Red hill in 2021

Red hill folk, full of joy and fun holiday celebrated immediately after Easter Sunday. About the traditions and customs of the holiday, about what day will be celebrated on Red hill in 2021, about its significance in the national calendar of our ancestors – in our article.

Red hill in 2021


Red hill is closely associated with Easter, and thus date this holiday floating. According to the Church calendar it is celebrated on the following Sunday after Easter Sunday, i.e. seven days after the Light of Day.

Red hill in 2021 falls on 26 April, Sunday.

A holiday date can be calculated independently, we need only to find out the date of Easter in 2021. And just a Light Sunday falls on 19 April, adding seven days, get a day celebration.

Beautiful holiday

In the Slavic languages and dialects, the word “red” meant not the color. This word had its special significance – “beautiful”, “cheerful”, “blooming”. The name “Red hill” primarily meant “bright, colorful, joyous celebration”, a day when merriment tossed the key, and all the participants of the festive event looked particularly attractive – beautiful, blooming, cheerful.

The very name of this day gave a Central place of celebration – a small elevation at the edge of the settlement mound or just an open space, where he held festivities. Pad decorated to the sacred day, set her on the swings, poles for climbing, benches for get-togethers – do “beautiful”, “red”. Hence the name – Red hill.

‘ve been longing for this day, young people – after all, the folk tradition have done for girls and boys the protagonists on the occasion.

Well, in addition, Red hill has been renewed wedding – marriage was forbidden during lent and Easter week, and Antipascha was the first day when the air was heard the ringing of wedding bells. It was considered that a marriage made in Red hill is sure to be happy and family life is long and rich.

Red hill in 2021

Other names

The holiday, celebrated on the Sunday after Easter, there are a few names: Red hill, Antipascha, Fomin week. And each of them has its own rationale.

  • Red hill. This name, as mentioned above, comes from the old Slavonic for “beautiful”, and means “beautiful” or “joyous celebration”.
  • Antipascha. Unusual to the ear of modern man the word “Antipascha” really nothing “against the” traditional Easter has not. In Greek “anti” means “instead of,” in the sense “additional”. The name itself reveals the meaning of the holiday – Supplement for Easter, a special holiday for those who did not or could not for some reason to celebrate the resurrection of Christ.

By the way, worship on Antipascha conducted in the same way as the twelve great feasts, although formally it is not.

  • Fomin week. The name was given in honor of the Apostle Thomas, disciple of Christ. After his death Jesus appeared to the ten apostles, Thomas among them was not. Heard that the Master came to his disciples, the Apostle did not believe in (remember the saying about “doubting Thomas”? Yes, it is this history and influenced the emergence of a stable expression). He exclaimed that unless he sees for himself, in the resurrection of Christ does not believe. And now, after a week after Easter, Jesus appeared again, this time in front of Thomas. In honor of this biblical event and is called a holiday.

Red hill in 2021


Red hill – a celebration of youth. Once this holiday was considered a day of Dating – boys and girls from different villages met on the festivities, gazed at each other, and showed sympathy. And of course, to prepare for it started in advance. New dresses and shirts, stripes, embroidered and first green – everyone tried to look as best as possible. And almost no one is left in this day alone – not to go on celebrations was considered a bad omen.

For married women was your rite – fencing. Participants gathered on the outskirts and harnessed to the plow. Walked around the village, making the furrow – house, fenced from the troubles and misfortunes.

Its special features was the “youngest” among children and adolescents. First and foremost is riding eggs – dyed eggs (those that remained from Easter or prepared specially for this day) rolled with small hills or mounds. And if the egg reached the foot and did not brake it, so the owner will find success and happiness.

Red hill in 2021

Ceremonies were conducted after a time of universal joy. Festivals, dances, songs, playing on the swing, competition between the boys, meals, visits and much, much more – Red hill is just made for fun.

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