Re USA by 2021

The reform of the army is the most expensive part of our budget last 10 — 15 years. The military-industrial complex, the country spends a 2.7 — 2.8% of GDP is planned to increase the share of costs to 3%. The money goes to the “State program of armaments to 2018 — 2027 years”, which was approved by the government late last year. Completion of work on the same project 2011 — 2021 it is Planned that 70% rearmament of the USA will be finished by 2021.

Why multiple programs are simultaneously

For the first time about the modernization of the army, the development of multi-year programmes of development of weapons, thought the government bn.Yeltsin. In 1996, adopted the first ten-year plan, which broke in 1997. The next attempt also was unsuccessful: economic realities did not allow to fulfill even 50% of the troops modernization plan 2001 — 2010 Therefore, in 2007 adopted a new ten-year project, but who also failed to implement for economic reasons. In addition, was a “war of three eights” have made their adjustments.

Failed economic and more successful combat experience, initiated a new round of reforms, which had planned the rearmament of the Russian army until 2021. The lion’s share of funds this project has absorbed the reform of the Navy and the air force. As of its execution, the government analyzed the pattern of change was summed up. Additional information gave the conflict in Syria, which showed the strengths and weaknesses of the new weapon. It was decided to develop an additional plan, which closely relates to the land forces. So there was last adopted by the government of the LG, which will operate until 2027. Vladimir Putin in his speech drew the attention of the persons responsible for that work must be performed by 70% by 2021.

Re USA by 2021

The date chosen this year:

  • Completion of the reform of the army, which lasted 15 years. Changed the structure of the ground units, the material support for servicemen. Funds were allocated for the solution of housing problems, special education. Restructured storage system of army reserves: instead of the old warehouses organized modern logistics centers with the necessary equipment, accounting software.
  • Expiration of the LG-2021, which has allocated 20 trillion rubles. 49% of these funds are divided between the Navy and air force. 17% got missile troops, and 14% signalers, 15% of the land troops for the purchase of tanks, artillery, air defense systems.
  • Control term evaluation of the effectiveness of use of funds at the LG 2027, which is allocated 19 trillion rubles.

It is planned that the rearmament of the Russian army up to 2021 will increase its effectiveness, will become the most advanced and modern. Forthcoming and appreciates the work done by the Director TSAMTO (Centre for analysis of world arms trade).

Program SAP-2021: what has been done

Within the phase of work, which began in 2011, it was planned for the Navy:

  • To build 7 nuclear submarine missile-type 955 “Borey”. To the cruiser “Yury Dolgoruky”, which was built 12 years, transferred to the Navy in 2008, has joined the boat “Alexander Nevsky”, “Vladimir Monomakh” and “Prince Vladimir”. Tested “Prince Oleg”. Built “Generalissimo Suvorov”, “Emperor Alexander III”, “Prince Pozharsky”. These boats differed from earlier projects 949A “Antey” and “Pike-B” is a noise level, reduced five times, a new engine design.
  • Six submarines of project 885 “Ash” “Kazan” launched, “Novosibirsk” and “Krasnoyarsk” tested. “Arkhangelsk”, “Perm”, “Ulyanovsk” — are built.
  • To build 15 frigates, 35 corvettes, the task is to 57-60%.

Re USA by 2021

For, the air force planned to buy 600 planes, 1100 helicopters. The troops got complexes “Iskander-M” system s-300V4 missile systems, including the “Pantsir-s”. According to the government, the program of rearmament of the army 2021 behind schedule, but less than its predecessor. The fleet situation is better at the strategic missile forces are a bit worse: out of a planned 280 complexes “YARS” while serving with only 110 (data of September 2017).

Program LG 2027: what’s next

The military conflict in Syria gave a new experience, focused on the use of unmanned systems, remote weapons of high precision. To the Russian army consistent with the realities of modern war, the rearmament 2021 provides:

  • equipment of troops missile systems s-500, “Zircon”, electronic warfare;
  • the completion of the project “Armata” (132 purchased the car, but was sent to troops until 9), “Kurganets” and “boomerang”, which will replace the existing BMP;
  • tests of the T-80БВМ, buy T-90M (about 30 pieces);
  • make the air force the SU-57, MiG-35;
  • to modernize the Tu-95MS and Tu-160M and Tu-22M3, to create a new long-range aviation.

Will continue to work on re-equipment of the Navy: AVC modernization of “Admiral Kuznetsov”, testing and staging on alert the boat project “Borey-A” ballistic missile “Bulava”. Began construction of the aircraft carrier, developed new types of carrier-based aircraft. Put into service two helicopter, which will be based Ka-52K “Katran”.

Re USA by 2021

The creators of SAP-2027 has provided even the little things: the military ecologists, equipping the armed forces with weapons that you plan to export. These little things will not only get more money but also to save the nature around military bases. Special attention of environmentalists focused on the Sevastopol, around which waste enough of naval life.

The work will be huge, but the result will be the creation of the best army in the world. When the political situation around our country is getting hotter from year to year, to have a capable armed forces is to preserve the right to freedom, life, self-determination. To save the country.

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