Retrograde planets in 2021

Retrograde planets in varying degrees, have an impact on people’s lives. The intensity of the impact depends on the planet itself, and from individual to individual. The study of the motion of the planets is one of the main tools of the horoscope. The information will be useful for planning various kinds of events, definitions of human nature, strong and weak qualities, etc.

The motion of the planets

The concept of retrograde is found in astronomy and astrology. It refers to the opposite object, which is the center of the system. In this case, refers to the Sun – the center of the Solar system.

According to astronomical theory, all the planets in the Solar system move around the Sun in their orbits in the same direction. The concept of retrograde in astrology means the imaginary opposite rotation, which can be seen from Earth during certain periods. Planets don’t actually change the direction of its movement and does not stop even for a moment. So just think, if we observe them from Earth. This effect arises as a result of their different speeds of rotation around the Sun. The farther a planet is from the center of the system, the slower it will move, and the longer its retrograde phase.

Retrograde planets in 2021

Retrogradation in astrology has three stages:

  1. The period of deceleration and stop. It is called stationary.
  2. The period of reverse movement (in fact, retrograde).
  3. The slowdown and the resumption of normal rotation of the second stationary.

The most common phase of mercury retrograde are marked. In 2021 they will be observed three times. And most a long time in a state of reverse rotation is the Pluto – about six months.

Note. The opposite movement is recorded all celestial bodies except the moon and the Sun.

Table retrograde motion of planets in 2021

To see the periods of retrograde motion in 2021 in the table below.

Retrograde planets in 2021

Interpretation of the influence of retrograde planets

Every celestial body has a powerful energy that has an impact on current events and destinies of people. When the planet is currently retrograde, its influence is not so obvious and unambiguous, but rather razed. These periods are the most favorable for deep introspection.

The presence of RETROPLATE in the horoscope requires you to pay attention to their own inner world. This man has some hidden qualities that are not visible to an outsider. However, it often happens that they are not visible to the owner. Therefore, these people must be well to work through your subconscious.

RETROPLATE are one of the karmic indicators. If they are the person in the horoscope of birth, it says that he left unfinished business in a past life. The more planets, the more evident is karmic. Such people already have experience of “work” with these planets, and in this life, most likely, have to rectify before the error. A good helper in this matter will be the experiences and information from the already experienced lives, which can be obtained during meditations and practices of self-discovery. In addition, analyzing the energy force of the planet, you can develop personalized recommendations and use them for his purposes for good.


In the area of responsibility of mercury is trade, transport, training, dissemination of information. During the retrograde it is possible to observe failures in these areas, which manifest themselves in different ways:

  • cancels the transaction;
  • bad pass of the trip;
  • there are many false information;
  • difficulties in studies, etc.

Retrograde planets in 2021

Adverse to this time are the following:

  • contracts, agreements, and other transactions;
  • commencement of any training activities;
  • marriages;
  • the final decision is made;
  • to shop, especially media (computers, smart phones and other gadgets).

Favorable will be the following events:

  • introspection, meditation;
  • analysis of completed work, of completed events;
  • meeting with old friends and acquaintances;
  • the end of the study.


Venus is the patroness of love and relationships. Also, in its sphere of influence included Finance, shopping, beauty and creativity. During retrofit the impact of Venus on these areas is minimal. During this period, you may meet an old love from the past (and it will be a signal to reconsider their relationship), will worsen the financial situation (therefore it is better to save money).

Adverse will be the following events:

  • marriage;
  • the beginning of a new love relationship;
  • plastic surgery, cosmetic procedures;
  • the beginning of the new financial activities (starting a business, lending, investing funds in various projects);
  • opening of the exhibitions of their works;
  • the presentation (especially products related to creativity or beauty).

Retrograde planets in 2021

Retrograde Venus will favour in the following cases:

  • reviewing its relations with loved ones;
  • the ending of a relationship that has outlived its usefulness;
  • the return of the debt;
  • classes spiritual practices;
  • the renewal of creativity after a long break;
  • arranging things in the house.

During the return movement of Mars will have a positive result, the following activities:

  • additional study of future projects;
  • safe exercises that allow to store energy (e.g., yoga);
  • launch short-term projects that will have continuation in the future;
  • check the status of heavy equipment (inspection).

Retrograde planets in 2021


The sphere of influence of Jupiter applies to education, philosophy, theological issues, law, charity. During the retrograde the person has the opportunity to reconsider their worldview, to re-evaluate their experience, to recognize the hypocrisy and get off on the wrong track. Often useful advice or aid from the person has long been lost contact.

During retropay inhibited the processes that are being influenced by Jupiter: legal Affairs, education, social projects, etc. is Not recommended to promote and insist on the implementation of pans, which are associated with this field.

The best options will be to complete the previously interrupted job (for example, re-start to learn foreign languages), to travel, to reconnect with an old friend.

Retrograde planets in 2021


Saturn symbolizes responsibility, willpower, overcoming obstacles and hard work. The planet named after the Roman God Titan. His power is time and rock person. It protects the created order, laws, the formation of internal values.

During the period of retrofit are more likely to experience difficulties related jurisprudence. Possible delay in the progress and processes. Also under the negative impact of the fall of teachers, philosophers, politicians and theologians. At this time you should not start new projects, because their realization may be delayed for a long time. It is not necessary to engage in discussion and debate – you can only lose a lot of energy and do not get the desired result.

It is best to expand a little in life’s turmoil, and analyze the current state of Affairs: how they occur and where they are, to what purpose. This period is favorable to conduct charity events, help friends and strangers.

Retrograde planets in 2021

The planet is known for its unpredictability. Under its influence, there are sudden events that break stereotypes, break long-established patterns. Not seldom a flash of inspiration and unexpected solution to the problem.

In the return movement of the planet produces a huge release of energy that you can use to make significant changes in their lives. It is a time of experimentation and research, inventions and new solutions. The uranium will accompany those who are ready for change in your life. However, the conservatives may face difficulties in implementing the innovations around them.

Retrograde planets in 2021


Neptune is the patron of love, faith, creativity, dreams, and illusions and self-deception. During the return motion of the planet the line between reality and dreams becomes blurred greatly. Therefore, in this period they can fulfill their wildest fantasies. Advised to indulge in dreams, meditation, spiritual practices to improve the knowledge of the inner world. At times, the cherished desire that can bring a person to true happiness, hidden deep in the subconscious. This is the period when the planet helping to “raise” them to the surface.

However, it is impossible to completely escape from reality and you should soberly assess their strength. Are there actual possibilities for the realization of desired objectives. Otherwise you may be left with nothing, or take a loss.

Retrograde planets in 2021


Pluto has an influence on the masses, the political system, major systems of the material world (corporations, financial institutions, etc.). In the period of its retrograde political strife, coups, transformation and various public structures.

At this time, should not participate in various public events, rallies, etc. Because the consequences are difficult to predict, and they can have negative.

Retrograde planets in 2021

The best choice would be the extra time to sort myself out, get rid of old emotional loads, to evaluate the chosen way of life.

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