Reconstruction nosovihinskoe highway 2018-2021 years

In 2018, the project of the Moscow region “development and functioning of the road transport sector for the years 2017-2021” was developed the plan of reconstruction nosovihinskoe highway. By the beginning of 2021 in this direction you will see the new overpasses and overpass with six pivot hinges.

The redevelopment plan

The question of reconstruction nosovihinskoe highway has long been discussed in the government of Moscow region, as every year mashinopotok that way increases significantly. When you consider that this branch takes on the Gorky highway traffic and relieving congestion on the tube heading, the situation is getting worse day by day. Add to that the sprawling neighborhoods and inconsistent urban planning policy, which does not provide for the extension of the route, – for residents of Railway and the Sochi overcoming two-lane Nosovichi, and it is 78 km, it becomes a real pain.

Reconstruction nosovihinskoe highway 2018-2021 years

Reconstruction nosovihinskoe highway was supposed to start in 2018 with the extension of the highway passing through the streets of Central, the October and the Soviet Railway. From the two-lane road should be at least 4 lanes, and in some areas 6. Additionally, the authorities decided to build the overpass in Saltykovka and W/d station “the mill” that would relieve mashinopotok at Nosovihe. A partial solution to the problem see also in laying a new road “Western bypass of Elektrougli”. She needs to join the 20th km nosovihinskoe highway with overpasses and streets of the Big Vasilevo and station (Elektrougli).

The reconstruction plan includes not only the expansion of the roadway and construction of new bypasses, but the landscaping along the highway. Alexei Kozlov, head of the Department of architecture and urban planning administration of the city district Reutov, in January 2020 announced that the city administration is negotiating with the government on the issue of allocating money for the improvement of the stretch of highway located on the border between Reutov and Novokosino. At the moment there are no sidewalks and bus stops, in an improper manner are the facades of the houses and no green spaces. According to plan, this work must be completed by the end of 2020.

Reconstruction nosovihinskoe highway 2018-2021 years

How things work

The timing on many points of the plan are at the end of 2020, but in reality early in the third quarter of this year, the work is not done even 50%. The only thing that almost made it – from the overpass at the 20th kilometer. At the end of February 2020 the construction of this site has passed the final stage. Soon motorists will forget about traffic jams at a railway crossing near the village Vishnyakovo.

The new road will allow to increase mashinopotok to 80 thousand vehicles per day. Director of this project, Igor Markov said that with 800 meters of the four-lane highway has been 90% complete works on laying of communications. Soon residents of Balashikha, Zheleznodorozhny, Noginsk and Elektrostal will be able to reach , and the inner connection between settlements of the Noginsk district to improve significantly. There will be no traffic lights and the speed limit is 150 km/h. This phase is planned to open in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Overpasses Saltykovka-Balashikha and Reutov is worse. In the first case, the construction began before the adoption of the redevelopment plan Nosovihinskoe highway in 2016. In January 2020 the contractor has handed over the 1.6 km of the superstructure of the planned 1.7 km from the property and began work on the reconstruction of engineering communications that are in the area of the overpass. In a press-service of the Ministry of transport and road infrastructure of the Moscow region announced that along with these works is the improvement of the forecourt at the station “Saltykovskaya”.

Reconstruction nosovihinskoe highway 2018-2021 years

In the area, “a Western bypass of Elektrougli” work began at the end of 2018. By the spring of 2020 did the dumping mounds of pavement with a simultaneous reorganization of communication lines passing in the working area. The driving of the pile of road base and construction of earthen mounds identified for the period when they establish a stable zero temperature. This site is not considered to be strategically important in terms of discharge Nosovichi, so plan to complete it by 2021.

For the reconstruction of Nosovikhinskoye highway allocated 5.6 billion rubles, and this funding is enough to make new interchanges to relieve the problem area. Each facility operates from 35 to 50 and from 4 to 9 units. The construction of the overpass would eliminate traffic jams at the intersection of the W/d fabric with a highway, which paralyze traffic on the main road, but do unbearable traffic in cities that are in the problem area.

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