashkortostan organized the whole Bashkir village is a special area, where they were shown the daily life of Bashkirs.
  • Music for every taste, from national to modern.

How was the festival of Sabantuy in 2018 in Kolomenskoye: video

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