Retrograde planets in 2021

Astrologers can tell you what periods will be successful in 2021, and when it is worth refusing to start important projects and make vital decisions, by analyzing retrograde planets and their impact on the fate of certain zodiac signs.

Retrograde is the reverse motion of the planets of the Solar system, which can be periodically observed from The earth’s surface.

This phenomenon was described in the works of N. Copernicus. Due to the different inclination of the orbits along which celestial bodies move around the Sun, so-called loops (retrograde periods) appear in their trajectories relative to the Earth. Astronomers have proven that the size of these loops is inversely proportional to the distance of the planet from Earth.

Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are retrograde.

Retrograde chart for 2021

Astrologers distinguish between three stages of retrograde:

  • 1st stationary period (deceleration and full stop);
  • the period of retrograde (reverse motion);
  • 2nd stationary period (deceleration and return to normal trajectory).

To understand when retrograde planets will be active in 2021, read the full table, which shows not only the start and end dates of the period, but also the zodiac signs in which the celestial body is located.:

Retrograde planets in 2021

Mercury is expected to have the most retrograde periods (3 periods), but Mars will not have a reverse movement in 2021 at all.

We suggest that you understand in more detail what this means and how to interpret retrograde behavior.

Interpretation of retrograde periods

Retrograde planets in 2021 will be present in the horoscope of almost all zodiac signs, but their impact will vary in its strength and duration.

For the retrograde period, the characters are:

  • reducing the impact of;
  • showing the planet’s shortcomings;
  • formation (or manifestation) of negative character traits by planet type;
  • unusual and unexpected manifestations;
  • various deviations in the function of the planet;
  • negative health effects;
  • obstacle on the way to the goal;

It is also worth considering that a retrograde planet affects not only the house in which it is directly located, but also casts a shadow on the house that is located on the 12th position from it. Thus, during the retrograde period, any planet covers 2 times more spheres of life than during its normal movement.

Retrograde planets in 2021

Even in the case of a seemingly successful location of the planet, for which the retrograde period begins, the result can be ambiguous. Success can be achieved, but at too high a price, with reservations, or not quite as expected initially.

Important! The more retrograde planets there are, the greater the impact on human health and destiny. If there are 3 or more planets, we can say that a person’s life is not the most successful period.

Retrograde planets in 2021Mercury

Also in the zone of mercury’s influence are transport and trade, training and education, perception of new material, its assimilation, attitude with teachers and success in studies in General.

In 2021, three periods of mercury retrograde are expected.:


Not recommended

meditation and introspection

performing completed work Analytics

meetings with old friends

get married

make important decisions

enter into new agreements and contracts

make expensive purchases

change your place of work

Retrograde planets in 2021Venus

It is primarily responsible for feelings and relationships between people, but it also has an impact on beauty, creativity, finances, and new acquisitions.

In 2021, Venus will be retrograde from December 19 to 2022.


Not recommended

end a failed relationship

clean up the house

make new acquaintances

to make an offer hands and hearts

get married

do plastic surgery

flaunt creative works

to give or to borrow

Retrograde planets in 2021Mars

In the sphere of influence of Mars are various active actions (showing initiative, sports, bursts of aggression, conflicts, wars).

There is no retrograde period in 2021.

The Mars retrograde period is associated with a number of undesirable events, including::


Not recommended

developing future long-term projects

performing technical inspections and repairs of equipment

buy equipment (especially cars and motorcycles)

engage in disputes (at home and at work)

make long-distance driving trips

Retrograde planets in 2021Jupiter

The sphere of influence covers law and charity, philosophy and education.

In 2021, Jupiter will enter retrograde planets – its influence will be weak for almost 4 months (from June 20 to October 18).


Not recommended

analyze your life

work on yourself

get off the wrong track

initiate legal proceedings

launch social projects

Retrograde planets in 2021Saturn

Saturn is responsible for such important aspects of life as willpower and the ability to overcome obstacles, responsibility and perseverance in achieving goals, as well as the formation of internal values.

In 2021, Saturn will be retrograde from may 23 to October 11, which promises many zodiac signs bad luck in the field of litigation. Cases will be considered for an extremely long time, and unexpected twists are not excluded in your favor.


Not recommended

conduct a situation analysis

help your family and friends

initiate legal proceedings

to start debate and discussion

Retrograde planets in 2021Uranium

One of the most unpredictable planets in the Solar system, under the influence of which unexpected twists of fate occur, stereotypes and patterns collapse. On the one hand, Uranus is able to give insight and show a brilliant solution to a problem that has been tormenting for years, but on the other hand, It can bring an element of chaos into life, shattering the usual rhythm and breaking out of the comfort zone.


Not recommended

seek out the use of your energy

plan important changes

hold on to conservative views

Retrograde planets in 2021Neptune

The planet of dreamers, romantics and extraordinary creative personalities.

Neptune will be retrograde in 2021 from June 25 to December 1.


Not recommended

dream and make plans

realize your most cherished desires

go into dreams, breaking away from reality

to overestimate their capabilities

Retrograde planets in 2021Pluto

In the zone of Pluto’s influence are all the major systems of our material world: banks, manufacturing enterprises, international corporations, the state system, the masses…

The retrograde period of Pluto in 2021 will be quite long, from April 27 to October 6.


Not recommended

dive into your consciousness

get rid of the shadows of the past that weigh down the soul

rethink your life path

to participate in the rallies

start any revolutions in the labor collective


For more information about how retrograde planets can affect representatives of various zodiac signs in 2021, see the articles in this section devoted to the interpretation of the position of planets by well-known astrologers.

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