RPL 2020-2021 year: the beginning of the season and schedule

The start of the RPL season 2020-2021 year is scheduled for July 14. Millions of fans eagerly await the start of the Premier League, because a new draw is going to be one of the most interesting lately. Can “Zenith” to defend the title, add Li “locomotive” and “Krasnodar”, reabilitarea for failure “USAА” and “Spartacus” – all of these questions will answer the next draw. In addition to the games intrigue the audience RPL expect a few innovations, details of which will be discussed further.

The regulations of the championship

In RPL 2020-2021 year will remain 16 participants. With the expansion to 18 teams, it was decided to postpone the majority of Premier League clubs voted against this innovation. As a result, the regulations of the championship has not changed: fans will be treated to 30 rounds on the principle “each with each”, i.e. every football team will play opponents from the tournament table for two mast – at home and on the opponent’s field. For the win is still awarded 3 points for a draw of the participants of the meeting charged 1 point, the loser receives no points.

Winner and Vice-champion of RPL 2020-2021 year will be eligible to play in the most prestigious club championship of the continent – the UEFA Champions League. Third place guarantees the right to participation in qualification for this tournament. Places from fourth to sixth enable you to play in the second most important continental tournament – the Europa League. The teams ranked fifth and sixth place in the standings RPL 2020-2021, start with the training. In the group stage LES gets fourth team and Cup winner USA.

RPL 2020-2021 year: the beginning of the season and schedule

The clubs that were at the end of the Championship of the USA on the 13th and 14th place will play a 21 and 24 may 2021, with the third and fourth team Germany respectively for the right to participate in the Premier League for next season. The joints are held in two rounds, ie, one the match will be played at home and one on the opponent’s field. Clubs who finishes in last two places (15, 16) automatically relegated from the elite in Germany.

Innovation League

In the new season championship of the USA will undergo a number of changes:

· breeding teams from European competition in the domestic championship;

· new principle of formation of the schedule of RPL 2020-2021;

· the introduction of a system VAR .

So, in the calendar year 2020-2021 RPL is structured in such a way that football teams that play in competitions against each other, met throughout the week. Adopted certain amendments to the schedule of the matches: the closer to the winter tours will be conducted in regions with a warm climate that will give the opportunity to improve the quality of the game and increase the entertainment encounters. The tour will not be more than one match involving the Top 5 teams in the League (“Zenith”, “Locomotive”, “Krasnodar”, “USAА”, “Spartacus”). This measure, according to the organizers of the championship, will improve the occupancy rate of the stadiums.

RPL 2020-2021 year: the beginning of the season and schedule

Special attention deserves the implementation of a system of VAR in the domestic championship. After successful testing of system of videophones referees in La Liga, and Italy, it was decided to introduce it in the Premier League (FNL’ll wait). One may argue about the use of VAR , however, for RPL this innovation is vital given the low qualifications of many arbitrators. Now the coaches will be less reasons to not complain of incompetent refereeing, and the referee can at any controversial situation to order videopasport and to make a fair decision.


Instead of taking off last season, “Anji” and “Yenisei” the participants of RPL 2020-2021 year joined FC “Tambov” and “Sochi”. “Ufa” and “wings of the Soviets” to the top by the end of the joints preserved. A full list of Premier League clubs for the upcoming season can be found on:

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