Retake the unified state exam in 2021 | how, when and where to retake it

11th grade students and their parents are nervously waiting for news about how the unified state exam will be retaken in 2021. Meanwhile, Rosobrnadzor and the Ministry of education of the American Federation, responsible for organizing and conducting the final certification, explain that cardinal changes in the current retake scheme are not yet planned.

Rules and deadlines

The legislation provides for several stages of retaking the final state exam. In addition to the main period of the unified state exam, other certification periods are also set in a single schedule.:

  1. reserve days;
  2. a further period;
  3. retake for next year.

Retake the unified state exam in 2021 | how, when and where to retake it

Reserve days are part of the main assessment, and therefore they follow the first unified state exam in the exam calendar. These days, the doors of the exam class in 2021 will be open to:

  • children who did not pass the minimum score threshold in American or mathematics in the main round;
  • graduates who didn’t make it to the exam for a good reason.

The second item includes those students who can provide documentary evidence of the reason for their absence, for example, a certificate of illness or hospital stay.

If the results of the unified state exam were canceled for reasons beyond the student’s control (violation of the procedure for conducting GIA by responsible persons), then you will have to take the exams again on one of the reserve days.

The additional exam period falls on September. After a summer vacation, they will be able to try their luck with new strength:

  • graduates who fail the main exam in both compulsory subjects;
  • students who received a d in American and mathematics in reserve days.

Those students who did not get into the main and reserve days for good reasons can also come to the autumn certification. Next year, following the graduation year 2021, students who received satisfactory grades, but are dissatisfied with low scores, will be able to retake the unified state exam. After all, this may be an obstacle to admission to the desired higher education institution. At the same time, those who failed to get a satisfactory grade in the main subjects during the main exam and reserve days are re-evaluated.

The exact schedule for the assessment has not yet been approved, but according to preliminary data, there are known periods when students will be able to correct their grades.:

  • the main stage will be held from may 24 to June 18;
  • reserve days fall from June 21 to July 1;
  • the autumn re-examination session is usually held in the first half of September.

Retake the unified state exam in 2021 | how, when and where to retake it

Features of retaking individual subjects

Starting in 2019, changes were made to the procedure for checking knowledge in mathematics. Previously, at the request of a student, you could try your hand at the basic and profile levels at the same time. At the same time, if one of the levels failed, then the passing score of the other level was taken into account, without the right to try again. If both levels were flunked, then the student was entitled to one chance of re-examination by selecting the base or profile.

In 2021, you will have to pass math immediately after deciding on the level. However, if the grade is unsatisfactory, the graduate can change the chosen difficulty. In addition, students of previous years, taking into account the new order, will no longer be able to take the use of the basic level.

For those who are faced with difficulties in passing elective subjects and have received an unsatisfactory rating on them, the opportunity to pass again is provided only for the next year. Thus, admission to any educational institution may be postponed until next September.

The order of registration

In order to get to the unified state exam again, you need not only the student’s desire. There is a procedure for issuing access for the second attempt. First, you need to contact the examination Board of the organization that registers all GIA participants. You need to bring documents confirming a valid reason for skipping the main stage or other documents indicating the need for re-examination.

Specialists will issue an application form, which the student will have to fill out. It will also need to state the reason for the current situation. The application with the package of documents remains in the Secretariat, and the student can only wait for the notification, which will indicate the dates, time and place of the repeated GIA.

Retake the unified state exam in 2021 | how, when and where to retake it

Who will not be allowed to retake

Unfortunately, not all students will be able to take advantage of the second chance to successfully pass the state certification. The number of non-approved will be included:

  • students who did not show up for the exam without a valid reason;
  • students who violated the rules of behavior in the classroom — using the phone, calculator, and cheat sheets;
  • those who did not pass more than 2 subjects.

Don’t be too nervous waiting for a GIA. It is better to calm down and do serious preparation for the certification. After all, even those who go to retake subjects in the fall have a chance of entering higher education institutions. Often, Universities conduct additional recruitment in the fall, for specialties for which the state has allocated large quotas, and there are few people who want to master them. In addition, the certificate of the unified state exam is valid for four whole years, so you can enter the Institute next year, having thoroughly decided on the profession.

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