Reform of the Russian alphabet in 2021

Possible reform of the Russian alphabet in 2021 provoked many questions from the population: what specific changes will be, how they affect the text, writing, pronunciation. The authors of the newsletters about the changes in the alphabet from 2021 to quote the words of the Minister of the defense but on the website of the Ministry of education news of the reform has not yet been published. Therefore, there are doubts about the veracity of the alert.

7 letters minus

The story begins with an unknown portal spread the rumor that the Minister Vasilyev has declared about change of structure of the alphabet. According to the Minister, the project has been developed by the staff of the Ministry together with the HSE and the Irkutsk University of Railways.

The project of changes in the Russian alphabet will be operational from 2021. If the reform is true, then in 2021, the professionals will see these innovations:

  • will remove the letter “x” and “y” and replace them with “s”;
  • cancel the letter “e”;
  • remove the letter “x”, “C”, “CH”, “sh”, “Sch”.

Instead of the letter “e” will use “e”. It’s not a global change, because almost everywhere along the “e” write “e”. Until 1942 the alphabet consisted of 32, not 33 letters, because “e” and “e” is considered a variation of a single letter. Difficulties with consonants. Unknown what sign they will be replaced, as it will say. A sample of the sign developed but not yet approved. Many words remain without a clear pronunciation and spelling: thicket, slum, bus, Church.

Reform of the Russian alphabet in 2021

Another difficulty – the names that include these letters. They, too, will change or retain? If people have to change diplomas, driver’s license, passports? For this you need to develop the law, to carry out the necessary procedures for replacement documents. This is only a small number of nuances that must be considered. But will such changes only under the condition that the hearing on the reform of the true, not false.

The comparison with other countries

Minister Vasileva explains the reasons for the reform of the alphabet. Experiments were conducted, the study of alphabets in different countries, the result was an interesting pattern.

Scientists have identified a correlation between the number of letters in the alphabet of the nation and its success. The results of the experiments it became known that successfully improved those countries in which alphabet the 26 letters and less. In these States, a strong, stable economy, favorable political environment, they are easier to tolerate the global economic crises.

The experience of other States

The most significant example of the smallest alphabet of 12 letters, which belongs to the tribe rotokas on the island of Bougainville. The islanders don’t even know about the economy, politics, social benefits, which proves the imperfection study on the relationship of number of letters and success of the people.

Reform of the Russian alphabet in 2021

Interesting! Experts are of the opinion that the reforms of the alphabet conduct of the new government who want to separate the youth from the culture and language of their ancestors.

This principle has already carried out similar changes in 1917-1918 the Bolsheviks transformed the rules of writing some of the words:

  • abolished E, F, I, their place was taken by E, f, And;
  • ceased to enter “y” after a consonant;
  • instead of a form of words On, ODN, Odny began to use It, Alone, Alone.

Thanks to the reforms, the Bolsheviks limited the access of the young generation to books, Newspapers, published their ancestors. Children studied new textbooks, and to read the old rules for them was difficult.

Doubt linguists

University professors, doctors, docents of philological and linguistic Sciences voicing their opinion on the reform of the alphabet in 2021. In their research projects they consider to alphabet code of the nation. Attempts to make changes to this code inevitably end ethnic clashes, confrontation between representatives of different generations and chaos. They consider the replacement of the seven letters hearing a joke carried too far. Experts emphasize colleagues and young people on what today’s alphabet is perfect at the moment.

But some teachers and students believed in the truthfulness of the words Vasilyeva, panic. After all, we in the reform is not only about reducing the number of letters in the alphabet, but also on the reduction of lessons of Russian language in school. For teachers who are now talking about the drop in the level of the native language, it’s not the good news.

Reform of the Russian alphabet in 2021

Signs of false information

Those who still had doubts that the reforms will be in 2021, you should pay attention to the signs of the drawing or information “ducks”. Some of the most obvious signs – the developers of innovations.

First in the list indicate the Higher School of Economics. Apparently, she plays a major role in the development of the project. This in itself seems implausible, though, to pull the ears of this “party” it is possible if to assume, what the costs will entail reform of the Russian alphabet. When you need new primers, textbooks and replace the other household items where you placed the alphabet.

Second assistant in the development of reforms in the Irkutsk University of Railways. It is too far from the Central part of the country. The Ministry of education usually are brought to the geographically closer employees, and those near the capital. Such indirect evidence also suggests that the hearing on the reform about.

The reaction of the Ministry of education

Denials of the reform from 2021 employees of the Ministry were few, but there is a news alert. It tells about the introduction of new letters in the alphabet and the transition only on consonants, which characterize the hardness of the nation.

In addition, the information says about the new uniforms:

  • bast;
  • the sundress;
  • blouses;
  • the headdress;
  • boots and coats in the cold season.

Reform of the Russian alphabet in 2021

This news was also been taken at face value, although an alert has published a satirical publication. A message from A. A. Emelyanova has excited a population that had not even understood that this message is just a joke. Some private schools can enter a form for students, but it will not be a state obligation.

Reform in 2021 could take place, but certainly not in a global view. While the authorities officially informed about the changes that would satisfy the people. This means that the reform of the alphabet what a well-planned joke or a provocation, an attempt to find out the mood in society.

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