Retake Exams in 2021

Even diligently preparing for the Exams, one can never be sure in a successful submission – one graduates’t concentrate on complete the exam anxiety, and other unsettle life circumstances (illness, accident, death of relatives). How to retake the Exams in 2021, what time frame is envisioned for this?


One of the innovations in 2021 could be the expansion of the list of necessary items. Refinements should be expected closer to the beginning of the new academic year, but most likely, pupils of the graduating class will still have to pay particular attention to the history of this discipline it is planned to add to the obligatory Russian and mathematics. Also in some regions may be included in the list of foreign language – 2022 this course will become mandatory, but pilot testing will begin selectively carried out from next year. Since many students can not boast extensive knowledge of history and foreign language at a good level possess only a few, the question on re-taking Exams in 2021 will fall very sharply.

Retake Exams in 2021

Among the good news – the opportunity to take the state examination at native school. This will greatly reduce the level of stress associated with unfamiliar surroundings. In 2020 such a chance have already received the graduates of some schools in 2021 will cover the regions. The only condition is compliance with the examination requirements (in particular, it is necessary to equip the room with video cameras). If the school is not equipped then, as before, Exams will have to pass in special areas.

All retake timeframes

The timing depends on why a student wants to retake the exam: this is required to obtain the passport or the number of points does not allow him to enter a chosen UNIVERSITY.

Minimum score allows the graduate to obtain a certificate. For admission to higher educational institutions such a result is not enough. Each of them sets the threshold to know the exact numbers on the website of the selection Committee chosen University.

Earn enough points to get a certificate

If at the end of the Exams 2021 student has not received the required to obtain a certificate the number of points on one of the main subjects, the resit is in standby days:

  • 06.20 G. – Russian language;
  • 06.20 G. – mathematics;
  • 06.20 G. – the history (if this subject will become mandatory);
  • 07.20 G. – all disciplines, if you come earlier it failed for a good reason.

Additional opportunities for graduates autumn company – exact dates for each subject will be announced at the beginning of the school year. One day is allocated for each of the compulsory subjects (in 2021 they may be 3 or 4, not 2 as before). Towards the end of September (20 days) an additional day for those who could not be for a good reason (need to provide proof of this). Fall tested, those who scored low on all mandatory subjects or not able to pass the test summer. Apply need 2 weeks to start.

Retake Exams in 2021

Not satisfied with assessment on the core subjects

If the graduate failed to score the minimum number of points on the subject, surrendered by his own choice, the make-up exam will be allowed only after a year (in 2021). In order not to lose time in vain, you can go to College desired direction, and after passing the final exams to apply for the selected UNIVERSITY.

The main date is missed for a valid reason

Graduates who are unable to attend the main exam for a valid reason have the right to take it back days:

  • computer science, literature, geography 19.06.20 G.;
  • Russian language – 22.06.20 G.;
  • basic and core math 25.06.20 G.;
  • biology and history – 29.06.20 G.;
  • chemistry, social studies – 30.06.20 G.;
  • physics, written for foreign – 01.07.20 G.;
  • oral testing in foreign languages – 02.07.20 G.;
  • all items are 03.07.20 G.

If you retake in the summer back day has failed, the second attempt can be undertaken in the autumn. For the exam on 3 July, the student will not be tolerated.

Retake Exams in 2021

Violation of the procedure for testing

In case of detection of any violations, the graduate has the right to file an appeal – this must be done on the day of testing. Most often complain of the lack of necessary equipment or forms. Occurred a situation when the noise in the hallway disturbed the students to focus on work. Upon confirmation referred to in the complaint facts, the points are cancelled and the student retake the exam in reserve days. Appeal is possible and in case of disagreement with accrued points will not be repeating, but the participant will receive a reasoned response.

If the testing procedure was breached by a party (he used Cribs came with your smartphone), the assessment is annulled, you can retake the test after a year.

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