Relocation of emergency housing after 2021

In order to reduce uninhabitable housing stock was developed the program “Dilapidated housing”. It started in 2002, but it is too early to speak about the end of the implementation period – a significant number of facilities do not meet the safety requirements. In accordance with the decree of the President № 204 of 07.05.18 G., resettlement of emergency housing after 2021 will continue. To July 20, 2020 will be developed and legislated new mechanisms.

The Plans Of The Ministry Of Construction

For the improvement of living conditions will have to pay in excess of the redemption cost of emergency housing.

Important! Under the redemption price includes not only the value of the real estate market, but also the costs incurred by the owner for relocation and rental apartments at the time of settlement.

If you pay not, then tenants are offered the following methods (at the discretion of the local authorities):

  • preferential subsidized mortgage;
  • the contract of social hiring.

In the case of pensioners, the disabled, poor and large families in socially rented from the local self government provides for benefits. Citizens improve their living conditions without cash investments – will have to pay only for utilities. Those who do not belong to the privileged categories, are to pay monthly communal rent (established municipal bodies – up to 70% of market rate). For tenants retain the right of redemption of housing. If the proposed solutions to the problem are not satisfied, then citizens have the right to demand monetary compensation. For this they will need to apply to the local authorities.

Relocation of emergency housing after 2021

The tightening caused by the need to stop the abuse. They are associated with the acquisition “for a penny” emergency object and then get the expensive landscaped property. The need to invest money to make such a scheme unprofitable, but it allows the truly needy people to get an apartment on favorable terms (for a mortgage loan to the Bank to apply do not have). Otherwise, the rules of implementation of the program remain the same. In accordance with the passport of the national project, in 2021, the settlement is subject to 1 million square meters, the new apartments will receive about 55.8 thousand people. Despite the respectable numbers, the pace of settlement will exceed the amount of emergency real estate 30 % only in 2023.

Program terms and conditions

The main goal of the program is to provide citizens living in unsafe buildings, comfortable housing. The terms are governed by the 185-FZ and Regulation of the government. To participate in the program, is required to obtain the decision of the interdepartmental Commission, confirming the unsuitability of the house for safe living (definitely under examination).

The relocation is subject to the established rules:

  • primarily resettled persons who have nowhere to live;
  • if the owner lives in another village, he can claim compensation.
  • new living space must conform to the previous settings (this applies to square and livability);
  • if earlier each tenant accounted for less than 18 sq. m, the state provides an opportunity to improve living conditions and increase the area up to established norms;
  • persons who lived in historic districts, have the opportunity to choose a new place of residence;
  • the owners may not be offered communal apartments.

Relocation of emergency housing after 2021

In the resettlement priority given to housing located in the area of location of the emergency house. If tenants don’t mind, you can be offered other options.

Important! After homes deemed uninhabitable, you may not sell it or enter into a swap agreement.

Recognition of the emergency shelter

In anticipation of an updated program will be revised the criteria under which a residential building is recognized unfit for accommodation of people in it. The changes should come into force by the end of 2020. Such a condition is fixed in the passport of the national project “Housing and the urban environment”. The Ministry of construction of Russia proposes to clearly define the concepts of emergency and dilapidated housing – the first is subject to compulsory resettlement and demolition, and the second is livable, but in need of major repair and subsequent monitoring of the condition. For emergency include buildings that:

  • received critical damage during natural disasters and are not subject to reconstruction;
  • does not comply with sanitary norms;
  • located in the epicenter of a possible man-made disasters;
  • have destroyed walls, Foundation, other structural elements;
  • it was severely damaged by fire.

Relocation of emergency housing after 2021

The old are buildings of wood and brick, the wear of which is respectively 65 and 70%. To see a list of dilapidated housing in the regions on .

The object was recognized as an emergency, is required to provide to the administration:

  • statement on the assessment of the condition of the house (apartment);
  • the documents – it includes the cadastral passport, the rights of ownership of the property, floor plan, the project of reconstruction (if performed).

Interdepartmental Committee reviews the application, checks the housing. The results shall be drawn and submitted to the local self government. In case of disagreement with the decision of the tenants have the right to order an independent examination and go to court with a lawsuit.

Relocation of emergency housing after 2021


After the decision on the resettlement of the tenants informed about it indicating the duration. By law it should not exceed 5 days, but the government can renew it (a maximum sentence of 1 year).

The resettlement program in 2021 will remain in force. As before, residents of damaged houses and flats have the right to refuse disadvantageous proposals – illegal actions can be challenged in court. Do not be afraid to defend its interests – local authorities, as a rule, are not interested in the delay queue and seek to come to a compromise.

The resettlement of dilapidated housing: the rights of the owner

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