Renovation in Perovo in 2017-2021 year

The renovation programme 2017-2021 involves the improvement of living conditions of Muscovites who live in older houses, due to their resettlement in new houses with improved design. The old buildings will be demolished. According to the latest news, in the list of objects of renovation project, primarily to be demolished included the houses in Perovo. This means that soon the residents will be able to move to better and more modern apartments.

Housing Perovo

Perovo is part of the Eastern administrative district . Perov is one of the biggest residential districts of the capital. However, real estate realtors do not enlist in the ranks of the prestigious.

Housing consists largely of old prefabricated houses and five-storey blocks that were built in 60-70-ies of the last century. Apparently, this was one of the main reasons why the renovation programme Perovo is among the leaders in the number of demolished houses.

Renovation in Perovo in 2017-2021 year

About a fifth of the district is represented by industrial area: Moscow electrode plant, various production, warehouse, garage cooperatives, etc. Industrial area has the most favorable impact on the ecology of the area. The residential sector is largely concentrated in the South and East of the district. In other parts also have a house. But they are surrounded by the premises of the industrial area and because of that lose their market appeal.

If we consider the Region of the transport, there’s only one metro line (Kalininsko-Solntsevskaya), which is quite busy. It gives a lot of inconvenience. However, for unloading of highways by 2021 it is planned to complete construction of the North-East Expressway, which will improve transport facilities and will connect the district with neighboring ones.

Infrastructure Perovo, on the whole, well organised. Here a large number of kindergartens, schools, children’s and adult hospitals, and a UNIVERSITY – Moscow state mining University them. M. A. Sholokhov. But Say not enough large shopping centers with shops, fitness clubs, cinemas and other entertainment facilities, which would have increased the attractiveness of the locations for new tenants.

Perovo is a budget area. Most often it is chosen, if potential buyers want to move to the capital and do not have the means for housing in a prestigious area. The situation needs to change the program of renovation, which looks forward by local residents.

Renovation in Perovo in 2017-2021 year

The average cost of apartments

At the end of 2017, according to a survey of independent real estate companies of the average cost per 1 sq m of secondary housing in Perovo was 155 thousand rubles. Total cost of the apartment is 7.7 million rubles. For initial housing set the price to 162 thousand rubles per square meter, and 7.5 million rubles for a new apartment.

The program of the renovation of this area will improve the appearance of locations, and should enhance the value of secondary market by about 20% (which would be exchanged for apartment building). A similar trend is observed in other areas. However, real estate experts say that a significant rise in prices should not be expected, while in the area will not improve the situation with transport.

The program of renovation

Renovation in Perovo began in the early 2000s. At that time the area was demolished several old dilapidated houses. Then the project implementation was stopped and continued only in the new renovation 2017-2021.

In Perovo demolished get 190 more houses. To see a list of addresses here:

Residents of these buildings will be relocated in new buildings with comfortable conditions of accommodation. Under this program, tenants receive apartment the area of which is equal to or slightly larger than the area in old houses. While the apartments will be high-quality repairs that tenants were able to immediately move to a new home.

Important! If desired, it is possible to obtain an apartment larger area by paying the difference per square meter. You can use the maternity capital, social payments and benefits.

Construction of new homes will be carried out on “starter” sites, which are approved by the authorized managing organizations. December 2018 district 7 fixed sites where new buildings will be constructed:

  1. Ulitsa Plekhanova, possession 18.
  2. Ulitsa Plekhanova, possession 22.
  3. Ulitsa 2-ya Vladimirskaya, possession 30.
  4. Green Avenue, possession of 27A.
  5. Road Enthusiasts, the possession of 86.
  6. Ivy street, possession 12A.
  7. Ivy street, possession 15, bld. 3.

Along with new buildings planned improvement in social infrastructure. The renovation project includes the building of new kindergartens, schools and hospitals, which should correspond to the population density.

Renovation in Perovo in 2017-2021 year

Schedule of resettlement of residents

In the city construction Department reported that the final schedule of resettlement of inhabitants of houses slated for demolition, will be approved before the end of 2020.

Current information on the construction of new housing is constantly being updated, as a list of launch sites are constantly adding new territory. The sequence of demolition five-story building will be approved by the responsible urban planning services. The process depends not only on the number of houses, but also their status, location and other parameters.

The sequence of the phases of the renovation program should be fully developed before the end of December 2020.

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