Rabid – movie 2021

Whoever said that beauty – terrible force, and had no idea how close the truth. The film “Rabid”, which will appear on the screens in 2021, is ready to show how dangerous a gun can be an attractive female face. A fantastic story of a young model must become a sensation. Now the picture is included in the ranking lists of the most anticipated, but the trailer caught the attention of a huge number of fans who like to tickle nerves.

Rabies as a reward for love

In the story, a young rose gives great hope in the modeling industry, causing tremendous jealousy of rivals. She tries not to pay attention to the envious and confident is the goal. One of these days, beauty becomes the victim of a car accident. Her face is so disfigured that invokes horror and disgust. About the modeling career have to forget, as about his personal life.

Rabid – movie 2021

Rose, in desperation, she can’t look in the mirror, therefore, agreed to the extreme step. She is undergoing stem cell treatment. This is an experimental option, so the consequences can be very unpredictable. After surgery, her beauty is made perfect – the result amazes and delights.

Soon begin to show side effects – the body is infected with a terrible infection that rapidly moves on to lovers. Modest woman turned into a passionate insatiable lioness, which attracts members of the opposite sex. The guys who were lucky enough to get the attention, turn into brutal killers…

Extravagant Directors undertake the work

The film “Crazy”, release date is scheduled for 2021, will be another brainchild of sisters Sylvia and Jen’s Nipple. Adventurous, well-known ladies, which released the cult the dismemberment of the “American Mary” in 2012. This time they swung for the David Cronenberg. “Mad” will be a remake of the eponymous film, which was released in 2007. The company Somerville House Releasing ready to take on not only a remake, but for the series. Will the Directors to repeat the success of the master of bodygroom?

Rabid – movie 2021

Jen and Sylvia Nipple at the moment are the most radical young talent in the genre of horror. Their presence in the team is a guarantee of success.

The story of the legendary work of David Cronenberg will not change, only opportunities for contemporary artists a lot more. They can use a variety of special effects and computer graphics to make a picture more expressive and bright.

Experimental medicine: salvation or curse?

The price of beauty for rose was too high. As a result of the experiment it turned into a mutant with a poisonous sting. A girl can’t cope with your own body, so was it worth the risk? When a person is on the verge of death, he thinks only about his salvation and ready for the most incredible solutions. It radically changes life and makes to adapt to new conditions.

In the interval between the bright bloody scenes viewers have a moment to think about the moral aspects of the case. Was it worth it to endanger the world for the dubious experiment? Here, everyone has its own principles, especially when faced with ambiguous situations…

The cast

In the title role Laura vandervoort. She’s not such a scandalous biography as the singer in the original film. Canadian actress starred in porn films, but successfully embodies the images in a variety of genres. Laura actively build career and is the owner of a black belt in karate.

The list of actors Greg Brayk, Stephen Khusar, Stephen Mchattie, and in small roles to star Directors Jen and Sylvia Nipple. This underlines the enthusiasm for the process, the desire to fully experience everything that happens on the set.

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