Red days of the 2021 calendar in USA

You can find out when there will be red days (weekends and holidays) from the production calendar for 2021. At the moment, only its draft is ready, since the final version will be approved by the relevant ministries after the end of the summer holidays. However, based on the experience of previous years, we can assume that the current version of the calendar will be adopted without additions or changes. This means that Americans can already plan their trips and vacations for the next year.

General information

According to the production calendar, there will be 247 working days in 2021. Based on the fact that this is not a leap year, citizens will rest for 118 days, and some of them are regular weekly weekends.

Red days of the calendar in 2021 in America:

  • January 1-10. Despite the constant debate about whether it’s worth taking such a long holiday for the new year holidays, the holidays will not be made shorter. Thus, in January, Americans will not work for 10 days.
  • February 21-23. Given that defender of the Fatherland Day in 2021 is a Tuesday, so it was decided to move the day off from Saturday, February 20 to Monday, February 22.
  • March 6-8. Due to the fact that the holiday on March 8 falls on the weekend, the Americans will have a rest for 3 days.
  • May 1-3. At the beginning of the month, citizens will be able to relax on a three-day weekend (from Saturday to Monday). After may day, you will have to work for 4 days, after which you will again be able to relax on Victory Day.
  • May 8-10(Victory Day). Since it falls on a calendar day off, citizens will not work for 3 days.
  • June 12-14. At the beginning of summer, the situation with weekends in may will be repeated. America day falls on a weekend, so in addition, citizens will be provided with the following Monday for rest.
  • November 4th. A relatively new day of national unity for Americans in 2021 falls on Thursday. But on the eve of the working day will be reduced by one hour.
  • December, 31st. This is also a day off, created by postponing non-working days that coincided with the weekend in January 2021.

Red days of the 2021 calendar in USA

Differences from the previous year

In 2021, Americans will be able to relax on long weekends after the new year holidays. But it is possible that in the current conditions, the number of non-working days will be reduced, which will become known for sure closer to the end of 2020. Perhaps, Americans will have to forget about the 2-week vacation, which many used for travel and recreation.

Compared to the previous year, in 2021:

  • February and March will give you one additional non-working day each
  • Defender of the Fatherland day falls in the middle of the week;
  • March 8 will complement Saturday and Sunday, which will allow Americans not to work for 3 days.

May holidays in the previous year were much longer: first 5, and then 3 more days. In 2021, everything will go exactly according to the calendar: two days off and then one holiday. And only on November 4, citizens will have to celebrate in the middle of the working week.

New year’s holidays

Most of the questions are caused by the long new year holidays, which, according to some MPs and economists, cause significant harm to the country’s economy. But previously, any attempts to reduce the number of days off did not bring the desired result. However, in 2021, the situation may change if deputies support the bill of the head of the economic Committee of the Federation Council Andrey Kutepov. He came up with an initiative to shorten the new year holidays to compensate for part of the non-working days of quarantine, which was designed to stop the spread of coronavirus infection.

Red days of the 2021 calendar in USA

Against the backdrop of the pandemic in 2020, many businesses temporarily ceased operations and their employees were transferred to part-time work. Despite the fact that they only partially performed their work functions, employers were required to pay them their full wages without deductions or recalculations. This has seriously affected the liquidity of enterprises that have suffered large financial losses during the period of quarantine restrictions. To resolve the situation, Andrey Kutepov suggests making a short working week in January (from January 4 to January 8), but keeping January 7 as a day off.

It should be noted that people’s deputies are skeptical about the need to change the production calendar for 2021. They believe that holidays and weekends are a kind of subject of agreements, and citizens plan their vacations and trips, counting on a long weekend in January. In addition, the new year’s holidays are already reduced by 2 days. This was due to the fact that the rule for postponing a holiday weekend to the next business day is not used for them.

In any case, Kutepov suggests changing the production calendar for America only for next year. Accordingly, even if the deputies support such an initiative, in 2022, Americans will again be able to rest for a long time after the New year.

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