Rest in 2021 during the holidays

The holidays are a time of relaxation and fun that every family is usually carried out in its own way. Somebody likes travel and activity partner, and someone, on the contrary, trying this time to enjoy the lack of fuss and just quietly stay at home. To plan your holiday, you need to know when the fall holidays, so those who plan their leisure in advance, already interested in how USAне rest in 2021.

On what dates fall official holidays and dates specified in the production calendar for 2021 for USA, approved by the Government.

This information is needed in order to determine the long weekend and choose the perfect time for optional activities and trips to relatives or abroad.

Rest in 2021 during the holidays

The official date

In 2021 in the USA the number of official holidays will be no different from previous years as no changes in this area is not expected. If this date falls on a weekday, it is in accordance with the law becomes a universal holiday for the people who work on a five-day schedule. For employees working in shifts during this period, the payroll is conducted in a special way, so for work on a holiday date, the accrued salaries will be higher.

At the moment in the USA the eight holidays of the state level, which is observed in all regions and administrative centers:

  • in January – New year and Christmas:
  • in February – Day of defender of the Fatherland;
  • in March – international women’s day;
  • in may – the Holiday of spring and labour and victory Day;
  • in June – Day USA;
  • in November – national unity Day.

In that case, if an official holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the weekend of becoming the next following Monday.

2021 will be a very good location for holiday times because they are all located in such a way that joining the Saturday and Sunday, or fall directly on them, thus prolonging the time of stay.

Rest in 2021 during the holidays

In January

This period will include January 7 – Christmas, which is one of the most important dates for Christians throughout the world. All churches and temples with the most of the night begins the Great divine Liturgy. All Christian people at this festive time, we should relax and glorify Christ.

Two additional output, which are formed by the overlap of 4 and 5 January on the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) in 2021 postponed to the may holidays. Due to this transfer and the additional output on 4 and 5 may be formed of spring break duration in 5 days from 01.05.20 for 05.05.20 inclusive.

Rest in 2021 during the holidays

In February

February marked the only feast coinciding with the end of the month – the Day of defender of the Fatherland. If he falls on Sunday February 23, so the following Monday automatically becomes a holiday. Therefore, in the period 22-24 February in the USA will be a long weekend when there is a great opportunity to fully relax.

Rest in 2021 during the holidays

In 2020, output, released by coincidence on February 23 and the weekend was postponed to the may holidays. It is possible that in 2021 will be offered a similar option that will give USAнам additional vacation in late spring.

In March

The first month of spring brings not only an early thaw, but the favorite holiday of many USAн – international women’s day. By tradition, before this workplace congratulate fellow women, I give them congratulations and cute little gifts.

As of February 23, March 8, also falls on a Sunday, thus extending the output even for one day — on Monday, March 9. Thus, in March of working people will also have the opportunity to rest longer than during a typical weekend.

Rest in 2021 during the holidays

In may

The following holidays ahead in may, and they cook a lot of periods when you can fully relax in nature with friends, family, or to travel. Since may 1 falls on Friday, Thursday April 30 will be reduced by one hour, so people can go home on the eve of the festival early, and the whole working week will be reduced.

On the Day of spring and labor USAне will get a second in duration holidays — 5 days (from 1 to 5 may inclusive). The weekend from 4 and 5 January will transfer on 4 and 5 may.

After the weekend followed by 5 weekdays, but next Friday will be again shortened by one hour, because after her whole USA will celebrate the great feast of Victory. To relax this time USAне will be 3 days since may 9 falls on a Saturday, which is the reason for the transfer of the output to Monday may 11.

Rest in 2021 during the holidays

In June

The first summer month was marked by another national celebration Day USA. Working Thursday eve will last for seven hours instead of the standard eight for people who work a standard 40-hour schedule. Friday June 12 will be an official holiday, so the second week of June will be short. To rest at this time, many prefer the sea, and those who can’t afford a long trip, often go to the river or lake where you can sunbathe and swim.

Rest in 2021 during the holidays

In November

The last public holiday which is celebrated all over the country – the national unity Day. He’s the only one for the whole year falls in the middle between the everyday life – in environment. On Tuesday, on the eve of the number of working hours reduced by one hour, and on Wednesday, all people will be able to relax.

Rest in 2021 during the holidays

Then before the New 2021 all goes strictly according to the production calendar, and only on 31 December, as pre-holiday day, will allow people to work one hour less and rest for an hour more.

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