Russian bear — Olympics 2020-2021 year

Since 2000, in Russian schools started the competition “Russian bear”, which main aim is popularization of the Russian language. 2020-2021 school year will be no exception. In November, all interested persons who meet the requirements can participate in the contest and test your knowledge.

The essence of the event

“Russian bear” is carried out in schools and vocational institutions throughout the USA and also in foreign countries (Lithuania, Belarus, UAE, USA, etc.) among children who study Russian language. The motto of the event – “Linguistics for all”. Regardless of the venue, the main goal of the game contest is to increase interest in the native language, and to improve the literacy of schoolchildren. In addition, children will be able to prepare for upcoming exams, to assess their capabilities, to show themselves among others.

The organizers of the “Bear” is OOO “Game” and “the Word.” Assignments are prepared with the help of experts of Institute of linguistics RGGU. They try to pick up interesting and even fun tests to the contest took place in a casual game format. Perhaps this is why every year it attracts more and more participants. Over the last 10 years their number grew from 2 million to 3.5 million

Russian bear — Olympics 2020-2021 year

Statistics show that the competition really helps to improve the literacy of students. So, in 2017, more than 90% of the participants from the younger group gave the correct answers to assignments from the first unit, which is much higher than in previous years.

The program is more focused on the fact that children develop logical thinking, and ability to retell what you’ve learned. Organizers also want to debunk the myth that linguistics is a boring and dry science.

Similar to the Olympics held in the spring among teachers.

Registration and selection of participants

Any school USA may apply for participation in the game contest, it does not matter his status, be it a gymnasium, a Lyceum or a private school. However, you need to register no later than October 13. After registration, the teachers announce to their students about the opportunity to compete in the knowledge of the Russian language.

In the competition can participate students from 2nd to 11th grade or students of a relevant course of technical school/College. In particular desire together with the second graders can participate and first-graders. Everyone can enroll, regardless of academic performance and other factors, as the tasks of the Olympiad is quite simple and does not require special knowledge. To record you need to approach your teacher or Department head.

According to the regulations “of the Bear” it is forbidden to deny to any child to participate in the game, if he wants it. It is impossible to force students to go to competitions against their will.

The only condition for participation is payment of a registration fee to cover small costs associated with organizing the event, including the purchase of prizes. The amount of the Deposit varies by region and is around 75-85 RUB Preferential categories of citizens, i.e. children, orphans, disabled children, children from large families, etc., are exempt from paying.

Russian bear — Olympics 2020-2021 year

The prize Fund of the contest “Russian bear”

To prepare for the Olympics “Russian bear” usually begin within 3 months. Children examine typical tasks. Get tickets with answers from past competitions (you can find them on the official website of “the Bear”).

How’s it going

The contest is held by districts in schools that have been approved for adoption by the delegates. The date of the “Russian bear” – November 14. Children compete in groups: 2-3 class, 4th and 5th, 6-7, 8-9 and 10-11. For each age group prepare their assignments.

Tasks are presented in the form of a test with five options of answers. The tickets consist of three blocks. With each block increases the level of difficulty of the task, but points for them to charge more. For the correct answer in the first block will be credited 3 points, second 4 points and the third 5. To win prizes, you have to score points 116-120.

The total number of jobs for elementary school students grades 2 to 4 is 28, and for high school students – 30. The questions are designed according to the type of Exams. A package with forms jobs were opened just before the Olympics. Their fill is given 1 hour and 15 minutes. Use of electronic devices during the contest is prohibited. You cannot take a dictionary/textbook, and also to write off or to ask for tips from others. For non-compliance is the suspension.

Russian bear — Olympics 2020-2021 year

The assignments and announcement of results

The results of the competition announced in 2-3 months. That is, if the Olympiad will be held November 14, 2020, then the results would be somewhere in January-February 2021. All data reported to management of the school and published on the official website of the “Russian bear”

Each participant receives a commemorative certificate of participation in the contest. The winners will receive additional prizes. This is a purely symbolic awards: the Cup with the logo of the bear, medal, stationery, etc. In some schools pupils can count the points earned when placing the annual assessments.

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