Red sails in 2021

The most unusual and spectacular celebration of graduates, and is celebrated on the nearest-to-the-white night Saturday, usually in late June. Has no clear date, as directly connected with the dates of exams and recent calls. Where did this name, the history, and the date the scarlet sails in 2021 will be discussed in this article.

The history of the holiday

The date of birth accepted 28 June 1968, when at the initiative of several groups of graduates in the waters of the Neva river hosted the event, which attracted more than 25 000 students. Why waterfront? Tradition to see the sunrise on nature, existed for many years, and the most beautiful and suitable place and turned the waters of the Neva river.

Red sails in 2021

The theme was taken from the fairy tale by Alexander grin when the girl Assol waited for the captain of swimming. The idea was so inspiring that exactly a year later, the event becomes official and the name “Scarlet Sails” remains on a permanent basis. Over time the scales become larger, in comes more and more people to see this intriguing ship with sails.

Fearing huge clusters, in 1979, the festival falls under the ban and is there until 2005.

Scarlet sails today

The idea of the revival of the festival belongs to V. V. Putin, together with the Governor they renew this tradition. So, for about 15 years the festival is held from year to year and currently represents a large-scale musical production on the water with the application of the basic multimedia technologies. The triumph consists of two stages:

  1. the concert, held at the Palace square;
  2. fireworks show, which involved a ship with red sails passing under the music.

Red sails in 2021

Scarlet sails have a motto “Together with Russia!”. The city is hoping for the younger generation, sends them into adulthood. “Hymn to the great people” became the main musical symbol.

In the entire history of the festival ships repeatedly alternated. From 1970 to 1979 the river swam “the Kodori gorge”, after it was “Standard” and “Young Baltiets” and until last year scarlet sails dressed “Tre Konor”.

In 2020 was replaced by the sailboat “USA”, which according to preliminary data will also complete the event “the Scarlet sails” of 2021.

He purchased specifically as a symbol of the motto, has the largest sails can also move the engine speed can reach up to 9 knots.

Red sails in 2021

Besides beauty, the vehicle should have good maneuverability and reliable team. Despite the simplicity of the events, sail on the Neva river narrow with changeable rose of the winds is difficult, it is necessary to get to so the music, so the usual commands can be done much faster. The most important is security, so during the celebration on the shore of a hidden fleet: security tow, 2-speed and 6 small boats.

The expected date of the holiday

Date scarlet sails 2021 remains open, it will be known for a few months, when will be clear the end date of the exams.

Given the past experience and knowing that Scarlet usually held on Saturday or Sunday, we can assume that it will be 20 and 21 or 27 and 28 June.

The concert, which will take place at the Palace square, you can get only by invitation, which is sent to school just a few days before the celebration.

Red sails in 2021

The long-awaited appearance of the brig in the distance in the banks of the Neva river – the most charming moment of the evening. A small but colorful show for a long time remains in memory, and beautiful fireworks accompanied by music symbolizes the end of celebrations and the carefree high school years.

See video with the holiday Scarlet sails 2020:

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