Rest in Dzhemete in 2021

Rest in Dzhemete in 2021 affordable and diverse entertainment. Resort village, located only 5 km from Anapa, annually receives tens of thousands of tourists who are satisfied with local level of service, warm climate and sandy beaches. There are a huge number of camp sites, hotels and resorts, tours, Spa treatments, fine cuisine.

The climate

As the village is situated in the subtropics, most of the year the weather is warm. If we consider the holiday season (June to October), average temperatures in the day range from 22 to 30 ºC, and at night the thermometer drops to 15-20 ºC. The water in the Black sea warms up to 25 ° C, so tourists are available all the water activities. Rainfall is also short – not more than 40-50 mm each month. The average humidity is 60-65%.

As for the off-season (November to March), the temperature Dzhemete drops to 2-10 ° C, and during the new year holidays often frosts to -5 ºC. Cloudy days become longer and rainfall more often, mainly in the form of rain. Since November, the sea begins to cool down to 10-15 ° C and in winter the water temperature on the coast did not exceed 8 ºC. Amusement rides are closed, but the village is still visited by tourists, who want to improve their health in sanatoriums of the resort.

How to get there?

Rest in Dzhemete for 2021 at a reasonable price, you can organize yourself. For this you need to buy a ticket for a flight to the airport “Anapa”. Summer flights to this city makes several companies (for example, “Aeroflot”, “Ural airlines”, “S7 Airlines”). Price of ticket out is in the range of 10-15 thousand rubles. In winter flights are less frequent, but the ticket price is reduced to 8-10 thousand rubles from .

Rest in Dzhemete in 2021

Anapa, Vityazevo Dzhemete and connects Pioneer Avenue several kilometers long. From the airport you can reach the city by taxi which is not cheap, as the local “fish” will ask a minimum of 2-3 thousand rubles for a trip. Much cheaper to bus No. 114 and 128, which takes you directly to Dzhemete. The ticket is in the range of 500 rubles. Due to the influx of tourists in the summer run Express buses, which drive from the airport is 300 rubles.

The cost of apartments

The main item of expenditure at rest in Dzhemete in 2021 will be renting housing. For travelers, there are several variants of rent of apartments in the resort village:

  • hotels;
  • apartment;
  • guest house;
  • the private sector;
  • resorts and sanatoriums.

Rest in Dzhemete in 2021

In Dzhemete, there are not many comfortable hotels from 3* and above, so in the summer the double room here is up to 2.5-3 thousand rubles per day. From June to October a rented apartment in the village – a real shortage. On average, 1-apartment sale flat in Dortmund at a respectful distance from the sea rent for 1.5-2 thousand rubles/month, although you can find options cheaper. Democratic total price rest in Dzhemete for 2021 will cost in the private sector. Rent a room in the home with the amenities on the street (WC, shower) does not exceed 300-400 rubles/day per person. In guest houses, usually doing several families and rent such housing is 1.5-2 thousand rubles/day.

Resorts and sanatoriums

Rest in boarding houses and sanatoriums Dzhemete for 2021 is a dream for many tourists with limited budget. These places offer a comfortable standard of living, developed infrastructure (pools, baths, treatment rooms), while power is on. The following is a list of the most popular resorts of the village with the current price list rent double apartment in the summer (rubles/day):

  • Iskra – 2200″
  • “Fairy-2″ – 500 2”
  • “Shihan” – 2 000;
  • Dzhemete – 2700″
  • Slavyanka – 2 500;
  • “Swallow” – 3 200.

Rest in Dzhemete in 2021

To book a place in the present institutions should be a few months before the holiday season, in the summer, otherwise they simply will not be available. Health service and sightseeing trips available for a fee. Detailed price list of services is given on the official websites of the institutions.

Beach Dzhemete

Length of sandy beach in the village is several kilometres, and in width it reaches 300-400 meters. On the whole coast presents a huge number of attractions, such as ride the banana boat, rent jet skis, water slides, etc. during Summer the beach is Packed, so to be closer to the sea, you must arrive early in the morning. The prices are the following:

  • rent beach chairs – 150 rubles/day;
  • soft drinks – from 60-100 rubles;
  • water activities – an average of 150-300 rubles;
  • fish and seafood (for the brave) – 150-200 rubles.

Rest in Dzhemete in 2021

The sunset in the water on the beach seamless, allowing you to dabble on the coast, even young children. The only problem is the algae and debris that leave holidaymakers on the coast. Butts, candy wrappers, bottles, it is common here, despite the fact that the beach is cleaned every day.

Prices at the resort

The price of the rest in Dzhemete for 2021 is presented below (in rubles):

  • ticket Safari Park – 150 (kids), 300 (adults);
  • amusement Park – from 150 to 500;
  • lunch in the café 300-500;
  • excursions – 300-1500;
  • taxi for 30-60 km.

The cost of drugs, suncream and items for swimming (circles, inflatable mattresses) too high. For example, a tube of “Panthenol” in Dzhemete costs 420 rubles, while its price does not exceed 300 rubles. However, as with all products in local stores try to take advantage of the holiday season. The only thing cheap here is the fruit.

Tour operators offer

Tour in Dzhemete on the New 2021 summer will cost 40-50 thousand rubles for two. The length of stay is 7 days, accommodation in a 4* hotel or a holiday hotel, included meals and some excursions. In winter, the same journey can be bought for 20-25 thousand rubles, but the entertainment in low season is no different variety.

Thus, Dzhemete is a great place for a affordable vacation in 2021 on the black sea coast. The resort boasts the same entertainment as in the Crimea, beautiful nature and developed infrastructure. Having been here at least once, you will surely get a lot of positive emotions.

An overview of the beaches of Anapa, see the following video:

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