Reconstruction of the Gorky highway in 2018-2021 years

More recently, route M7 “Volga” was filled with many kilometers of traffic jams in the region and in Moscow. This issue, which has passed into the category of global, the government of Moscow region decided to eliminate by means of reconstruction of the Gorky highway. Reconstruction of the track began in 2014. Most of the road work has been completed and we can already see that traffic was significantly less. On stage the second stage of reconstruction of the Russian highway important in 2018-2021 years planned commissioning of the three new junctions, which will completely eliminate congestion.

According to the head of Moscow Sergey Bryntsalov during a field meeting with contractors, work on the reconstruction of the Gorky highway plan to finish before the end of 2020. The object he believes the key to the city, which will relieve highway traffic jams. This is considered the construction of pedestrian crossings, but also routes for cyclists.

Reconstruction of the Gorky highway in 2018-2021 years

Turning loop on the 27th kilometer of the highway M-7


The first stage of reconstruction took place from 2014 to 2017. For several years the highway has changed beyond recognition: at the junction of the Bypass and Leonovskoe highway, and also on crossing of street Soviet there is a new transport interchange, which will significantly relieve the road. The changes occurred mainly in Balashikha – the largest suburban town with population of 470 thousand people. Here was concentrated the traffic jams over the past decades. The transformation, however, affected not the entire route, but only the segment from 18 to 23 kilometer – one of the most difficult part of the Gorky highway. Now transit transport which moves mainly on them, can freely move in the direction of the field, passing the traffic light junction.

Reconstruction of the Gorky highway in 2018-2021 years

The scheme of reconstruction of the Gorky highway: the first stage

For drivers of passenger vehicles has also under flyover space, which facilitates a turn in the opposite direction. In the end, transits and cars not found at the most dangerous intersections, thereby reducing the risk of road accidents. And the time of departure from the city in the area has decreased significantly – such changes are encouraging not only drivers, but also traffic police, now on this stretch of the highway has significantly reduced the amount of emergency and congestion. And although the congestion in the morning and evening rush hours remain, still the downward trend observed by all road users.

By the way! Thanks to the reconstruction of the Gorky highway to get from the centre to the Noginsk in half an hour.

What are the traffic lights broken:

  • 50 and 57 kilometers on the highway M-7;
  • 88 kilometers from the entrance to the village of Malaya Dubna;
  • between 94 and 118 kilometers eliminated all traffic lights near the village of Kirzhach, and in the city the Cover;
  • 145-156 on the miles of trails in the city of Lakinsk;
  • between 156 and 169 kilometers removed all the traffic lights.

The current state of Affairs

In 2018 there is a renovation of 27 kilometres of motorway M7, in place of closing the Eastern highway. There lay one of the three planned reversal loop. The first interchange will help to ease the exit of drivers from the neighborhood of Sacramento and also from the village Bezmenova located near ‘ s open quarter. Now are finishing work, the construction company leading the reconstruction of the highway, says that this section of road will be commissioned by the end of this year.

Here is to transportation:

Reconstruction of the Gorky highway in 2018-2021 years

The road as soon as possible try to provide people a comfortable ride on business and for travel. Traffic on this segment is up to 100 thousand cars a day, and it’s very much still chetyrehbalnoy the road, but in the years 2018-2021, the authorities intend to change the situation for the better. Now, in many parts of the road residents of nearby settlements may experience the discomfort associated with changes in the geography of communication, but soon these works will be completed, and the road breaks to the organization of access of groups to the villages and in particular to the homes of people living there.

Reconstruction of the Gorky highway in 2018-2021 years

What’s next

In 2018-2021 years the Moscow authorities planned to build on the Gorky highway of two new interchanges, which should completely eliminate congestion. The changes will concern all the same heading – that’s where, from 23 to 26 kilometer will be the overhaul of the road. Next year, as we are assured by city planners, will be built all three turning loops and the roadway widens to six lanes.

Reconstruction of the Gorky highway in 2018-2021 years

The installation of noise barriers

In addition, the road will reduce the number of traffic lights that hinder proper organization of traffic. During the reconstruction will be removed at least three lights, however, it does not hurt to pedestrians to cross a busy road: four overhead pedestrian plans to introduce in the period from 2018 to 2021. Also install noise barriers in places where people live, and deliver an automated system for traffic management. Currently there are support future pedestrian crossings, work on the removal of the communication. Also there is a preparation of temporary roads. By the way the heads of the roads administration explained that, despite the fact that the download of roads is very large, coupled with the ongoing renovations and a large amount of used equipment, yet not reduced the number of road operated – all work is carried out parallel to the highway, and buses drivers not stopping.

Help! In the period from 2018 to 2022 in the Moscow region to build 52 of the road. The renovation of the roadway will spend 83.7 billion.

For 2021 it is planned to widen the road going into the area after the heading. Now it has four lanes, but after the renovation of the road will be a 10-lane. On this stretch of road will build a new overpass to six lanes and two-lane road-understudy.

To sum up the results of the reconstruction of the most loaded highway – Gorky highway – not yet. To solve problems with the plugs done, but the work isn’t over. Road programme with regards to the M7 motorway aims to reduce the time moving from the center to the outskirts of Moscow region. And if earlier to reach the same Males can be had for 3-4 or even 5 hours, in near future the travel time will be only one hour.

Reconstruction of the Gorky highway in 2018-2021 years

The renovation of Gorky highway will lead not only to increasing speed and reducing travel time, but cost of land in the suburbs. If now in the Vladimir region, just 120 kilometers from MKAD acres of land worth 10 thousand rubles, it is easy to guess to what heights will take off the price after the repair of the road. Now the territory through which the trail passes “Volga” begin to develop rapidly. This is not surprising, because thanks to broadband traffic to get here can be 2 or even 3 times faster than before. Besides, the ecological situation of the Gorky direction is regarded as favourable.

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