Ramadan in 2021

In 2021 traditionally Ramadan is one of the most important months for Muslims. The period of prohibitions and restrictions, the time for purification of the soul, spiritual enrichment and development. This is an opportunity to get closer to Allah and to repent of mortal sins. This is one of the pillars of Islam. And although believers have to abide by strict prohibitions, they are waiting for the arrival of this month. After him comes a bright holiday – Eid al-Adha.

When will

Ramadan is the ninth month in the Muslim calendar. Because Oriental peoples, professing Islam, use the calendar on the lunar cycle, its date varies from year to year relative to the Gregorian calendar. This is due to the fact that the difference between the Gregorian and the Muslim calendar is 10 days.

A number starts and ends Ramadan in 2021, is known to all Muslims as it is one of the foundations of Sharia. Traditions and customs strictly adhere to all believers except those who are contraindicated to fast.

Important! In 2021, the Ramadan will last from April 24 to may 23. Lent starts from dawn and continues until sunset. After 23 may the sun disappear over the horizon, all restrictions will be lifted.

Ramadan in 2021

The main traditions

Ramadan is the most important period of the year for Muslims. In this month the prophet Muhammad descended the first message from Allah which was included in the Koran. Eastern Nations adhere to the customs and adhere to the traditions that have evolved over the centuries. A month dedicated to physical and spiritual purification. Believers claim that it does not make sense to limit yourself to food, drink and carnal pleasures if do not pay attention to the spiritual purification.

Muslims observe a few important rules:

  1. Be sure to read the Qur’an. To read the entire Holy book during Ramadan is considered a Holy deed.
  2. Pray a lot. Prayers need not only in the morning or evening, but during the day. It is important to do it sincerely, with all my heart.
  3. You must do good deeds, help poor people and give charity.

Any actions and deeds must come from the heart. Otherwise in good deeds and prayers have no meaning.

Ramadan is often called a testing time of faith and fortitude, because all Muslims fast. Islamic fasting differs significantly from the Christian, as there are no restrictions on food, but there are time limits. Are allowed to eat meat, except pork, which Muslims do not eat at all.

While fasting is not:

  • consuming food, water and other drinks from dawn to dusk;
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol;
  • intends to induce vomiting or your enema;
  • injections with nutrients without medical supervision;
  • to engage in sexual contact;
  • deliberately to induce ejaculation;
  • hugging, kissing, or looking at women.

Ramadan in 2021

Also you should not visit places of entertainment, listening to music, dancing, watching TV and other activities. Free time should be devoted to prayer and meditation about life.

Important! During Ramadan is not forbidden to do injections, if prescribed by your doctor, and eat the food, but not swallow, for example, when cooking.

Usually a fast day is based on a certain “scenario”:

  1. The morning begins with neta of intent. Every believer pronounces the words in Arabic mean “I intend to undertake the fast of Ramadan in the name of Allah”. If not to say niyat, fasting is not observed. That date, the person must compensate to keep fast in next day or give alms to the needy.
  2. Should be after the suhoor – the morning meal. Breakfast need to be sure before sunrise. To observe the suhoor is optional, but desirable, because the whole day will have to spend without eating or drinking.
  3. Followed by the morning prayer of Fajr, after which lent begins, it is impossible to eat and drink.
  4. After sunset, all Muslims pray again. Evening prayer called Maghrib.
  5. After the prayer allowed to eat the food. Starts iftar (evening breaking fast) with water and a few dates. After you can eat fulfilling, but to postpone the meal for a later time is not necessary.
  6. Before going to sleep again believers pray and thank God for the past day.

Ramadan in 2021

And although restrictions apply only during the day, it doesn’t mean that at night you can overeat. In the Quran stated that you should eat enough to support the forces of the body. It is necessary to abandon the sweet, fatty, fried, smoked.

In Eastern countries the beginning and end of Ramadan is usually a loud alert sound. Will continue this tradition in 2021. Often shot from a cannon, while in Egypt alert for used drums.

Who is fasting

All believers obey the restrictions of Ramadan. Despite strict rules, there are certain contraindications. Fasting is not:

  • mentally ill people;
  • travelers who are away from home;
  • the elderly, if the restriction in food and water can have a negative impact on their health;
  • pregnant mothers;
  • children (strictly prohibited to post until 7 years of age, for older children, depending on health status and other factors);
  • women during the critical days.

To abandon the post is and when the health problems. Nursing mothers can follow Ramadan, if it does not threaten their health and the health of the child. If the person has contraindications for fasting, he should give alms to the poor.

What you need to know about Ramadan for beginners: video

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